Friday, August 6, 2010

Now That We Have Their Attention

Now that we have everybody's attention, this is not the time to let up, but to press even harder.

Even as Chief O'Brien brushes our outcry aside like an annoying fly, we will continue to be reasonable people.

As Captain Peacock (retired) says, there are solutions and we can sit down and talk, figuratively.

We understand these are tough economics times for everyone. We understand that monetary sacrifices have to be made by all. What we don't understand is why we are being forced to sacrifice while none of the commissioners nor their staff?

Why, when an officer making $37,000.00 a year is being forced to work at reduced pay, including the upcoming 30% reduction coming like a freight train in November, the commissioners are handing out raises as much as $13,000.00 a year to a receptionist? Why are the commissioners and their staff enjoying picnics and bar b ques on holidays and being paid for it, while officers are being forced to work for no pay?

We are asking all of our supporters to contact their commissioner and demand answers. We are asking our supporters to attend each upcoming "Focus DeKalb" being hosted by Burrell Ellis and demand answers. We ask the public to attend each up coming commission meeting and demand answers.

So far, we have hit the commissioners to the tune of 2 million dollars which they dismiss as being trivial. Until the commissioners play by the same rules as we have to, we will continue the ticket strike.

You watch commanders have to be strong. We foresee pressure coming from the top. We foresee a quota. And when it comes, we will expose it.

A word to the general public; Our dedication and service to you has not faltered, nor will it. We are as dedicated to serving and protecting you, your family and property as ever, even while we are faced with destine by the commissioners.

But we have no other way to voice our concerns to the commissioners, knowing we will be heard and not ignored. We will continue this fight, this ticket strike, until the commissioners become reasonable.

To our fellow officers in the streets; Keep up the good work. You are starting to see the impact we can have, and we have only just began. In the upcoming months, revenue will be down nearly 10 million dollars or more. When that happens, just maybe the commissioners will be forced to come down from their elitist thrones.

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