Saturday, June 5, 2010

DeKalb: Dispatchers And Ambulance Crew Violated Policy

"The three dispatchers have been disciplined, Miller said. A spokeswoman for the county said the dispatchers have not all been notified and she could not identify them or detail the extent of that discipline".

Now that makes a lot of sense. The dispatchers have been disciplined, but they haven't been notified? Somebody is stupid, either Wiz (The Wizard) Miller is, or the reporter is for not asking, huh? Or maybe it's mutual stupidity.

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Anonymous said...

Damn. I've been here too long, cause I read that article twice and didnt catch that.

Anonymous said...

Why was the crew disciplined for taking the initiative and to find the address by using google?

Honestly, I upgraded my cell phone in order to have access to the internet for just that reason. I had to do just that three times this week just to learn my call was in another precinct.

Have you ever asked for a cross street and been told Buford Hwy.....Briarcliff Rd.......or Candler Rd. ? You might as well give me a cross street of Memorial only crosses two precincts.

Do the officers on the street now have to worry about being disciplined for going the extra mile?

Kudos to the crew for going the extra mile!

The system DOESN'T WORK!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

They have to ask my sergeant all the time what territory or precinct does this call belong.

Anonymous said...

They are paying a high ranking supervisor to manage that department.

Take him off the computer and stop him playing games.

Anonymous said... is against policy to use Google to locate an address? Maybe if we had a better map system there would be no need to use personal GPS or services like Google to locate a call.

Anonymous said...

So 3 dispatchers have been "disciplined", but he fired the whole CARE company? I guess it spells "job security" when your department is so understaffed.
And they've taken displinary action but haven't told them yet? Well they sure know about it now. What an awful way to find out - sort of like "wait until your dad gets home"!!

Anonymous said...

Care spoke out prematurely about the Stadium call,instead of requesting a meeting w/their
'bosses' they talked to the better bet your bottom dollar that in the contract their is a clause that states that they can't do that..Dekalb Fire/Ems is busy all day...Care did take a lot of the transports,but when a basic DeKalb unit is w/a patient,then they turn around and requested CARE (also a basic) it didnt make sense DeKalb was already 10-7 the patient had to wait another 15-20 mins for the basic,it didnt make sense.***The operators that were disciplined have been w/the county for a number of years and the record was AWOLS,SUSP,DOC'S..NO WRITE UP'S PERIOD!

Anonymous said...

Can you blame it on the CAD system , or common sense.

Anonymous said...

Its like Little Vernon told Wiz , you need to dump that unit.

This new administration is just like
the prior one, just a little quieter and not as vocal.

Hold on Atlanta , we will pass you in confusion in leadership and corruption.

Don Frank you are our Savior.

It make no sense just like our leadership.

Anonymous said...

Our radio system operators are so confused that it a joke among precincts.

They do not know what address belongs to what precinct.

Anonymous said...

I love it when these operators ask someone who gets this call. I guess if someone did not tell them what territory they would just hold the call.

Anonymous said...

Its been that way for calls since 2007 when they change the precincts boundaries and did not update the CAD system.

It has always been money for everything unless someone got a payoff.

Anonymous said...

hey its not just the dispatchers who are having problems with the terr...south and center sgt's passed a call back and fourth and back fourth..finally took a lt to say just handle it...i have pine lake calls that are zoned to 550's beat and not pine lake...we need a new cad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tony Thomas WSB-TV said...

I was in this press conference. Director Miller did put some of the blame on the Cad System, saying a recent update affected the address database. He says a new update will be attempted soon.

Anonymous said...

If radio is a joke and laughing stock of all precincts,we laugh at yall too ALL DAY EVERYDAY.Since the boundaries were changed CAD has not been correct,we CAN NOT go in the CAD system and change it,however let your SGT. KNOW and submit the PROPER paper work to CAD ANALYST, SOMEONE ALWAYS TRY TO BLAME RADIO, how often do you read the blog? CAD HAS BEEN AN ISSUE SINCE WE GOT IT...time to lay off on blaming radio,we make it do what it do when it don't do crap,we get frustrated EVERYDAY!!!!!! We don't blame police for the CAD we just handle our radio's

Anonymous said...

June 6 2:45 blogger:
Your message is so disturbing on so many levels.
Your mocking and disrespectful attitude toward officers is not only unprofessional and inappropriate, it's sickening to me as a citizen, when you consider what it is that you all are there to do. You can't possibly be doing your best with an attitude like that.
Your grammar is atrocious - "we make it do what it do when it don't do crap" - WTH does that MEAN? Actually, I do know. I think you're trying to say the system is flawed, and it's a miracle that you find a way to get it to perform as well as it does. But do you really want to come across like that ?????
Frankly, I'm just fed up with the defensive attitude - I'm sure your jobs are pretty tough, and it's certainly no fun to get blamed for everything, but find a way to GET ALONG, and make it better, even if it only means supporting each other through a difficult time. Learn about empathy.
If you can't, I hope you keep your bad, hateful attitude outahere!

Anonymous said...

Submit paperwork to have it changed in the CAD system...?????

Hell, just last week I was advised that, even though I knew better, I was to CLEAR ON THE CALL AND PROCEED. I was told that it was my job to respond and I was NOT to let radio know that call was on a different precinct.

It was/is my Sgt's job to redirect the call.

Sgt's would NEVER take the time to "submit paper work."

That's all fine and dandy, but heck my Sgt's barely listen to the radio. I'm lucky if they tell radio to start a second unit to an 87 where both parties are 10-7. So much for the general order from a few years ago that said Sgt's will respond to all domestics. That lasted a few seconds into the first watch that the order was in effect for!

The supervisors leave as much to be desired as the CAD system!

Whatever happened to the Sgt. responding as the back up unit in order to keep other line officers available.

I see my Sgt. twice a shift... at the beginning and at the end. Maybe somewhere in between when he/she calls for units to 59 with J2.

Anonymous said...

To Citizen Blogger @ 535pm June 6
SOO you did not read the comments from the police officer being disrespectful of Radio? Instead of you trying to blast the poster's opinion and correcting grammar, how about ypu say a few words of encouragement..sound off on both police and radio..WOW incredulous..we as operator's have been beat up,beat down,picked on by our co-workers (police officers) since this blog started.."our radio operator's are the joke among the precincts" if they call us's fair game operators are on this blog and they are here to stay and when one or two puts us down,we stick up for each other and sound off too!

Anonymous said...

TO ANON#15...Stop acting like a citizen who is disgusted with are a police officer who hates radio and your tirade only about radio proves it,you could NOT have read the anon poster who said radio is the "joke of the precincts"and just commented on the operator who says we laugh at you guys too...Let's keep it 100

Anonymous said...

From Anon #15:
How about you just stop now. I AM a citizen, and you are only continuing to prove my point by assuming it's really an officer commenting. What's so scary to me is that your m.o. is so damn transparent to CITIZENS. I could say some embarrassing things about what I have encountered, but it I don't believe it would be productive. So I will say no more in this blog, but based on what I've seen here?, I am so on the officer's sides - after all, they are the ones on the street protecting your ass and mine, and dealing with crap you can't seem to understand. So go cry me a river.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me WHY ..WHY wasnt the FIRE DEPARTMENT PERSONELL..aka 48...that sits on FIRE RADIO with the OTHER FIRE RADIO OPERATOR was not punished...nor even damn mentioned in the article?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!!?!?!? She was sitting there with radio and Nextel in hand,,,

Anonymous said...

To Citizen: GOOD BYE! We are first contact.