Friday, December 18, 2009

More Details Of Burrell Ellis' Budget Proposal

CrossRoadsNews did a better job of detailing Ellis' 2010 budget proposal than the AJC.

Click here for details

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Anonymous said...

47 police positions eliminated.

I guess that's why they want to call MPO's Corporals and have them do the job of a Sergeant (I'm assuming without the rank, the perks, the respect that comes with a promotion, or the pay of a Sergeant).

My impression - its a good time to have rank. The Sergeant position, the stepping stone to moving up, will become relatively exclusive and relatively more prestigious. Sgt's and above will be promoted to fill in the gaps left by those who retire.

Early retirement will be a boon to those who have been promoted and a massive brake on all below. With fewer Sgt slots, few will move up.