Friday, September 10, 2010

Attention All Sworn DeKalb Police Personnel

All F.O.P. members and non-members:

The DeKalb Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) is having a meeting at the lodge for ALL DeKalb Police Officers.  If you are interested/concerned about your current and/or future working conditions, pay, etc., it is important you attend one of these meetings.  You must show your Police ID at the door, as non-sworn personnel will not be allowed entry.
Meeting dates are:
Sunday, September 12th, 1700 hrs.
Monday, September 13th, 1100 hrs. and 1900 hrs.

DeKalb Fraternal Order of Police
1238 Ridge Ave.
Stone Mountain, GA  30083
Click here for map

People this is your chance to show solidarity. Please do not let this opportunity pass you by.

We have been screaming for the F.O.P to do something for months.. Well now they are doing it. Please make every effort you can to attend and voice your concerns. Our future work conditions may very well depend on it.

We here at DeKalb Officers feel so strongly about these meetings, we will not be posting any news until Monday, September 13. We want to ensure the meeting dates and times get maximum exposure. We will however keep all comments updated.

Again this is for F.O.P members and non-members alike. BE THERE!


Anonymous said...

Stogner to replace Barker?? Stogner?? The guy who was found guilty in federal court of creating a hostile work environment right here in DeKalb County?? The right hand man of the convicted racist Vernon Jones?? That's who is going to replace Barker?? We're getting rid of a guy who messed around with a secretary and we're going to replace him with a guy who was part of a group that cost the county millions of dollars in court fees and fines because of their racist practices??

I'll be at the meeting!

AllMyLife said...

Hey I am a civilian, and I am down for all officers to attend this FOP weekend meeting. PLEASE fill their room to a capacity.

Anonymous said...

I'll be a the meeting too because if anyone has grelins in their closet as Anon #1 says, I will have none of it. Since I'm a member, I know I have a voice and believe me I will speak up as well.

Anonymous said...

Here are several talking points we should discuss at the meeting, so prepare. Make a list or some notes and write down anything else you can think of...

1. No-pay holidays (7 in 2010).
2. Furlough days (17 for 2011?).
3. No Cost-of-living adjustments for several years.
4. No raises for the past 3 years.
5. 12-hour, or 13 hour shifts.
6. Too many specialized units at the precinct level. We have a Special Operations Division. Let them do their job while uniform does its (patrol! and respond to calls for service).
7. How are we going to recruit and/or retain officers with things the way they are these days?
8. Recorders Court scheduling.
9. Disarm to enter Winn Way? Seriously?
10. Oil changes @ this Malcolm Cunningham Ford place? How does that save money?
11. Corruption, unethical behavior, and criminal behavior by our government leaders. In many levels of leadership in DeKalb County.
12. Crime Scene Unit availability.
13. Cost of healthcare/pension continues to rise but our pay remains the same. Net result, we get more poor by the year.
14. State of equipment.
15. Are additional precincts really necessary? Added costs associated to operate.

You get the idea. Anything else you can think of don't hesitate to mention it for discussion when you come.

See you all there.

Anonymous said...

Would someone please 10-13 Ellis?

It seems that every time Ellis has to make a decision, instead of making the right decision, or a wrong decision, he makes one that can only lead us to believe he is completely crazy and stupid! Does he not have any competent people around him to say, "Hey, that might not be a good idea!"

He fires a guy who didn't even violate county policy and decides to replace him with a guy who a Federal Court declared "created a hostile work environment in DeKalb County." Yay!!! That's exactly the kind of person we need running things!! I come to work every day and think, "Things are just so great here! What we really need here is a more hostile work environment!"

Ellis, you have really outdone yourself this time!

Sleeping with secretary: Bad!
Creating a hostile work environment, causing the county to get sued and lose in Federal Court: GOOD!!


Anonymous said...

FOP meeting:

Long and the short.

Fellow officers,

We all need to join the FOP. Jeff is given time to address the BOC at every meeting. If we all join the FOP, Jeff will be up there speaking for ALL of us. That is powerful!

Right now, Jeff speaks for a number officers, but not the majority. There are strength in numbers and the BOC can't sit there and yawn/doodle if Jeff speaks for the majority.

Give this a chance. Spend the $85 to have someone plead your case and fight for you.

Join up.... I re-instated my membership and even signed up for the full legal representation package.

All told, it cost me a total of $324.00 ($85 annual dues for the FOP and $239 for the full legal package:Administrative, Civil, Criminal and Administrative Off-Duty coverage.

$324 is nothing when you look at the legal fee that Torrey Thompson is racking up for an On-duty shoot. I don't know if he had this package, but I know I do.

Anonymous said...

It's a sad situation when you have to consider your employer and the command staff as your advisary but they made us think this way....over many,many years.

Mack Daddy said...

I want to know who the one idiot is who thinks that morale is high around this place.
Come on identify yourself, you deserved to be bitch slapped!!

Anonymous said...

The FOP is a joke. What have they done lately besides speak to the BOC who don't listen to them. If they had any real power they would be at the negotiating table with the BOC, Ellis, and O'Brien making things happen. I know this is a no union state but the FOP can still get things done. When they make things happen then I will join and listen to them. Also, this ticket strike that we are suppose to be doing isn't working because nothing has changed. It has made the perps shoot and attack police officers more because they know we are passive and really don't want to police anymore. I have been to police funerals in my career and hate them. God for bid but look to your left and right in roll call, one of those officers maybe 10-42 forever if we keep up this bullshit about not policing because of raises and holidays. The evidence is on the news every other week either we are getting hit by cars, shot at or attacked. I know this post won't be posted but it is something that needs to be said.

Anonymous said...

You were getting hit by cars, shot at way before the ticket slow down. It's been happening a long time in Dekalb. You have to stand up for yourselves because no one else will. I'm not an officer but I do see the news and know that Dekalb hasn't been safe for a very long time and it's going to get worse if the BOC does not change it's corrupt ways. The only way to do that is to speak up and be heard. If you take it, they will keep taking more from you and your checks.

Anonymous said...

To Anon September 12, 2010 11:22 AM:

I know you think you know everything because you've been a cop for about a year now, but you really don't have a clue.

If you expected the long copy ticket strike to make a difference in a few weeks, you're obviously one of the idiots hired during the Bolton years that shouldn't have been hired in the first place.

Why don't you come to one of the FOP meetings and express your concerns? Or are you only barve enough to complain behind your keyboard?

Anonymous said...

To Anon 11:22am...Please get rid of your pessimistic attitude and become part of the solution by joining the FOP. Think for a moment about your attitude. It appears you are saying you will not help the FOP until the FOP helps you. Well, the FOP is already helping you though you are not yet a member. So, it looks like you need to join up so as to help yourself further. And you can't possibly know since you are not a member everything the FOP is currently doing because you are not at any of the meetings. If you'd join, then you will have better enlightenment. Come on, join and start flexing your muscles instead of just your mouth (no insult intended).

Come on guys and gals, please stop the infighting. We don't need division, we need to unite. The reality and truth right now is that the FOP, and only the FOP, is going to bat for DeKalb County police officers. The voice of the FOP, represented by Jeff Wiggs, is speaking out for us at nearly every BOC meeting. And thank you very much Jeff and FOP for doing what you are doing. The FOP, nor any other entity, possesses a magic wand to just make or otherwise influence the BOC or Burrell Ellis to change things for our betterment overnight. We didn't get here overnight, right? This is a big ship, our department. It takes a lot of pumps to stop this flooding so become another pump!

There are those of you who can complain quite well. Complain if you must. I won't tell you that you/we are justified to do so. We are. But, complaining or bitching all you want here on this blog will only go so far. The FOP has been a voice for us for some time now. The FOP has the ears of the commissioners and Ellis. So, show your support and solidarity and join if you have not. Let your voice be heard in a constructive way that will move us in the direction to get the results we are looking for. Otherwise, attend a BOC meeting and speak directly to them for yourself. But maintain your professionalism. But, why not get inspired by what's already being done and get energized to participate. It will just make your voice all the more powerful.

Anonymous said...

this is a redneck tea party blog

Anonymous said...

I screwed up 20 years ago and DID NOT join the FOP. I joined the PBA instead. And the only reason I did not join the FOP is because of a personal conflict I had with another member of the FOP at the time. WHAT A MISTKE I MADE!!!! During my career as a DeKalb County Police Officer I actually needed the PBA once and when I contacted the legal defense counsel THEY WOULDNT EVEN RETURN MY CALL! I had to hire my own lawyer out of pocket and I was very lucky and had a good friend who was a lawyer.
Things were totally diffrent years ago. It was the wild west in DeKalb and we would fight perps nightly and chase stolen cars all over the place and wreck them and then get a commendation from the command staff. Try that now and see what happens.
The FOP is a better organization for todays law enforcement officer than it was years ago as well. Its more responsive and more vocal and you actually see Jeff Wiggs on the news talking about problems in DeKalb lately. At least he stands up there and tells it how it is. We never got that from the PBA or any of the other organizations.
Take some advice from an old retired cop:
1). Join the FOP.
2). Make friends within the community. They count on you. You count on them. Get enough of the citizens to raise hell at a commission meeting in favor of the police officers and the commissioners will see the light and feel the love.
3). Veteran officers you Take care of the younger officers. They are our future.
4). Rookies you respect the veteran officers. They didnt survive as long as they have by being stupid.
5). Use your discretion that comes with that badge. Good judges respect and admire it. Citizens Love it. Crooked politicians hate it!
6). Most important of safe and come home to your family alive and in one piece.
All of us retired cops are with you on this. We need to have a LARGE chior practice and discuss this at length.
Sgt Friendly.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 8:44 - very productive comment (sarcasm)
To Anon 8:24 - very productive comment (sincerity)