Sunday, August 8, 2010

Where's The Money?

Before March 2007, DeKalb County outright owned the building housing South Precinct at 1816 Candler Road. In March of the same year, the commissioners decided to trade that property and building for the property and building at 2842 Shepard Drive, the Toys R Us building. The commissioners and local businesses were hoping that moving the precinct next door to South DeKalb Mall would rejuvenate the area.

Immediately the trade was a losing proposition. The Toys R Us property was valued over 100 thousand dollars less than the South Precinct.

Because the Toys R Us building was not ready to house a police precinct, the county decided to lease back the building at 1816 Candler Road for $199,000.00 per year, anticipating the new precinct being ready by 2010.

3 years and over $600,000.00 dollars later, the county has finally started taking bids to renovate the Toys R Us building.

At a time when the commissioners feel they can longer give us merit pay increases, can longer give us cost of living increases, can no longer give us unused sick leave pay, no longer pay us for holidays, force us to work holidays with no pay, they can now find money to give their staff pay raises, they somehow can find money to renovate a dilapidated building and continue to pay $199,000.00 per year in rent until the work is completed.

How much will it cost to renovate the Toys R Us building? Millions? How long will it take for the job to be complete? 2 or more years?

Who was the presiding commissioner during all this? You guessed it; one Burrell Ellis. Wonder how much Kevin Ross had to do with this?

Do you feel that other brick on your back?

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