Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"If You Don't Vet It With The Public, You Will Be Crucified. It's Their Money."

DeKalb commissioners reject stimulus bonds.

At least Elaine Boyer gets it. Who would have imagined Burrell Ellis would be so incompetent?

Goes hand and hand with his appointment of Wiz Miller as Director of Public Safety. During the crisis of "work for no play" and morale dropping to historic lows, where has the Ol' Wizard been?

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LoFlyer said...

The Wiz and O'Brien have been conspicuously absent in loyalty to their employees issues over unpaid holiday work by their employees. Unless we see otherwise, from their actions it is pretty apparent to all that the Wiz and O'Brien are owned by Ellis and the BOC, and are their personal "bitches". This truly pains to me say this, as I understand the Wiz and O'Brien are good guys.

Actions speak louder than words and it is obvious the ticket slowdown brought the BOC around on the non-paid work holidays for police and fire, certainly not the Wiz or O'Brien.

The County needs to perform a salary study for all employees, not just police and fire. While you guys get the lions share of attention, it is actually 5000 other employees doing most of the services our citizens depend on. Everyone's salary except elected officials and staffs are below local government market average.

The only way I know to get a employee salary study funded and contracted is through some questionable means.

Would it be considered black mail to ask for a employee salary study within six months or embarrassing information involving intimate relations between high level elected officials staff members that resulted in management promotions of unqualified personnel be released if the salary study was not implemented for no personal gain to myself?

Just thinking aloud, mates!

Anonymous said...

Elaine Boyer is someone who need to run for CEO, but this county looks at color than qualification .

She looks toward the future of DeKalb.

Anonymous said...


I always enjoy reading your posts as they are quite on point, well thought out and show actual understanding of how this county works from an insiders point of view. However, I would have to disagree with your use of "embarrassing information" as a tool to get something done.

If the info you have is true it is not just embarrassing, it is illegal to those involved in it. Keeping it under your hat for use in the future makes your behavior not much better than what you claim they have done, regardless of your good intentions.

Or maybe you were just blowing off steam about something that probably happened but you have no real evidence of and it just feels nice to think about 'what if?' If so, I apologize.

The only way to end the insanity of DeKalb is to shed some sunlight on the corruption by getting it out in the open.

I have almost been fired a few times for speaking my mind to corrupt managers and elected officials regarding their corrupt actions. Most likely I will be fired someday for some made-up BS, which is how they do it you know, but at least I can keep my head high.

If you know something, then get it out in the open where it will do some good and help to clean this place up. Everyone keeping silent & complacent about the crap we have seen over the years is partly how we got in this mess.


LoFlyer said...

Thanks for the comment JW, I am looking for insight from all of y'all on the ethics issue. I have kept the information quiet because all the people directly involved had left county government until some recent developments. There is one innocent and unknowing county employee who would be hurt if the trail is followed through on this sorry tale. We are talking marriage destroying information that I really have major issues with releasing.

As for the ethics of the matter. Black mail is mean, nasty, dirty and just plain wrong. The only way I can see to justify releasing the information is that my condition for keeping my silence, a fair and comprehensive employee salary study be initiated will give me no personal benefit.

I would have to say probably 15 other employees know much of the story, but were unable to place all the pieces together whilst I had the mobility and contacts to obtain the whole chain of events.

The fact is that a county employee salary study has been delayed delayed for years by all the BOC and CEO offices. The last study was in 1997 and flawed at the behest of the BOC.

DeKalb employees are getting screwed everywhere they look. I am just trying to level the playing field. It's dirty but nothing else seems to work around DeKalb anymore. I am wondering what Derwin Brown would of done in this situation.

Best of luck, mates!

Anonymous said...

Deal the cards....let the chips fall where they may. If someone is doing something that is wrong and hurts others, it should be exposed.

One of the biggest problems with this department and the county is the lack of high, professional standards and ethics.

Too often, I see a blind eye being turned towards unethical and unprofessional actions... boys will be boys, things are so bad.... we're entitled to a little leeway, its not my job, etc.....

Where does all stop? We don't live in a vacuum or on an island.

Actions have consequences that go far beyond those involved: an example... a purchasing agent that signs off on an inferior product... that product is used by county employees to do their... because it is inferior, a mistake is made...information is not gain that would have been etc..... someone get hurt because they didn't have ability to do the job the better products would have allowed them to do.... that person is hurt... their family members are hurt by the loss or injury..the loss of injury of their income....etc etc....

Like a series of ripples across the pond generated by a single rock hitting the water, many are impacted.

If you have information that needs to be exposed, expose it. Is it better for the employees, the family members, the spouses to continue living a lie? People made choices....they should be wiling to live with the consequences.

Anonymous said...

I AM an employee, but lets not forgot about how this also impacts the citizens. They deserve better as well and we need them as much as they need us. So yes, it is important that "this/these truths" come out.

Anonymous said...


I understand your situation as many times innocent (or mostly innocent) parties can get hurt by something not of their creation. But things like this always come out in the end and folks always get hurt. It is usually just a matter of time.

You obviously know the facts on this better than most and I am sure you will make the correct decision on how to proceed.

About having to play dirty to get things done - I feel the same way myself sometimes, especially in this place. But looking back over my life I have always been grateful that when given the choice I took the high road.

Good luck and don't get pulled into the mud with the rest of them.