Friday, January 8, 2010

Commissioner Stokes To Run For District Seat

Run Connie, run......good riddance.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, but DUDE - I would vote for Max, the cute blond surfer guy on TMZ if it meant keeping VJ out of my face!

Anonymous said...

She has NO CHANCE of defeating Hank Johnson but she is not smart enough to know that. Just like Vernon Jones was too dumb and arrogant to know he had no chance of being a US Senator.

RUN BABY RUN.... said...

Sounds like a Denise Majette move to me. I'm more than I am and even people outside my little area of influence will love me.

So long as that doesn't end up in a Cynthia McKinney type of result, RUN BABY RUN....

Anonymous said...

She goes with the flow , and just makes up anything that comes to her mind for a answer.

Anonymous said...

I live in the Northlake area (Northlake mall). Connie Stokes represents part of the Northlake area as does Jeff Rader and Elaine Boyer.

We have had many community meetings over the years. Elaine Boyer and Jeff Rader come to many of the meetings.

Stokes claims that she has represented her area for 15 years. I have not even seen her at 1 meeting. Not 1. I attended 4 or 5 commission meetings ...she seemed to vote with Vernon Jones at the meetings I attended.

Lee May is another intellectually challenged member of the commission. Even though he is one of the "Elders" at New Birth Church where he attends, he voted in the minority to keep the last pour time at I think 4 am. I am sure all other church elders are all for more drinking from 2am to 4am! A woman from Mothers Against Drunk Driving spoke out at the meeting regarding statistics that say that extreme late night drinking causes more incidents of drunk driving. Lee May was evasive prior to the meeting on how he would vote but eventually voted in the minority. The commission passed the motion to roll back the last pour time to 2am. Vernon Jones vetoed it.

Lee May's bio says that he the youngest person ever to do this and that. His bio used to say that he was a business owner. His business, a theatre of some kind failed.

Lee May, Connie Stokes and Vernon Jones are all cut out of the same incompetent and arrogant cloth.