Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cobb County Proposes Early Retirement

Cobb County is in step with others offering early retirement. Their deal sounds pretty sweet. The county is offering an incentive of 2 percent of pay per year for a maximum of 30 years to those considering early retirement.

Hopefully DeKalb County is considering such a deal to reward the dedicated employees and get others off the pay roll. There are so many rumors flying around about DeKalb's proposal it will make your head implode.

Maybe DeKalb County powers at be can take a lesson from Cobb County and give us a hint of what is being proposed instead of being so secretive.

Secrets and concealment usually result in a screwing. This is DeKalb County after all.

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Trouser Trout said...

Bend over boys here it comes!

Anonymous said...

It's rather obvious the employees of Cobb have a different class of Administration than we do. One who recognizes all the years service an employee dedicates most of their life to. One who has the courtesy to give a tenured employee ample notice to plan for such an event. I pray DeKalb learns from Cobb's annoucement, but I'm sure a firm would need to be hired to do another money wasting study... Whatever happen to rationale common sense? I miss ol' Manuel!!!
I agree, where there's secrets there's usually a good screwing to follow!

Anonymous said...

Cobb County Administrators are no different than yours. We have had no raises in the last three years, had the retirement system changed twice, since the plan lost 69 million in 2008 and 2009. If this deal is so sweet, why do they project that less than 1/3 of the people will take it. And by the way, the last retirement system change means that public safety people can't factor overtime into their yearly salary for pension calculations.