Thursday, September 9, 2010

Recorders Court In Complete Disaray

Recorders Court scheduling has collapsed.

Officers are now being told not to appear in court on pre-scheduled court dates, they will be told in roll call when to attend Recorders Court.

Unbelievable! This is what happens when you try to work around everyone's schedule but the police officer's.

It is reported Recorders Court has surpassed it's allotted budget to pay officers overtime. 

Has anyone thought of night court? Now that would be an original idea!


Anonymous said...

I have to attend court on my off day, and that's because the Judge cannot figure out that we have assign days.

Anonymous said...

Truth be told, this isn't really news, recorders' court has been a complete wreck for some time. It doesn't even seem to matter when we set our dates for; we show up on our assigned days, have no cases, and then get subpoenas for two year old seatbelt citations a week later. Given the circumstances, why do we even bother with setting dates if we're just going to be subpoenaed anyway?
This has become especially problematic with the new schedules and time slots...some officers have had cases all three times in one does that work? Furthermore, with no more overtime for court or anything else, this automatically puts morning watch officers in a horrible spot.
Could you imagine getting off shift at 8, being at court at 9 to hear that you have no cases, going home and sleeping, then getting a call at 2 saying you need to be in court?
A good department will only be as strong as its supporting branches. As of late, it seems as though there is less support as these entities fold in on themselves: recorders' court, the Decatur complex, the civilian employee branches at W Exchange, and wtf is happening to crime scene these days? I had a 42 the other day where several firearms and over $10,000 worth of stuff was taken and when I asked a general detective if I should contact them he replied "Don't bother, they don't respond to any 42s anymore due to budget constraints."
I have to say it's hard to want to give up on something you've worked really hard for, but for all the several years I've been here, it's been nothing but a continuous downhill slide. How are we supposed to do our jobs if our supporting branches can't or won't do theirs? It gets harder to stay in Dekalb by the day.

Eating Crow said...

As your survey ask, 'I'd rather eat a bullet".
This place sucks, and im hearing alot of rookies officers talking about leaving thanks to the 12 hour shift crap.
Look if North Precinct is the only one that is short manpower, then disban some ICP guys and send them.
Work on retention and morale, then more officers will stay and come here, to make up the shortfall.
It's simple really.

Anonymous said...

The supervisors have no idea what to do in regards to sending officers to Recorders Court. It is a disaster. It is not that the sergeants are not trying to do their part. It is just beyond their control.

The poll that is being taken on morale may be the most telling and important poll on this blog in the last year. It is the single most important issue facing this department.

Lord knows we have a ton of problems but I will not fail to point out something positive when I wee it. The blood drive held at 34 this week was a good thing. It was held in honor of Stepnowski and a lot of the SWAT guys were there. So many people showed up (mostly police officers) they had to turn many away. Chief O’Brien was seen donating blood and some of the Assistant Chiefs showed up as well. Maybe not the biggest deal in the world but I was impressed that the chiefs showed up.

Anonymous said...

I would really like to see the day that the Chief of Police runs the department. Not the CEO, Not the Judges in charge of Recorders Court, Not the Winn Way employee's that tell us we can't enter the building with guns on, and sure as hell not the jail nurse...Oh you got to take him/her to Grady...They have a pimple on their ass...WE ARE THE LAUGHING STOCK OF AMERICAN JUSTICE...WE STOPPED BEING COPS SO MANY YEARS AGO, I CAN'T EVEN REMEMBER...TAKE ALL OUR GUNS ALL OUR CARS AND GIVE US PHONES...WE WILL TAKE THE REPORT FROM OUR OFFICE....OH YEA DON'T NEED MY TASER EITHER...

Anonymous said...


I've lost heart.....I think many have lost heart. The fire is gone. I don't believe for a moment that DKPD can or will ever be the department it was or can be.

The command staff doesn't have it in them....The CEO certainly doesn't have it in him.

We've been reduced to gun carrying clock a corrupt little organization....

Striving for more is a lost cause.

Punch the clock and focus on retirement. If you're young enough... get the experience and go federal.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so now we have to disarm while in uniform to go into Winn Way for mandatory drug/alcohol screens. That is straight up bullshit. DID YOU HEAR WHAT I SAID COMMAND STAFF, THAT IS STRAIGHT UP BULLSHIT!!! What if that location were to experience an active shooter situation. Are we supposed to depend on the unarmed security people at either door to protect us?

Well, negative, I WILL NOT disarm if I am in any uniform that identifies me as POLICE. I will enter if I am required to be there and if anyone lays a hand on me I will arrest them.

How fucking rediculous! Those Winn Way people just are really wanting to flex their muscles I guess.

Anonymous said...

I think it's bullshit that we have to disarm at the courthouse. Didn't Brian Nichols teach us anything? Why not have as many armed law enforcement officers in the building as possible? Why is our S.O. so special? I have news for you, they aren't! Their standards to qualify aren't as high as ours. How often do you think they even pull their guns out of their holsters? We're having to pull our guns on a regular basis in uniform on signal 3's with 95's, felony stops, and dozens of other shit! Why are we forced to disarm and leave our safety in the hands of glorified security guards?

Anonymous said...

Some of the ones who post need to read what they post. They also need to know what they are talking about. I think its was the Crisis Center that has the problem with guns. When you go for your chosen screening detail, they let you come and leave armed.

Anonymous said...

When you go for your drug screening they have no issues with your firearm. It's at the Crisis Center that has issues with armed officers coming in. That's why I just drive the 22's to the front door and let them walk in on their own.
If I have to 1013 someone I just take them straight to Grady.

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected. Thanks for clearing that up. Yep, your right about the Crisis Center. Forgot about it being across the street. And yes, their policy is stupid too. Grady doesn't make us disarm so why do those goodie-two-shoes think they are entitled to.

Anonymous said...

Dekalb is so pathetic that recorders court is prosecuting a farmer for growing to many crops come on why are we worried about him for trying to survive the recession when code enforcement should be going after abandoned houses and other issues causing crime code enforcement get off ur but and do something to help instead of driving around I know I seen lazy code enforcement....and I know I work dkpd