Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Huh?.....We Are No Accountants, But This Makes No Sense.... And We Wonder How And Why The County Loses Money And Has Money Unaccounted For...

From: Gottlieb, Joel N.
Sent: Mon 12/28/2009 10:54 AM
To: Z_Dekalb-Employees
Subject: January 1st Payday

DeKalb County Employees:

The first bi-weekly payday in 2010 is Friday, January 1st. Since that day is a holiday, checks and direct deposit notices will be distributed on Thursday, December 31st, however, due to year end accounting requirements, the checks and direct deposits will be dated January 1st. Direct deposits will be processed as usual, and funds will be available no later than January 4th. SunTrust has requested that its branches honor their customers' direct deposits on January 2nd and forward when the employee presents their "advice" for the deposit.

Please post this notice for employees without email. Thank you.

Office of the Finance Director

DeKalb County, GA

1300 Commerce Drive, 6th Floor

Decatur, GA 30030

What the hell does "and forward when the employee presents their "advise" for the deposit" mean?


Anonymous said...

I came from the private sector.

Whenever the pay day fell on a holiday, your paycheck was deposited the day before the bank closed. Still works that way for family members who work in the private sector.

My expectation is that I'll see my funds available on the 31st. Leave it to the county to F that one up.

Slamin Ethel said...

I dont have a damn clue myself, but im sure its another way for the county to weasel out of paying its employees.
Somewhere along the financial road to ruins some fat rat is sitting back stuffing thier pockets.
So much for Ethels New Years bottle of Rum this year.

Anonymous said...

And you guys thought Burrell Ellis was the saviour. WOW!

Verbal Kent said...

What I see is only two paychecks in December not the three they said would require them to cut sick checks and raises.

Anonymous said...

Everywhere in the private, local, state, and federal level if the payday falls on the holiday you get paid the previous day. Of course this is because you cannot conduct banking business on a federal holiday.

It's simple really, I don't think the county has the money to pay its employees. Take a look at your own finances or someone you know. What are the ONLY 2 reasons you don't pay someone when it's due? 1-you forgot, 2-you don't have the money. Since the county can't claim the, oh I forgot, then it must be number 2. We are not getting paid until the 4th.

This is total bullshit!!

Anonymous said...

I guess Vernon Jones came up with this !!

Anonymous said...

guess everybody is getting away new years eve too cause if I can't make a house note when its due I can't write any tix for the county on the everybody has to work holiday

Anonymous said...

I have a question: What if I am in an accident on Jan 1st and need to be extricated from my car, but my pay check hasn't been deposited in my checking account and I don't have $250 in it. Do I have to wait until Jan 4 for the funds to be available before they cut me out??

Anonymous said...

Yup....December 31st...the day before a BANK HOLIDAY. My wife got paid. I did NOT! It will be interesting to see if the computer generated, direct deposit shows up tomorrow.

Agent99 said...

With all due respect to Tom Brown and Dick Hand, they held the position in a different time.

Both Chief O'Brien and Director Miller are highly mobile and visible. They spend time out of the office, both in the community and among the troops. This is a good thing and something our past few Chiefs didn't do nearly often enough. And because we live in the information age, with cell phones, blackberries, and laptops, they are able to be mobile and still conduct the business that keeps things running well.

In order to do this efficiently and, more importantly, safely, it makes sense for them to have a driver. Of course they are going to choose someone they trust for that position.

Of all the things to argue about, this one doesn't seem to merit the attention.

Anonymous said...

First of all it is Illegal. Second the reason is that it would be the third paycheck of the month, which means more money to the employees due to not insurance or other non-tax items taken out. The next reason is they would have to pay the federal taxes in 2009 not the end of 2010. Look at every other third check of the month and you will see that you brought home much more due to no withholdings. The county did not want to come out of pocket with this money so they pushed your pay off thus giving them another year not to pay there portion of the taxes and saving several hundred thousands of dollars which should have gone to the employees.

Anonymous said...

A few years ago I used to have cartoon that had a picture of Vernon Jones sitting on the chimney of a house dressed like santa claus and taking a crap down the chimney. The caption above his head reads: "Your Christmas Bonus is on the way".

Getting shat on in DeKalb is nothing new....

Anonymous said...

The county straight up lied to us. We were told the reason for no sick checks and raises was to pay for the third pay check in December. As you can all see we only got paid twice in December. How long did they know about this? Is this what we need to expect from the county. Did the command staff know? They had to sell this BS to the troops. Trust no one!!!!!!