Friday, September 3, 2010

C.E.O. Burrell Ellis, Chief Bill O'Brien Make Surprise Visit to Tucker Precinct Roll Call

Information is coming in that Burrell, Chief O'Brien and other members of the command staff made a surprise visit to Tucker Precinct Evening Watch roll call.

We're told when Ellis was asked about pay raises, in particular, his staff getting pay raises, Ellis was doing the typical politician soft shoe dance.

Sure will be interesting to hear tales of the roll call when evening watch gets off.


Anonymous said...

One question, Mr. Ellis: If you can find all of this money in your budget to give your people raises, and to pay hush money to people who were allowed to quit when they should have been fired, which would have made them ineligible for severance pay, why can't you look really hard in the county budget and find money for us?

Trouser Trout said...

Should be interesting to say the least. Side stepping the issues, laying blame on the BOC and not himself im sure.
I wonder why Tucker Precinct though?

Anonymous said...

I guess Burrell saw the news story about Atlanta's mayor and decided he better do something news worthy other than just sell out Dekalb employees. Let me guess... He said that he was proud of the work the officers do and that he understands their concerns. He stated that he had voted to give the officers a 1% pay raise, but it was all the BoC's fault that it wasn't approved. By the way Burrell... 1% doesn't even compensate for the 2.3% inflation rate each year. I wasn't their, but I bet he said something close to that.

Slamin Ethel said...

Ok im told the Q&A session went something like this.
Q. Mr. Ellis can you tell us why your staff received pay raises?

A. My staff received pay raises due to the fact of increased work loads.

Q. Ok Mr Ellis isnt it true that we too as officers have increased work loads, due to county population size has increased, and the reduction in force with early retirement.

Ok this was about the time he had the Oh Shit look on his face. What can you say to that, it's the truth but we are not receiving any pay raise.
We are taking pay cuts, and furlough days.
Speaking of furlough days, just wait till monday heres another from the old paycheck boys.
Of course this is also when he began laying blame on the BOC.
Well at any rate im sure Keith Barker will enjoy his severence package.

Anonymous said...

Get it through your thick skulls! We are not being furloughed. We are being forced to work holidays for no pay! Furloughs, you stay home, not work!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the rest of the county is getting furloughed because they get the day off. Public safety is just being forced to work and not get paid. Also, the county employees that got furloughed got to leave early today (per the CEO) and get paid. Public safety did not gave this option. I don't think anyone should be getting free hours to leave early when we are hurting for money.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6; You are an idiot.

Anonymous said...

You do not lose a days pay, you lose 10 percent of your salary for that pay period.

Anonymous said...

Rumor is he will be going around Monday too, get your good questions ready, bring a video camera, or audio tape it to post on here too.

Anonymous said...

Too little, too late! I haven’t seen O’Brien in roll call in a year. Why is he coming around now? And the only question I would have for CEO Ellis is; when are you going to resign? His administration is completely gone. There is nothing he can do to get it back.

Anonymous said...

I have been begging for the CEO and BOC to get out and find out what's really happening in the county.

Ellis must be feeling the heat to condescend to visit one precinct and possibly others.

From the comments, this was not a fact finding mission, but a media propaganda display of concern for DeKalb Officers.

If CEO Burrell Ellis and the BOC had employee concerns at heart they would of been meeting with us years ago instead of placing billboards of their name and faces in all county facilities so that the employees would recognize their rulers and bow in subservience and silence in their presence.

Unfortunately we are way past that now.

DeKalb employees have been played as fools for a decade, and its about to get worse.

If DeKalb's rulers are foolish enough to actually meet you guys in a Q&A session, then stand up and ask the questions that every employee harbors.

(1) Why are CEO and BOC staff still receiving raises that were abolished to rank n' file staff almost two years ago.

(2) Provide receipts of CEO and BOC's payback of the "unpaid holidays" pay.

(3) In a time of reduced revenue, provide justification for the removal of GIS to the old CEO/BOC's offices and the expense of transport and efficiency of the CEO's occupation of the entire 5th floor of the 330 Ponce Bldg.

(4) Why are the fracken' roofs leaking at the Tom Scott bldg, the Maloof annex, south Sanitation lot, and others while the BOC and CEO's were remodeled to luxury office spaces?

(5) Why does DeKalb county own a horse farm? A Church? An "Aqua-park" whilst providing sub-standard pay to employees?

(6) Why has DeKalb government not instituted a employee salary survey in 13 years.

(7) Why are the CEO and BOC staffs paid high salaries while the rest of DeKalb employee salaries are in the toilet?

I could go on for a long time with this stuff. You guys have seen what I have, I beg of you to stand up and speak out.

This is an extremely difficult time for the CEO and BOC, DeKalb politicians are losing control and are looking to DeKalb cops and employees to say nice things about them.

Stand up and speak the truth.

God bless us all. Best of luck, mates!

Anonymous said...


Too little too late. I'm not writing long copies until I see holiday pay, a return of 5% pay raises (which would be just enough to keep up with the increase in pension/health/cost of inflation), and the end of what they call a "furlough".

I may never again write tickets like I used to.

Guess the additional 30% drop in longs has them worried. IT SHOULD!

Anonymous said...

I wasn't there, but this would be my remarks to Mr. CEO.

Mr. CEO,

With all due respect, thank you for coming to see us. I'm assuming you're here because word has gotten back that officers are not happy.

Yes, Mr. CEO, officers are not happy. Officers realize that we are in trying economic times and that sacrifices must be made, BUT... officers, and fire/ems, feel like they are the only ones making sacrifices.

Sacrifice is a two way street. Take for example our furloughs. We see a reduction in pay but we still work the same number of hours. It is not a furlough like we saw in Atlanta. The citizen and the BOC aren't making a sacrifice. They still have the same number of public safety personnel on the streets. Sacrifice on both sides is needed. The citizen of Atlanta voiced their concerns and said they couldn't make THAT particular sacrifice.

In addition to the furlough days, we've been asked and have been sacrificing over multiple years. We haven't seen annual pay increases in a few years, the cost of our health benefits has gone up each year, and our pension contribution has sky rocketed over the past 3 years.

Plain and simple, we've been taking home less each year for the past 3 years.

We've made our sacrifices and feel that the County has not.

We hear about pay raises for the BOC and their staffers...and we hear about severance packages for those who have been terminated for cause or resigned of their own free will. Those severance packages were huge when you look at them in comparison to the salary of the average officer.

Thank you for hearing me out.

Anonymous said...

Kasim spends the day picking up trash with his employees. Burrel dodges questions for 5 minutes. I've never seen Kasim dodge a question.

Anonymous said...

What can the CEO do right with you guys. this is stupid stuff. We need to look at our immediate rank. They ar not doing anything for the rank and file . Looking out for their heads. Chief Burgess where are you. Come back please.

Anonymous said...

Burgess come back please? You must have been one of his coffee getters.
Burgess...well I will just bite my tongue. Dick Hand was the last guy we had that knew how to run a police department.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Dick Hand was a great Director. He cared for his people and loved gadgets so we had all the newest and best gear at the time. That's when this department was ranked 2nd best in the U.S. He would not tolerate the crap that's going on today! That;s the kind of leadership we need here again. I don't know if there are any leaders like that in existence anymore. Leaders today are politicians that look out for themselves only and what they can get and who they can step on to make themselves look good. Sad, sad, sad.

Anonymous said...

Thats right Dick Hand and commission chairman Bob Ghul....those guy's should remembered fondly. Manuel was ok too.

Anonymous said...

I thought Dick Hand went to prison.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to hear an "appreciation speech" from Ellis. I don't want to hear B.S. about how he's trying to help us. Actions speak louder than words! Do something!! Stop "trying" and do something! You managed to find money in your budget to give your little secretary a raise. Sit down, look at the county budget, and cut the fat so police and firefighters can get a long deserved raise! The longer you wait, the longer the ticket strike will continue, and the more difficult it will be for you to do something. The time to act is now!

THAT ONE said...




Anonymous said...

My major said that the commissioners are considering doing 4 days of furloughs instead of 4 days of unpaid holidays next Tuesday. Even though we get comp time for the holidays we work, it would be better to have an additional day off if we are losing a days' pay. Contact whoever you can to support the furlough days instead of the nonpaid holidays.

Anonymous said...

No, Dick Hand just recently retired as a Chief Assistant District Attorney in Dougherty County (Albany, GA).

Here is the link to his retirement story.

Anonymous said...

No furloughs. No pay cuts. We've played that game long enough. We've let them get away with treating us like crap for too long. We want our pay back and we want raises. We will accept nothing less, or the warning ticket blitz will continue.