Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Kool Aid Fountain Continues To Flow


Slamin Ethel said...

Look Ol Ethel has been on a hiatus for a while now, but I fiqure it's about time to get back in the game.
I have had the opportunity myself to sit in the luxurious kingdoms with my feet up watching the nice 42" flat screen tv.
I think Ol Tebo should be patted on the back for the Magic Buses.
This is a place where our fine young officers can sit back and take a break from the crime ridden streets of Dekalb County, a safe zone of sorts or target.
A place where they can order a pizza and have it delivered, now personnaly I have noticed several officers reclined back in the leather chairs with their feet sleeping at the wheel.
Naa what the hell am I thinking, these buses are a waste of money, they are nasty as hell and stay broken down.
Just the other day I had the opportunity to watch three police officers at Center Precinct, one of which was standing on top of the same bus in the video.
Now what were they doing you ask, trying to get the antennia to go down that was stuck in the upright position.
Quite comical I assure you, from my point of view I dont think any of them were mechanics.
My point is they stay broken down and the operating cost just for fuel alone must be staggering.
My idea would be sell them and give the officers who are forced to baby sit them a bonus check to boost morale.
Maybe that would off set the pay reduction that we will be forced to endure this year with the lost pay and holidays.
Look it cant hurt, try to do somthing positive for a change. I see other agencies receiving year end bonus's.
Look dont forget the 200k Skywatch that sits at Headquarters next to the magic bus as well.(federal grant maybe?)
Big waste of money too, I suggest riding by and making a video of the two sitting side by side.
Look I need a good home for Ethel any takers, damn lot lizards drive me crazy.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at how many things have stayed the same. Why would anyone in their right mind think that this police department benefits from those silly magic buses? I am so disappointed in how things have gone in the last year. I knew it would take time but I really thought there would be real changes from how Bolton conducted business. There have been some positive things but mostly it is just status quo. Now Auburn (very expensive) is coming to give that same stupid test that they have been giving for years to decide who gets promoted. Not a very good system and the results speak volumes. But apparently the quality of supervisors is fine because we damn sure are not changing how we select them. STATUS QUO.

Elvis is still the king and to who ever did that video….FUNNY!

Anonymous said...

that"s really funny..I mean how much crime is at toco hills....maybe an entering auto or two..

Anonymous said...

The question is, what was the crime like in Toco Hills BEFORE the magic bus got there?

HA! Great editing guys!

(Why DO we still have these things????)

Anonymous said...

Nice video Mester LOL

Anonymous said...

Nice video Mester. LOL

Anonymous said...

Did I miss a murder or a home invasion in Toco Hills?

Yeah, the video is accurate. Once ICP goes home at dinner time, evening and morning watches are forced to contribute one officer to the cause.....cause someone's gotta make sure we don't have a bathroom door ripped off its hinges by someone who will then defaecate in the sink. They don't want a repeat episode. (now which precinct was it that let that happen?)

The murder/robbery bus with the "ever present and goofy" blue flashing lights is something that seems to warm the heart of a major at Center.

Anonymous said...

Things will never change around here! It's too damaged. Those buses are not majic either. Park that messy bus on Glenwood!!! Hell turn it into a rolling 10-15 vehicle.

Anonymous said...

The same old thing, week after week and month after month. The changes that do happen are so slow that it doesn’t do any good. Nobody knows who is in charge or what is going on. Everybody just wants to make it to retirement and they go along to get along. Nobody wants to make any waves and too many of our supervisors are spineless. There are some great officers here but half the department is lazy or insubordinate or both.

I wish someone in the upper management would just go off and start kicking some ass! There IS just too much status quo. We keep talking about getting DeKalb P.D. back to the way it use to be but when are we going to do it? Maybe 10 years from now?

Anonymous said...

Ima Citizen has a story to tell.
I remember when I was first told of the impending deployment of the "Magic Buses", and I was so excited! They were, after all, putting one in a VERY problematic area near my residence, and I thought it meant that the area would be safer because of the reminder that police weren't far away. To an outsider, it seemed like a hopeful concept.
My excitement, however, was met with a puzzling response. I thought, "Hhmmmm, now would be the time to smile, agree with me (that it was a good thing), and use the opportunity I just gave you to give me more detail of the goals and benefits." Didn't happen. So once again, I went "Hhmmmmm" - why wasn't DKPD staff as excited as I was? WELL. Guess what? As it turned out, no bus ever appeared where it was promised. I kept driving by the area to look for it, and it never appeared. After a couple months, I asked why. Come to find out, most of them, before deploying to their scheduled locations, were "in the shop". Maintenance issues. And then, as Paul Harvey would have said, "Now you know the REST of the story."
So as a Dekalb County taxpayer, I say to whomever is responsible for (after ALL THIS TIME), NOT getting rid of these horrendous debacles, YOU will pay for it. At the next election.
Good day.

Anonymous said...

Those buses are the pride and joy of a certain Major.

Anonymous said...

We have to guard a crime prevention tool that supposed to make CRIMINALS RUN IN FEAR WHEN THEY SEE IT.

Instead we have to guard it to keep it from being damaged.

When will it ever end.

I love the video of the bus, that was great.

Anonymous said...

Why do the police department keep sending these motor homes out to sit in parking lots? What do they accomplish?

Anonymous said...

This is so embarassing how we're fighting crime and Dekalb PD/County is not even generating enormous revenues....geeezzzz!!!

blueflame said...

Love it thats the best !

I'm Ron Burgandy? said...

I know that one day Veronica and I are gonna get married on top of a mountain...and there's going to be flutes playing...and trombones and flowers and garlands of fresh herbs...and we will dance...till the sun rises...and then our children will form a family band...and we will tour the countryside and you won't be invited!


Just like Uncle Eddie says..."Oh, that uh, that there's an RV. Yeah, yeah, I borrowed it off a buddy of mine. He took my house, I took the RV. It's a good looking vehicle, ain't it?"

Anonymous said...

This video is SOOO DeKalb! Hats off to whomever came up with this idea-what a comedy. Let us know when and where the next "showing" will be so we can all be there and just sit and watch the "dog and pony" show. What a way to spend a Sat. nite! And while we are sitting there, imagine the fun we all are going to have when next election time rolls around. Sorry, Burrell, but I just gave to Goodwill the campaign t-shirt you gave me way back when...remember? When I so foolishly believed you were going to be different from the rest... when you were making all of those empty promises that would make us a better DeKalb? Why don't you start with cutting back on your top heavy staff and getting rid of those gas guzzling buses? Haven't you noticed yet that we are in the middle of a financial crisis? Seeing those Disney Land Wonders makes me think way back about a toy commercial: "You can tell it's Mattell, it's swell"!

Anonymous said...

Hey, we are short on police cars. Can we put a siren in the ones we have left? Huh? Huh? Can we? Can we? That's all that's needed in order to do traffic stops. "Hey you, pull over! Or I'll flatten ya!"

Anonymous said...

I am so tired of the haters on here making such cynical disgruntled comments, please retire!

Anonymous said...

Tired of disgruntled comments? .... Pray tell..., you're not gonna tell me you're happy with piss, poor management, unprofessionalism, and ethics that leave much to be desired!

We have officers who dodge calls, fail to respond in a timely manner (if I don't go 10-7, my Sgt. will reassign the call to the next watch/team....screw the tax payer who has been made to wait.), and feel they are due special treatment because they carry a badge.

I would be very disappointed if you thought that was worth defending!

Anonymous said...

I am not defending anything. Granted things are bad, we all know that, but why beat a dead horse? I read comments on this blog and don't feel a breath of fresh air or any sort of vindication. Just that I walk amongst of a bunch of disgruntled, mean, somewhat cowardly individuals that smile friendly at those they so hate, a wolf in sheep's clothing...I wish instead of complaining and bashing your brothers you would bond together in a positive manner and work productively to make things better..obviously Bolton wasn't the only problem or this negative thinking would have evaporated just as he did. No, its you. People that have banded together for the wrong cause, that can never be made happy even if the command staff was kissing your ass. Give someone some credit sometimes, other than yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Just how many supervisors do we need to supervise these officers in DeKalb County.

We are very top heavy on leadership.

Wise Guy said...

I smell a Tom Whittington in a lot of these comments. Look guy's and girl, if you are that unhappy then pack your bags and move on, I'm sure you could get a job at Kroger bagging grocery's with the rest of the retards. I started at DKPD when it was simply the best in the nation, built on the reputation of a lot of hard nosed old fashion police. It will never be that way again but we still have a lot of old school cops in this younger generation. Keep up the good work DKPD. The disgruntled blogger are a small percentage of the PD.

^^r. Blah Blah said...

If you hate the mean blogs. Don't log on to the website. Go elsewhere!!! No forces you to continue to read.