Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dekalb Officers Blog Receives Praise

The DeKalb County Police Alliance is seeking nominations for the 2010 DeKalb Public Safety Champion Awards. These awards honor police officers, community members and community organizations who have a positive impact on public safety.

John Heneghan of Heneghan's Dunwoody Blog features an article about the DCPA's Public Champion Award. In his comment section he writes:

"I am aware of several acts of heroism as well as acts of kindness displayed by Dunwoody officers that are eligible for nomination but I will reserve my votes until I give it more thought and the deadline gets a little closer.

In all seriousness, the DeKalb Officers blog run by an anonymous DeKalb policeman has done more to identify issues within the Department and therefore affected real internal change which then impacts and improves the safety of the citizens relying on the DeKalb Police Department. Kudos to them"

Knowing that winning the lottery is more of a likelihood than being recognized by the DCPA, Mr. Heneghan's praise is reward enough.

DeKalb Officers

Click here
to submit your nomination for the DeKalb Public Safety Champion Award. Deadline is September 9, 2010.

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Anonymous said...

Hear Hear. As a Dunwoody resident and reader of this blog, I can tell you that in all the conversations I've had with people about DKPD over the years, I can't recall one negative thing ever having been said about the officers who have served our community. You have a lot more support than you realize, and I appreciate being kept informed about the issues that affect your overall well-being through both the articles AND the comments. Keep up the GREAT WORK !!