Thursday, August 5, 2010

Just A Coincidence?

Burrell Ellis' campaign manager, Kevin Ross, recommended to the C.E.O. to terminate the contract of Care Ambulance and award it to Rural/Metro, at the tune of 8.5 million dollars. Of course Kevin Ross is a contract employee of Rural/Metro.

Now, on the recommendation of Ross, Ellis attempted to terminate the contract of JCS, the managing probation service for Recorders Court, and award it to Sentinel Offender Services, to the tune of about 1 million dollars. And who is a contract employee of SOS? You guessed it, Kevin Ross.

It's sad that DeKalb County has come to this point. It has come to the point where improprieties are common place and acceptable. To us, it reeks of corruption.

Burrell Ellis, Kevin Ross, Connie Stokes and Sharon Barnes are rubbing our noses in it, thinking, and probably knowing they are untouchable.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Hopefully you guys can enlighten us. We are a small department and today we received a letter from the "new" ambulance company that if we call them for service we will be charged over $800 per call! Has Sheriff Brown received this letter? So if you DKPD guys and gals have to call for an ambulance will DKPD be charged the $800 charge also? WTH?!!?