Monday, September 20, 2010

Traffic Accidents Down 8.5%

Are traffic citations a deterrent to bad driving habits, or a cash cow for the county commissioners?

During the month of August, and during our ticket slow down, traffic accidents were down 8.5% from the same month last year.

Looks like writing warnings has a better effect on driver behavior than citations.

Maybe the next time the department wants have some sort of citation issuing blitz on the unsuspecting public, the powers at be can come up with some catchy phrase like "Tax Man Cometh!"

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Anonymous said...

It looks like we actually are serving the citizens in the best way possible. Not only by reducing injuries and saving lives but not taking food off the table during these hard economic times. The commissioners continue to spend and the CEO continues to pay people to be quiet. Looks to me like this ticket furlough is the best option for everyone. Until the real criminals in this county are indicted lets keep doing what we got to do. Keep educating the community groups and the citizens of what is going on within their county govt.