Monday, January 25, 2010


Identity fraud? Sharon Sutton, you are a fraud! If identity fraud is your defense, then file your sworn affidavit with Gwinnett County.

Where is Burrell Ellis' call for an ethics panel investigation? He bitched and moaned because Vernon let the panel lapse. The commissioners just reinstated and added others to fill the panel. Where are you Mr. C.E.O.?

Burrell Ellis is holding a budget hearing tonight at 7:00 PM at the Montgomery Elementary School, 3995 Ashford Dunwoody Rd. Because Commissioner Sutton is on the county budget board, she needs to be the topic of discussion.

It will be interesting to see if the media shows up. Hopefully someone can give us a report.

The Madness Continues!


Anonymous said...

Who is her sister Cynthia Woods and why does that name sound familiar???

Anonymous said...

Sharon, you need a really really good friend/confidant who can advise you as to how clear it is that your bull is showing. NO ONE with an ounce of common sense is buying your load - just come clean, be honest and sincere - it's your ONLY hope for redemption.

Anonymous said...

so the issues in Gwinnett Co are due to Identity Theft?? Let her make the report, and let investigation reveal she made a false report. Oh wait we will just let her go again. Total Bullshit!!! so if I write a few bad checks and have a few warrants I can expect that other officers will look the other way. No I am held to a higher standard, I will get J1'd and lose my job.

Anonymous said...

There are more county employees at these meetings than citizens so far.

We will see if Dunwoody comes out in force.

Anonymous said...

Two weeks ago....six months ago....I could never have imagined that there would be a stink over selective enforcement of the LAW.

Come on people...things are tough out there and we need to STICK TOGETHER. This commissioner takes part in deciding our budget! She's just like that officer who you depend on to back you. If you J1 her, she might not give you the money you need to run the department.....just like that officer might not back you.

I've heard that line of reasoning and can't believe it doesn't appear to fly when exposed to the light of day.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5: You make me want to puke. "She's is just like the officer you depend on to back you up"

You are vermin, dry up dog squeeze.

Cats have nicknames and plants have the same name as what you are.

LoFlyer said...

I understand why the cops involved handled the Sutton affair as they did, I would of done the same in their shoes, and I am a big fan of employee ethics.
No one expects DKPD to embrace a commissioner as one of their own, unless she has done something to deserve it, which she hasn't. I regard the commissioners and CEO as potential enemies, for the last decade they have proven themselves as no friend to DeKalb employees. Disrespectful and arrogant, unwilling to even inspect the county facilities and departments to find out what the heck we do around here. The BOC takes it cue from DC; centralized planning and government, with little input from the citizens or workers. DeKalb would run a hell of a lot better if the commissioners would get out and discover how the county works and take suggestions on how to improve it. Ellis's budget road-show and Johnson's call for suggestions form the employees is a step in the right direction, but "feels" superficial. Some hands-on, one-on-one contact with the folks in the trenches would increase the BOC's appreciation of the issues of government, and increase employee morale.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of a lie, has anyone checked Tommy Lanes golf handicap since he went to training. What a joke.

Karma said...

Lowflyer said, "No one expects DKPD to embrace a commissioner as one of their own"

I hope you are not advocating that we don't do what our oath requires us to do.

That's the problem with this department....selective enforcement of the law and department policy.

LoFlyer said...

Karma, Cops are bound by oath to uphold the law. Does that mean that you charge a married couple with sodomy because you observed them performing oral sex in a deserted park or in their car? The law is on books. Just so you get this straight, I am not a cop, I work with you guys a lot as a county employee but I am not employed in the DKPD.
I strongly feel we have about 200 hundred jillion laws that can never all be enforced, nor should they. Laws that are obsolete remain on the books and many new laws are created that are chickenshit. The super speeder law that just went into effect is a perfect example. How many of you guys hit 85 or more on the expressway when the conditions are good. The law was created to fund trauma centers, a worthy cause but but implementing laws for no reason except to enhance revenue only diminishes the average citizens respect for valid and reasonable law.
And you guys have to enforce 'em! A truly crappy situation all the way around.
Ethically and by oath the cops on the scene were bound to administer the law. In this case, the commissioner would have been politically embarrassed and DKPD would have an enemy on the budget committee.
This scenario should be included in the ethics training of DeKalb police recruits.
I would of done exactly what the officers on the scene did.

Anonymous said...

Once again LoFlyer, you prove you are the love of my life! LOL!
(I put a very high price on common sense!)
Karma, take a pill.

Anonymous said...

I think anyone who has watched one episode of the show "Lie To Me" could tell you this woman is not only a liar, but a bad liar.

Anonymous said...

Sharon BARNES has no principles.ACCORDING TO THE ajc SHE HAS BEEN PASSING BAD CHECKS FOR A WHILE. I ALWAYS THOUGHT IF YOU HAVE AN OUTSTANDING WARRANT YOU WERE SUPPOSE TO BE ARRESTED.And she works for the DeKalb Board of Ed...We are in bad shape all around. She's a single mother so there are many of those and they don't pass bad checks.