Sunday, December 6, 2009

Youtube Posting Leads To 15 Year Burglary Sentence In Atlanta. Same Suspect Awaits Trial in DeKalb Where Probation Surely Awaits

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Anonymous said...

Fulton County is growing a pair I see. I was expecting something along the lines of counseling, probation, a hug, etc. Kudos to the Fulton judge for finally getting serious about keeping these folks off the streets. Kudos to the citizens for keeping up the fight and kudos to law enforcement for making an arrest that held up in court. I understand that some people can be rehabilitated, while others deserve a life of stamping license plates.

Anonymous said...

Probation is almost a certainty in DeKalb when the DA's office finally does something with the case in like 2 years. But if the DA's office wants to look like they are hard on crime, they'll just give him the same amount of time he's already serving, with credit for time already served and concurrent to any other time he's serving. So he'll end up getting no more extra time.

Zachariasz Symanski said...

That looks like a pretty sophisticated surveillance system. I wonder what something like that cost?