Monday, April 5, 2010


Read WXIA's Doug Richards account of Vernon Jones' reaction when his racial discrimination guilty verdict was read. Too bad there isn't video.

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Anonymous said...

Doug, you might want to try a little spray tan - he might respond a little more favorably to you.
I don't work for the county (and I'm NOT in the news industry). But I don't think Vernon realizes how despised he is in general. He can't hide his vicious, crazy, phony personality - TOO MANY people have seen it, including me!! It's impossible to understand how he could think anyone would want him in Congress. Delusional. Creepy.

Anonymous said...

Vernon belongs on a psycho ward in a federal prison. I was thinking back on his 8 years as DeKalb Dictator as we are forced to do from time to time unfortunately. This idiot made Ann Ramey, Curtis Williams and Don Frank Majors. And all three were promoted for the same reason. They were his drivers and they looked the other way while bad things happened. Truly Amazing!! The three of them couldn’t spell Major if you spotted them the M and the R!

Maybe it is a smart move by the current CEO to have DSO as his security. He couldn’t promote them if he wanted to. They work for the Sheriff who is elected just like he is. He can’t bully the Sheriff into promoting who he wants so it takes the politics out of it.

Anonymous said...

So can people who were denied promotion to Captain sue for back pay now as well?