Sunday, January 10, 2010

Moonlighting Officers In Demand

Local neighborhoods hire own police coverage.

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Anonymous said...

Hence why taking money out my pocket for time worked vs. giving me my furlough day rubs me wrong.

I can make more money on a part time....Let me!

Robbery suspects don't dress in black with masks...sometimes they're dressed in three piece suits with a bright, red tie.

Anonymous said...

Dekalb take note

DeKalb Homeowner said...

This article prompted me to describe my scenario and ask for advice from anyone who'd care to answer.

I live in DeKalb. I moved into my current neighborhood about five years ago. It's new construction, so the longest someone has lived here is about ten years. We've had burglaries, car break-ins, drug activity, and an occasional robbery.

Some members of the community (myself included) have made efforts to get the residents to work together to keep our area safe. However, everything we have tried, including organizing a neighborhood watch, has not suceeded. The lack of response seems to be people don't have the time or energy; some people don't care (or care enough) about what happens to the rest of the community - they're only interested in their own well-being; and and the crimes aren't frequent or severe enough to warrant any extra attention or resources.

Even before the recession, most people in my community wouldn't pay enough to have our shared elements properly maintained, so now it is next to impossible to get the resources/money to do anything to proactively make our community better.

I was already disheartened by the community's response. In the past year, I've become better informed of existing problems and things I didn't even know about. While there are good people making efforts, it has not been enough and I don't think will ever be enough. If people won't help themselves, they certainly won't consider helping others.

Police officers can see the difference between neighborhoods that care and those that don't.

This whole long-winded description was so I could ask: should I stay or should I go?

Anonymous said...

To DeKalb Homeowner-

Go! It's obvious how the county government cares for your well being by furloughing officers and letting violent criminals back out on the streets after serving little to no time (DeKalb loves putting felons on probation). Exactly what are you paying taxes for, more CEO drivers?? This place is rotten from the top to the bottom and you sound like to honest a person to do anything about it. The only things that happen in this county happen by the hands of the dishonest for person or political reasons. But what do I know, I only police these streets every night and watch as those whom I arrest back out on the streets committing the same crimes in a matter of days.