Saturday, December 19, 2009

Recorders Court: Chief Judge Joy Walker To Be Replaced

Current Chief Recorders Court Judge Joy Walker will be replaced in January 2010 by Judge Nelly Fagalde Withers, a current associate judge in Recorders Court.

Now, if the county can just recuperate some of the millions of dollars Judge Walker cost the citizens of DeKalb County.

There is no decision by the commissioners to formally replace Joyce Head as clerk of the court. Burrell Ellis nominated Kathy Crumbley, who is a current deputy clerk to replace her.


Anonymous said...

Good job to all those who helped make this happen.

Anonymous said...

I'd be happier with Corky Tatcher running Recorder's Court.

Good riddance to Walker. She was unqualified and incompetent.

Before she leaves, be sure to say "thank you" to her for your unpaid work day (or your "furlough" day as the county liked to call it)

Anonymous said...

Where's the beef ????
Anyone workin' on finding it ???

Anonymous said...

Joy wasn't the problem. You blame her because her people were stupid? Makes a lot of sense to me... Why not get her some folks who have good sense and know how to do their jobs?

Anonymous said...

Judge Walker was the problem and she is an idiot.

She refused to issue FTA warrants for people who didn't show up to court because she wanted to run for Superior Court Judge. She her excuse was really weak. Somehow, her predecessors always managed to get the FTA warrants on NCIC. She put her own political aspirations ahead of doing her current job correctly.