Wednesday, March 10, 2010

APD Overseers Call Out Mayor On Cop's Non-Cooperation

Keep an eye on this to see how it plays out.

Remember, Terrell Bolton did put into place a shooting review board. We haven't seen anything rescinding it.

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Anonymous said...

What a complete waste of time and money but sadly typical of the City of Atlanta. Mayor Reed should advise this group of activist that the founding fathers of this republic provided a "citizen review board". In its simplest form it's called a grand jury.
AJC, they're not "overseers" that's the Mayor's job. They are activist looking to live off the tax dole instead of getting a job in the real world.

Anonymous said...

Agree. Redundant. Politically motivated knee-jerk reaction. If I were those cops, I wouldn't say anything either.

Anonymous said...

Apd does need to answer for what happened at the eagle. That whole incident was a farce. I have friends who were there that night and as an officer I am appalled at the way they were treated. I don't have an issue with apd raiding the bar in and of itself. But it is saying something that not a single drug or drug related paraphernalia was found on the 62 patrons. That's an amazing feat in any bar in or straight.

I do think the citizen review board is wrong. But is it not also wrong that officers are not being held accountable for their actions?

Anonymous said...


Wise Guy said...

Sure if there was any wrong doing then they should be held accountable but not to a citizen review board. Doesn't APD have an Internal Affairs Unit, maybe a Grand Jury. Hell if this had been DKPD Officers Gwen Keys Fly by Night would of already had us indited. Besides are any of those clowns wearing a black rode? Not, so I plead the 5th with my old friend Jimmy Hoffa.

Anonymous said...

Good for APD. I wouldn't cooperate either. It's just another was to persecute the one's who "stand the post". IA is the investigative arm to officer's wrong doing, not a bunch of free lancing community activists. This is a tough job and sometimes we make mistakes just like in other war zones overseas. We have rules to work by as opposed to the public who have no rules.

Anonymous said...

Unless you were at the Eagle and saw something inappropriate happen yourself, why not give your brothers in blue the benefit of doubt? If it comes out that the cops did something wrong, hold them responsible. Just because no drugs were found there that night doesn't mean there were no drugs there. And it doesn't mean there were no drugs there that night. According to media reports, APD went there several times before the raid and witnessed drug deals and public sex acts. Do you really think APD made that stuff up just so they could raid one of the countless gay clubs in Atlanta?

Anonymous said...

Atlanta's citizen review board was put in place after APD officers lied to get warrant, kicked in an old lady's door, and then shot her to death.

If you don't like the board, what do you think the citizens of Atlanta should do to prevent such an occurrence from happening again?

I've seen objections due to Garrity issues before. From what I understand officers who may under criminal indictment are not asked to testify(?) before the board. Would your concerns be addressed if officers testifying before the board received full Garrity protection for the testimony they give?

Anonymous said...

Ever heard the phrase "throwing the baby out with the bath water"?
People's egos, the arrogance to believe they have all the answers, and a bully mentality are the bane of our existence.
There is no "cure" for narcissism.