Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Judge: DeKalb's Behavior In Discrimination Case "Shameful"

Judge Duffey described the behavior of DeKalb County attorney's as "either terribly incompetent or terribly wrong," Well Judge, you have only seen a glimmer of the true DeKalb County. DeKalb County is shameful.

The shame started in the year 2000 when the voters made Vernon Jones Chief Executive Officer. There was scandal after scandal including police officers assigned as his personal protection posse doing illegal background checks for Vernon's personal political gains, to officers doing illegal background checks on lovers and mistresses. Shameful, these same officers are still employed by the police department.

Shameful, as C.E.O., Vernon was accused of rape, but only admitted to participating in a ménage à trois. Shameful, he and his cronies deliberately transferred, demoted and terminated people based on nothing more than skin color. Shameful, he hired Terrell Bolton as chief of police. Shameful, the Recorders Court has 90 million dollars in uncollected fines.

Shameful, Burrell Ellis was a member of the county commission during Vernon's tenure and did not stand up! Shameful, Vernon was not reined in.

Shameful, Shelia Edwards, media director of now C.E.O. Burrell Ellis, displayed what some would describe as a psychotic episode on television for millions of people to see, without being punished or evaluated.

Shameful, under Burrell Ellis' watch, the county is described by a United States Federal District Court Judge as "either terribly incompetent or terribly wrong."

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

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Anonymous said...

Everything Dekalb does is "Shameful". Keep them away from our pension.

Anonymous said...

"Mr. Jones has told you clearly he is not a racist, and he is not." Said the brilliant attorney. Well, guess what? There are TOO MANY people out there who have seen and felt his EXTREME racism. So Ms Morgan, you'd better cover up the mirrors in your house because it's bound to be painful looking in them. (unless you're cut from the same cloth as VJ, and you have no conscience)

Anonymous said...

But yet Joe Stone still has a job with the county?? Dekalb is only as credible as the people who live there. As long as people keep saying politics doesn't affect nor matter to them, this is why we keep getting these same people in office.

Ellis, considered a savior by many, is now nothing more than just a typical politician. Maybe its time for Dekalb to go to a County Manager form of government. But then again, we will have the BOC hiring this person. Its a no-win situation. Dumbass Politicians. Dumbass Citizens.

And people wonder why Rockdale County is exploding with growth

Anonymous said...

Well I've seen it go both ways since I've been employed with Dekalb, not so much one way as the other, but this takes the cake. How or should I ask why would our new CEO allow Joe Stone and Maggot Williams to remain employed with Dekalb County. Oh I almost forgot another of the perps the fella CEO Ellis put in charge of the Purchasing Dept was one of VJ's hit men also and CEO Ellis promotes him.
But what about recorders court the fella in charge is Ann Slimbrough's nephew, who by the way held the same job now as he did then. What did he do to correct any of the problems then, whats he doing now. Other than showing up for a meeting 1.5 hours late the other day. The new Judge defended his tardiness by saying "Oh he has a long way to drive". Let me try that with my boss. NOT. Same S#&T different S#&TER.

Wise Guy said...

FTF is going on here people. What we have here is a failure to communicate.

Anonymous said...

Another "shamefull" but I'm sure there are others. JONES LOST DUNWOODY AND THE TAX REVENUE THAT WENT WITH IT !

Anonymous said...

Jones lost a lot more than Dunwoody. He sold this entire county down the river and all of us as well. Some of us felt the "hostile work environment" personally, and when we raised the alarm nobody did anything. You really cant blame VJ for what he did. Hes just another crook and the perfect representative of the folks who elected him. DeKalb was destroyed in the voting booth by racists who elected him. Also, you notice north Fulton is trying to break away and form Milton County so you cant blame Dunwoody for trying to separate themselves from the cancer as well. DeKalb "shamefull"? That dont even come close to telling the whole story!