Saturday, December 5, 2009

When It Comes To Cheating On Comp Time And Actual Hours Worked, TeBo Should Have Consulted Commissioner Larry Johnson

We hope Richard Belcher doesn't stop here. There is a stench coming from Fulton County.


Anonymous said...

OLD NEWS!!! Talk about the unpaid holiday with more to come next year or talk about the layoffs that are coming in 2010. How about the elimination of the CEO position that we are the ONLY County out of 159 that has one, what is it that the other 158 Counties know that we don't know.

Anonymous said...

This is not old news. Larry Johnson has been gaming the system and cheating Fulton Co. taxpayers.

He thinks he's going to be the next DeKalb CEO. Ain't happening LJ. This is the lead example of your lack of trustworthiness. Second place is you hiring Morris Williams (Vernon's lackey) for a six figure salary to be the Chief of Staff for the commissioners. Third place is you actually supported TeBo, until it was clear he was insane.

Someone needs to sit down with LJ and Lee May and let them know that neither will ever be DEKalb CEo, and neither comes close to deserving to be.

Anonymous said...

Real Old News!!! No they will not be the next CEO because DeKalb won't have a next CEO.