Saturday, June 26, 2010

DeKalb To Host Crime Prevention Tour

When we glanced at this AJC headline, visions ran through our head of charter buses being lead by ICP bicycles and Magic Buses with blue lights blazing, cursing the crime ridden areas of the county, a narrator standing in front of the bus pointing, saying "see there, now that's how not to be a victim"

"Look at that girl walking the street, ummmmhmmm, we know what she be doing". "If ya'll hear "give it up!" that means we being robbed!" "Looky there, they done knocked that policeman of his bicycle and took it". "Somebody call 911!".


Anonymous said...

At least, they are being proactive. Usually, we see all of these politicians get together after the fact. More of the, "Well, we need to act like we are doing something. So, lets have a meeting and call a large press conference." Lets see what comes from this. Anybody up for re-election? Somebody need their name in the news? We have to give it the smell test?

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone could ask Gwen why her office takes so long prosecuting cases, why so many cases get dropped, and why repeat offenders are routinely given a slap on the wrist?

Why is there so much crime in DeKalb? Because Gwen is a joke as a D.A.!