Monday, August 9, 2010

Burrell Ellis Responds To I'm Ron Burgundy?

A few days ago, I'm Ron Burgundy wrote Mr. C.E.O. addressing our pay concerns. Here is Burrell's response. (Of course the officer's true identify has been changed by us,)

August 9, 2010

Officer I'm Ron Burgundy?

DeKalb County Police Services

Dear Officer I'm Ron Burgundy?

I would like to express my appreciation for your letter, which addresses concerns regarding recent DeKalb County pay increases. Furthermore, I applaud your integrity and courage by signing your own name to your letter.

Most counties throughout Georgia and the United States are experiencing difficult financial and economic struggles. Unfortunately, DeKalb County is not immune from economic hardship and we have been tasked with making difficult decisions to reduce staff, eliminate services, and trim our budgets. Several factors have led to a $100 million shortfall in the county, including the incorporation of the City of Dunwoody, a Homestead Assessment freeze and declining sales tax revenue.

As you know, I have the responsibility for putting together a proposed budget that must be submitted to the Board of Commissioners (BOC) for final approval. Before approving, the BOC may make changes to the budget. This year, despite our declining revenues, I proposed a 1% pay increase for all employees along with the full funding of all holidays. In order to fund the holidays and proposed pay increase, I also proposed a very modest tax increase. Prior to adopting the budget, the BOC eliminated the pay increase and defunded the holidays in order to avoid a tax increase.

Although I did not support the unfunded holidays, I have pledged to reduce my own salary for every unpaid holiday as they occur, and I have made good on that promise. It’s a small way to let our employees know that we are all in this together.

Despite the current state of the economy, my commitment to public safety remains a top priority. That’s why, in addition to my attempt to raise salaries, I implemented a down payment assistance program for officers buying homes, and reorganized the leadership in the Police Department. We value your dedication. We are very appreciative that our officers work very long hours, including holidays, and I am open to your suggestions on improving morale and retention efforts within the Public Safety department.

Again, thank you for writing and for your service to our citizens. Your cooperation and patience are valued as we continue to evaluate new measures to enhance county operations.


W. Burrell Ellis, Jr.


Anonymous said...

Blame the BOC, ignore answering for the outrageous pay increases for his staff, and the whole time tell us how committed he is to us, typical response from a politician.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am not satisfied or pleased by this response. I feel no better having read it than I did before I read it. There is no mention (apology!) of the exorbitant raises he and some members of the BOC gave to their staff. Bottom line, being spat in the face continues to occur. I'm just disgusted!

Anonymous said...

Well 10 thousand to a secretary in his staff and then Stokes puts 15 thousand in another one for a pay raise. Well Sutton Barnes did a 5 thousand, we are all clear on the budget.

Anonymous said...

Then rescind these raises and tell the truth.

Anonymous said...

#;+- you Ellis....

Anonymous said...

Wonk wonk..spoken like a politician. This garbage reminds me of a DUI defense attorney. The rich get richer, their swanky offices get a tax payer funded upgrade, and they see the same check or a larger check than the one they got last year.

Mr. Ellis......the little guy is sacrificing while you and your staff live high on the hog and needlessly blow funds on wasteful projects and perks.

Just an FYI.....we're not gonna take it and we'll continue to cut into the number of revenue generating tickets. That's YOUR warning! Everyone is getting a warning. reason to not warn you about decreasing revenue.

Anonymous said...

He's a politician. He's going to say whatever he thinks will make people happy. Regardless of the fact that it's a lie. You don't give officer workers 10% increases while decreasing police salaries 10% for every holiday. Ridiculous and a typical politician. I still don't know why anyone would police in Dekalb County.

Anonymous said...

Listen my fellow officers, current and retired. It should be very, very obvious by now that Burrell Ellis (CEO) does not care about anyone but himself and his cronies. He is the typical lifelong politician, who knows how to dance around a question without answering it. He is who who is and the sooner we realize that the better off we will be. My fellow officers and citizens please do not fall for the banana in the tailpipe. I implore all DeKalb citizens to exercise their right to vote, and not to give this crook a second term in office. If he is allowed a second term the police department and the county will be worse off than it is now.

Stay safe.

God bless America and DeKalb County!

Anonymous said...

Mr, CEO, why dont you answer my burning question that I have asked over and over and over for several years now. I have a feeling if you did, this county would then be on the long road to recovery as long as steps taken to reverse the damage.
I will ask my question once more just in case you forgot what it was:
"How do you take the 2nd wealthiest county east of the Mississippi river, one with an increadable quality of life for the residents, one with the #2 rated Police Dept in the entire nation, and in a short span of about 20 years or so turn it into what Dekalb has become?"

Mr CEO I want your opinion on this. You have answered Ron Burgundy's question. I am a retired DeKalb Police supervisor who was born and raised in Dekalb and I want you to answer my question.

One more thing. I remain anonymous because I fear my retirement will be tampered with. Its not much but it is the only way I can survive, and I dont trust you or any other elected official in DeKalb. You may want to "reinvest" my retirement funds in some scheme for your own political gain.

As for now, most of us retired officers are BROKE and having to "live of the fat of the land" to survive. You answered his question....answer mine.

Anonymous said...

What about the pay increases to his own staff and commission staff? It doesn't sound like we are all in this together does it?

DKPD Whipping Boy said...

The man is a born politician.
Step #1 : It's not my fault
Step #2: Blame others
Step #3: Side step the actual issue
Step #4: Lots of talk an no action

This guy makes me sick! Why is it that the citizens of this county are not outraged enough by this idiot? Why is it only us who feel he should be ousted? Bad politics always equal bad economy and no jobs and with the state of affairs in DeKalb County right now you'd think the citizens would do whatever they could to get this idiot out of office and start this county on the road to recovery.

Anonymous said...

The only part I liked was the part about signing your own name. I got a good laugh!

Anonymous said...

Hey you dumb ass Ellis, it's not his real name, surely you communications director could have told you that.
Your an idiot, Im willing to bet even your wife and kids are ashamed of you.

Anonymous said...

Pay increases, let's also talk about salaries. Keith Barker, the ceo exec. asst. brings in 200K! and Jabari Simama $153,360! Could someone even ponder to explain this? Employees, the media, their disgruntled significant other lolll -- should be criminal. And are these individuals merit protected like some of tebo folks were and officers were outraged. And you thought tebo was a problem - at least you could see his foolish hands.

Anonymous said...

To "I'm Ron Burgundy", any amount of respect Ellis gave you with this response is squashed with this bullshit (excuses, re-direction of blame, supposed sacrifice). The way I see it, he just disrespected you even further as well as the rest of us.

I admire and commend your effort. It is articulate and professional. And as far as I'm concerned, we (employees and public) all know who is the better person.

Again, God bless you for your effort. It took courage. You have my deepest respect which is more than can be said for Ellis or the BOC for that matter.

tickedofficer said...

Yum I love the way he dances around everything he has doon wrong what about explaining WHY people in your office deserve a raise and nobody else in the county does

Anonymous said...

The reason the public isn't outraged is they see little bits on the news and then forget about it. They don't see (and live) the whole story like us employees.

If they read this blog regularly, they would be familiar with our plight and may be more likely to voice concerns. We need to publicize this blog and let the people we serve know the real issues.

Anonymous said...

Dear politicians DON'T insult me with a 1% raise.

Anonymous said...

Yes. I second that. Don't insult us with a 1% raise. I've already done the math and I would not even be able to afford a McDonald's Happy Meal for what it would amount to after taxes on a single day.

Anonymous said...

Still my question remains unanswered.........