Thursday, September 30, 2010

Immediate Plans For 12 Hours Shifts Are Placed On Hold

Maybe the command staff is listening after all.
The Command Staff has reviewed the top work schedules identified by the committee that met our objectives. After careful analysis, the consensus is that the current work schedule while limited can meet our current needs.

This decision was based on several figures:

1.Future Staffing and Budgetary concerns

2.Staffing issues relating to Officer Safety, Availability for Vacation Time, Call Volume versus Pro-Active Policing and Weekend Rotation have been resolved.

3.Assurances from the Ranks of Patrol Officers, Sergeants and Lieutenants that Community and Departmental Goals for Crime Reduction will be met within the current work schedule.

We will review the progress of these objectives again at the end of March 2011.
*Note – unforeseen changes may require a review prior to this date.


Anonymous said...

"3.Assurances from the Ranks of Patrol Officers, Sergeants and Lieutenants that Community and Departmental Goals for Crime Reduction will be met within the current work schedule.

We will review the progress of these objectives again at the end of March 2011.
*Note – unforeseen changes may require a review prior to this date"

Yea right, in other words: if you start writing long copies again we will leave you alone. If not, well!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We shall see...personally I don't see why changing 4-3 was ever even seriously considered. "It's not working we have to change it." "We have to go to this new 12 hour plan to cover everything." "Oh no wait this is fine after all." How much time was wasted on all this? As for agreeing to reduce crime...yeah I'll get right on that when I don't have a day where I bring in 20-25 dispatched calls on my PATS.

Anonymous said...

There is hope at last.

Anonymous said...

Yea we got what we wanted once again, but will we stop our bitching? I don't think so!

Anonymous said...

I think this is a wise decision. DKPD is just having to deal with too much negativity about so many issues right now that all are familiar with and don't need to be rementioned here. This is not the kind of change with all of the other changes to which we have all been subjected need right now.

Today I heard reported by WSB that the brilliant idea for the DeKalb County BOC to offer early retirements has back-fired on them; there has been little to no savings yet DeKalb has lost a lot of experienced employees it depended on to operate at current levels. MY GOD!!! You think?! How can that be? They have hired back high-paying employees part-time at 50% of their previous salary AFTER paying lucrative early retirement incentives. EXACTLY! Here's your sign! Complete idiots!

Just an aside, my rant is not directed at those who took advantage of it. Hell, I probably would have taken advantage of it too from this current foolish BOC.

I hope so much that the BOC and Ellis will really, REALLY start taking our morale and concerns very seriously and especially not respond with further threats. We have officers walking out the door in alarming numbers and I hear of many more to come in the near future. DeKalb BOC, your police department is crashing like a computer and the lost data (experience) is going to make you all regret how you are handling the priority of DeKalb Public Safety.

It pains me to think that our department only has approximately 45%-55% staffing of officers based upon DeKalb County's population. Now add to that all of the outlying county populations that come into DeKalb daily further taxing our strained resources. Now add to that rapid attrition. I want to puke! More and more work load continues to be forced upon those of us who remain holding out hope or hanging on for a brighter future. Some of us to the tune of more than 10 years like me when this avalanche began to start. But, everyone has there breaking point. Any conceived thoughts that further demands can be placed upon personnel county-wide what the BOC has left just will not work, especially not for the police department.

BOC, it's time you really start taking this matter seriously. The time is near so we will see. You cannot expect to recruit qualified people with desirable police qualities unless you 1) start taking care of what you still have left so you don't lose us too, and 2) provide a pay and benefits package to attract those few qualified people with police qualities. Pay special attention to the order so as not to foul things up again by neglecting #1 to take care of #2!

BOC, you all dug yourself a big hole and you are going to need a longer rope now to get out. My, what a mess you have made of this place. But, for those of you who are not already soon to be on your way out the door you might still be able to change things for the better to save face. We will see. Or, then again, do you really care? I just don't known anymore but I like pleasant surprises.

AL (which by the way means Always Loyal...but to DeKalb remains to be seen).

Anonymous said...

I must say I would have really enjoyed to have weekends off sometimes, so I can spend it with my family. Instead, we will continue to go back 1 day every change over, which means you will have off Tue, Wed,& Thurs. The next time you will have a weekend off will be a year from now.

In the end, not only the BOC ARE clueless, so are the officers. For those who BITCH about every thing a BIG F U!!!!!!!!!!!! IF IT WORKS IN LAPD, IT COULD HAVE WORKED FOR US!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How do you expect the BOC to support you when you don't support each other. Everyone complains about everyone else. All cops are losing in Dekalb. If you don't have a take home car, you complain about those that do. Support each other or noone else will. It's not hard to see and I'm not even a cop.

Anonymous said...

It's about saving money, stupid.

Anonymous said...

Hey, LA's hiring and the money's pretty good. If you want to go work 12 hour shifts put in an application.

Anonymous said...

I think certain type signals need to be re-evaluated. 1) alarms-why are we still responding? 2) vin checks? These are a waste of units..why can't TAC or CVE handle the vin checks.. they need to make appt's and the unit will respond.Alarms.. who is billing these habitual false alarms? That relly needs to be visited!!!!

Anonymous said...

One advancement that would greatly help our staffing is to utilize part-time officers. Like most competent agencies that staff their weekends with these officers it allows full-time employees to maintain more weekend days as off days. The County could save A LOT of money not unlike the early retirement option by allowing higher salaried officers to take a promotional step if they agreed to become part time employees. The individual cost of self insuring would not cost much more than full-time employee contributions are now.
The bottom line is if you aren't innovative enough to problem solve on your own accord then you damn well better follow examples of agencies that prove themselves capable.

Anonymous said...

To Anon #9

Hey sounds like an idea! I would love to leave this department and state. Cali is nice. The only problem is the cost of living is really high.

Actually, Anon #9 is people like you that make this department goals short sighted. That is why this place is the way it is. As for this state, it is a backwards state when it comes to workers' rights and that will never change. Why? BECAUSE PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE RUNNING THIS PLACE!!!!!!! YOU FAIL TO ACCEPT ANY CHANGES!!!!