Friday, September 3, 2010

In Between Handing Out Hush Money And Giving Staff Pay Raises, Burrell Ellis Should Take Note

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed is showing signs of true leadership. Not only did he eliminate APD's furlough days, getting them back up to full pay, he is also seeking a pay raise for them.

Now the man gets in the trenches with sanitation to learn their job and concerns in hopes of improving work conditions.

It seems Burrell Ellis is doing the exact opposite. He and the leadership of Public Safety appear to be deliberately trying to make our work conditions worse.


Anonymous said...

What a shame this guy didn't run for CEO in DeKalb, we would be so much better off with leadership like this. Ellis take note, man up and act like you give a sh#t! It won't be long before your tower of bullsh#t comes crashing down on you.

Anonymous said...

In light of the long holiday weekend, the CEO has authorized administrative personnel who are under the supervision of the Chief Executive Officer, to begin their leave at 3:00 P.M. today subject to the approval of their supervisor or department head. Please have a safe and enjoyable weekend and holiday.


Burke Brennan

Interim Chief Communications Officer

404-371-6305 office

678-201-7209 cell

This mean I can log off and go home early??? No I didn't think so. The madness continues!

Anonymous said...

I agree. So far I have been impressed with Kasim Reed's leadership and I hope he keeps up the good work he has been doing so far. Perhaps once he reaches his term limit we could lobby him to come here and fix up DeKalb County. That is if it is not too late and there still is a DeKalb County that can be fixed.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight. In reference to Anonymous #2's memo from the new COO... The same people that recieved a 30% pay raise now get to leave work early with full pay and get paid for their holiday?
I had to remember to account for my 20% paycut into the next paycheck's budget.

Brilliant leadership Ellis.

Anonymous said...

New APD Chief seems on the money as well. He is well respected amongst their ranks and proposed modern equipment for them during his very first news conference. So glad they are getting things turned around for them after suffering so many years.