Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Whoa, Nelly!

Probably knowing ahead of time the commissioners were going to furlough us, and wrongfully thinking all is well within the police department, Judge Nelly Withers is already spending the money.

She whats to borrow federal money to build a new physicality. She said it won't cost the taxpayers one dime, the cost of the loan would be covered by traffic fines. Is she crazy?

Does she honestly think in these turbulent times between the police and the commissioners we are willing to write tickets to pay for a building? Simply put, that is lunacy.

If the commissioners are not willing to tax homeowners to provide for public safety needs, including full pay and cost of living increases, then we'll be damned if we'll tax the motorist of DeKalb County!

We are not the tax man!

Hey Judge, once you figure out how to schedule officers where they don't have to appear in court 3 separate times a day, including our off days, then maybe a rational thought will come to you on how to house the court.


Butter Nut's said...

Look the only thing Sharon Barnes- Sutton wants to do with the fedaeral money is use it to write bad checks with.
Dont blame the court system or officers, blame the citizens who did something wrong to get the ticket.
But look we the officers are willing to help in this matter as well.
We will do our part and further our efforts by reduceing the number of citations written.
So really it's a win win for everyone, unless your a court official who depends on the officers for their JOB'S.
Yea you do along with the dumb judges who cant even get the scheduling correct, who depend solely on the good ol beat officer.
For without us your jobs would not exist.
Use the damn building behind you, it's been renovated and guess what it's half vacant.
So there you go problem solved and court can be held a mere 50 feet away, so citizens shouldnt get lost trying to find it.

Anonymous said...

Here's an interesting concept for all the dumbasses who complain about having to wait in line:
Obey the traffic laws = no ticket = no need to go to traffic court.
As far as a new building - I will fully support that if it's really needed, ONLY after you guys get what you need and deserve. Until then, all of these people can K-my-A. Ima Citizen/VOTER/Taxpayer.
Thank you DKPD!

Anonymous said...

This is the same judge who just disrespected a female officer last week in her courtroom? I'm still waiting for the final report on what happened to the money during the theivery a few years ago..

Dream on Judge..

Anonymous said...

Disrespected a officer, whats the facts?

Anonymous said...

We are at the will of the Recorder Court judge. The Command Staff are afraid to tell her that the current system for officers appearance in court is ridiculous. Some officer go 2 times on an off day with no cases schedule. We have no subpoena's just whatever the court clerks type on a form.

Anonymous said...

Guys and gals--The Command Staff is impotent. We are forced to do things for ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Do not write a ticket and never worry about having to go to court on a off day.

This is the reason that our leadership is non-existence they do not care what the ones below them have to suffer.

This is DeKalb County in general, their thought is their is someone to take their place.

Anonymous said...

Why do I want to go to court on my day off every week. This what our great command staff will not address.

The administration of our police department is not supporting the officers on the street.

They are afraid to address the problems that we face every day.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the $20 million or so in fines allegedly not collected by the Recorder Court because of Judge Joy Walker's alleged incompetence?

Wiz was supposed to clean that up. He collected about $1.5 million during an amnesty program earlier this year. But where is the rest of the money?

Ms Walker lost her job at the Recorders court because of that. Burrell gave her some make work job thing for $140K per year after he fired her effective as of December 31, 2009. Is she still working for (at least getting paid by) DKC?

Anonymous said...

the FBI need to check into that Recorders court, and Ms Walker where did all that money goooooooooooooooo!