Wednesday, January 13, 2010

DeKalb Looks For Saving Through Early Retirement. Looks LIke All The Dedicated 30 Years Folks Are Geting The Screws

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Anonymous said...

“There are so many variables and assumptions,” she said. “But at this point we want to move ahead and move ahead quickly to maximize the number of people who will take it.” Connie Stokes is an idiot....."We don't know how deep the water is or the temperature, but let's dive in head first anyway"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Slammin Ethel might be getting that bottle of retirement rum.

Anonymous said...

He will never leave this place this is his only life.

Slamin Ethel said...

Well as for my bottle of rum, I dont drink I just date the drunks.
I find ol Ethel is much easier that way.
She tends to ask less questions when she is being smacked around.
But look enough about me and Ethel im more concerned about the Silver Fox too.
What would become of him!
He deserves his name on the Bobby Burgess building as well. He dosent deserve to be shoved right out the front door with a little less than a pat on the ass after 38years of service.
Im calling for a public out cry, this is a travisty of justice.
Im calling for a save Tommy Boy campaign, all in favor then speak up. For if you dont your as much of a problem as was ol Tebo.

Anonymous said...

No one is being forced out. This is an option the county is hoping people will take advantage of.

LoFlyer said...

Haargh mates! This is what I have been looking for, allowing me to retire a couple of years early. I am going to try to go into business for myself out here in the rural burbs, they still must need some technical people. I am also contacting a consulting company and who knows you could still see me back again....
For you 30+ guys do what is right for you. If you enjoy the heck out of what you are doing, and are effective then keep on going.
For the guys within the pension window. Verify your time of service and accrued leave, and start calculating. If you do decide to leave the county then leave with a plan.
It's been a lot of fun, guys! Y'all have gone out of your way to help me out, and even when I was having a bad day y'all have cheered me with your humor during some dark times. Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy yourself "Lo Flyer", stop by and chat with PD when you see us out and about. Just introduce yourself as "LOFLYER". Have a good retirement.