Monday, March 22, 2010

Terrell Bolton Denied Unemployment Benefits

Once a loser, always a loser.

At least the taxpayers of Georgia are not having to support this piece of dog squeeze.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe there really is some justice in this world?
(How clueless is he if he keeps fighting this, to what cost to the County. We should write 'thank you' notes to Vernon Jones)

Anonymous said...

He should be sued just like Vernon for what he did to the officers of De Kalb Police Department.

He took this department to its lowest level and we will probably never recover.

Anonymous said...

Why is the department keeping former APD Lt. Anderson now Dekalb Police Major Anderson.
Remember she was brought over by Bolton as a Major.

She was then assigned to a precinct that he reduced all the boundaries to make the crime stats low.
He then promoted her to Assistance Chief.

She was in charge when he was gone all the time.

I guess Ellis cut her a deal and the taxpayers will pay her 92 thousand dollars a year for her testimony against Bolton.

I'm guessing for the next four years unless Ellis gets elected for a second term.

Here is a budget cut that will save the county money---fired her-- she was appointed to begin with.

He wants to take holidays and possible furlough days for us, begin with trimming the top, we are so top heavy now.

Do we really need all these people appointed to these positions?
It would save a lot of money.

I bet they increase the positions to more CHIEFS after this retirement phase is over.

I wonder how many more friends Ellis needs to give a job to.

Anonymous said...

Every time I read an article on Bolton I am reminded of just how bad of a human being he was. I agree with post # 3 on Major Anderson. She is an absolute waste of money and I can not understand why she is still here. A more deserving DeKalb Police supervisor should have that major’s position.

I am not sure what you mean about Ellis giving jobs to his friends. If you are talking about the police department I don’t know who it would be. If you are talking about outside the police department then it may be possible.

Slamin Ethel said...

Major Anderson is merely here as a political deal struck behind closed doors.
She is one of the main key players if not the main key player, with the departure of Ol Tebo.
Her inside knowledge of the wrong doings by Ol Tebo was a key factor with his demise.
As much as I hate to support her, she is the reason Tebo is gone.
She was brought here under a cloud of suspicion by his administration and I too do not trust her, and think her position is a waste of tax payer money.
We have 25-30 year vets being shoved out the front door, just so she can stay.
Wrong I tell ya just down right wrong.
Now I would thank you kindly to stay out of my personal affairs, you bunch of pansy asses!
By the way I have noticed that several "Anonymous Posters" have been asking for a smack down with Ethel.
So I say to thee I will run this by her and await her response.
But whom ever wins this smack down, the winner takes all that means Ethel.
Please take her from me, I mean have you ever seen cottage cheese in a sack, if not you will when you get a gander at her thighs!

Anonymous said...

ellis isnt going to last 8 years. he has no backbone and doesnt understand police. Anderson was cut a deal. more of the same, he should have let her go, she never did anything about Bolton when he was here. 90K a year for her is a joke and he knew it, but he made them keep her anyway. They got rid of Bush and he was ten times smarter than her, her getting to stay is an insult to all of us who try to work hard and keep learning our job. the favors will never end as long as people who dont have the courage to make the right choices are in charge. Hello? he didnt fire his lunatic friend Sheila Edwards. If that was an officer, think wed have a job?

Anonymous said...

Oh my dear Ethel - what would I do without you? I would be so bored! (and more stupid than I already am) But I do say, making fun of a woman's thighs in such a blasphemous way makes me think you might really be a he ....
Pansy Ass Girl

Anonymous said...

Ethel's got a bit of captain in him.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed that the county has taken FOX News off the cable channels for the County? Guess its all CNN from now on. Who would be in charge of having done this?

Anonymous said...

How come certain posts are selected to appear on this page? I have tried to leave my point of view several times but they never appear on Dekalb Officer Speaks.

A Note From DeKalb Officers: All comments are moderated for content. After all, this is an editorial blog.

Anonymous said...

The loss of Fox News may have to do with the switch to digital and not some conspiracy by the administration.

bamboozeld by fat chef said...

Officer Arrested, why did they feel the need to mention that he had not been with the county very long, just curious

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen my Land Rover? or my paycheck? Whatcha talkin about Willis?