Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dunwoody Police Has Opening For Two

Dunwoody Police has openings for 2 who want to serve with distinction.


Anonymous said...

I will bet a buck that no DKPD officer gets selected to fill this spot!

Anonymous said...

Dunwoody will probably not survive in a few years.

Anonymous said...

I printed the application out yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1 - huh?? There are already a few former DKPD at DPD.
Anon 2 - I'm sorry you feel that way. You know that's not true.
Anon 3 - Good luck to you, and any other DKPD who applies! I wish you the best.

Anonymous said...

Sandy Springs needs officers also.

Anonymous said...

F both of them

Anonymous said...

Anon 6
If you take a look at those two agencies, you will find a lot in common that is lacking in DeKalb.
1. Supportive elected officials. Both departments have excellent pay and benefits, great equipment and are really supported by their respective City Councils. Unlike the DeKalb BOC's budget, both of those cities are running surpluses this year, and increasing rather than decreasing service.
2. Outstanding Chiefs. Look at Grogan and Sult and compare them with the leadership at the top of DKPD. Both departments have had very little turnover and do not have morale problems or have to take furlough days due to financial mismanagement by elected officials.
3. Both have hired excellent officers from DKPD.
4. From my career in the military, I learned that there are no bad units, only bad leaders. You don't fire privates and corporals in a low performing unit, you fire the command, which in this case means the voters need to quit electing the current elected leadership in the county. DKPD has a lot of great officers, but look at the command for your answer.

Anon 2
1. Look at the financials on Dunwoody vs. DeKalb County. County running a deficit and raising taxes, taking furlough days and morale in the can. Dunwoody running a surplus without raising taxes and zero turnover on PD in their history, morale is super and everyone has great equipment and a take home car. You tell me which business model lasts longer.

You may not LIKE it, but would be glad to hear you refute it with something better than, "Dunwoody will probably not survive in a few years." or "F both of them".

Childish is the word that comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7, We're about DKPD. If you wanna sing the praises of other agencies then please do so on their blog. Even with all it's problems, DKPD is still a better place to police. I think I'd go postal if my chief thought Facebooking or Twittering was how to police instead of covering the back door.

Anonymous said...

look at our own voting pole "What Do You Think Of Morale?"
63% voted low
42% voted i would rather eat a bullet

Dkpd is going down in flames time to jump ship boys . I want a take home car , I want a $500 bonus every year before Christmas ( which both departments give by the way )I want a guaranteed raise every year. I want a rifle paid for by the city and a better handgun then the pea shooter outdated smith and Wesson. I want a dashboard camera so it voids out any complaints made against me from ignorant civilians. Im sorry I can go on and on... peace out dkpd i got both applications in.

Anonymous said...

What is this a contest of my chief is better than your chief? Please!! Our problem is not the police chief. I'm willing to bet neither Chief Sult or Grogan could maneuver the political minefield known as DeKalb politics. Also comparing an agency serving over 700k people from various socia-economic backgrounds with agencies serving less than 75k and mainly affluent areas is ridiculous.

For those wishing to be a rabbit police the door is always open

Anonymous said...

Anon 8
I was not criticizing the line officers of DKPD, but was being highly critical of a county BOC and the upper realm of leadership at being responsible to the funding, operating in a mutually respectful environment, and giving the troops what they need.

I live in Dunwoody and will sing the praises of the street level police of DKPD that served here prior to the incorporation, never slighted those guys at all. Problem then with DKPD was VJ and Tebo, and the residents were paying lots in taxes and getting screwed in service across the board, not just police.

So the citizens here took control of our own future and got involved. What I was pointing out to 2 and 6 was that a system with solid leadership and support of elected government, it is a win-win. DeKalb has great officers, what it lacks is the other ingredients mentioned. Also pointing out that their arguments that things like F-them both are not going to solve anything for the DKPD, merely giving an example of two systems that work from the very top to the very bottom.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 5:44

As a DKPD officer who proudly served you for many, many years, thank you for your appreciation. And I don't blame the now City of Dunwoody for incorporating. You have a great department because I interact with your officers whenever I can. Fine professionals they are. And I was a bit awe struck the night they hit the ground. I sure wanted to apply myself but it would have been hard to start over. But, I keep it in mind perhaps to do so in the future should the opportunity arise.

You have every right to be proud Dunwoody. You did what you had to do (ditto to Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, and Milton). All of you are so much better off now for it.

Best wishes.


Anonymous said...

Anon 6,

I'm sure the guys in Dunwoody will take your comment seriously as they enjoy their 3 day, thats right "THREE" day off weekends while you work whatever rediculous schedule you agency has you on this week. Mind you that make great money, work 15 days a month, only 6 months of the year, take their car home, have full benefits that are paid for, have multiple retirements that are secure...yup I said it.."SECURE!" oh and did I mention they have supervisors that back them 100%. Now, I won't knock DKPD as a good majority of the officers that work there are squared away but why the negativity? My guess is that you submitted an application during the initial start up and got rejected. Well son, with an attitude like that would you expect anything else.

Anonymous said...

I am not a big promoter for Dunwoody PD or anything but why do people keep alleging that the city of Dunwoody will not pull through (financially). All recent AJC articles indicate that the city of Dunwoody is doing well. They are evening doing a big road paving project; something that DeKalb could never do for dunwoody. Basically, the city is doing well because their elected leaders are managing the money properly.

Anonymous said...

lol Dunwoody bankrupt lol thats what dkpd said about sandy springs. The City of Sandy Springs has been named to CNNMoney’s list of Best Places to Live—for the Rich and Single. Coming in a number four, Sandy Springs was the highest ranked city in the south, and only two other southern cities were listed.

The ranking cites the City’s major hospitals and Fortune 500 companies as a major draw along with its proximity to downtown Atlanta. The natural beauty of the Chattahoochee River was also a factor that propelled Sandy Springs near the top of the listing.

Using statistics from data services company Onboard Informatics, the researchers started with all U.S. cities with a population of 50,000 to 300,000. Then they excluded places where the median family income is more than 200 percent or less than 85 percent of the state median and those more than 95 percent white. Researchers also screened out retirement communities, towns with significant job loss and those with poor education and crime scores. They then ranked remaining places based on housing affordability, school quality, arts and leisure, safety, health care, diversity and several ease-of-living criteria. Additional data on the economy (including fiscal strength of the government), jobs, housing and schools were factored in and lastly researchers visited a hand full of towns and interviewed residents and assessed traffic, parks and gathering places and considered intangibles like community spirit.

The City also made the ranking for top earnings in small cities coming in at number 23 out of 25. The median family income in Sandy Springs was $115,171 in 2009, compared to to-ranked Bethesda, Md. at $172,541.

dkpd haters lol

Anonymous said...


I understand Dunwoody runs 12 hour shifts.... what are the hours?

After speaking about the 12 hours shifts, a center precinct lieutenant told us to deal with it.... the command staff doesn't care if you quit and have 50 in the academy that will take your place...he's pushing for 6 to 6. With young kids and a working wife, that will force me to leave DKPD with just under 9 years.

I now understand that my experience and multiple certifications is not valued by those in charge....maybe Dunwoody would like a college educated officer with no IA cases and numerous certifications.

The hours are now the question.

Anonymous said...

Dunwoody's shifts work like this, and let's call them A,B,C, and D.

A and B are day shift, from 6am-6pm. They are in a 2-week rotation.

C and D are night shift, from 6pm-6am. They are in a 2-week rotation.

A will work Monday, Tuesday
off Wednesday, Thursday,
work Thurs, Friday, Sat,
off Monday, Tuesday,

work Wednesday, Thursday,
off Fri, Sat, and Sun

Then, the cycle starts over again. During this time, B is on or off opposite of A. C and D follow the same opposing cycle. So, every other weekend you are off and every two-week cycle you already have 4 hours of overtime plus whatever additional overtime you accrue for early arrival or late departure.

This information should be accurate as explained to me by them and by being around them.


Anonymous said...

OOPS! Typo.

I mean the cycle works like this...

For "A" and "C"...

will work Monday, Tuesday.

off Wednesday, Thursday.

work Fri., Sat., & Sun.

off Mon., Tues.

work Wed., Thurs.

off Fri., Sat., & Sun.

Then the cycle repeats. "B" and "D" work shifts that are opposing to their "A" and "C" counterparts.


Anonymous said...

That is correct. Dunwoody works the 12 hour schedule that every officer here hates. And just out of curiousity what pension plan is 100% secure. Every plan I know is based on how well the stock market performs. Stock market is not 100%secure. Just look at the last couple of years.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the schedule.

6 to 6... that's no gonna work me.... a two income family with kids.

Who's gonna watch the kids while mom or dad is 76 to roll call and the spouse is 76 home from work? Who's gonna take the kids to baseball, football, karate etc......

Deal breaker.

My app just went into the circular file. Won't work for me.

Anonymous said...

I currently work for a agency that has 12 hour shifts simular to Dunwoody.The only problem I see is getting time off for business.Its great if you are single but it can strain your marriage and family especially if both parties are employed.You can get used to it and the shifts can go by pretty fast