Wednesday, October 20, 2010

5th Annual "Step Up Foundation" Golf Tournament Cancelled Because of Low Turn Out

Sadly, we report the 5th annual "Step Up Foundation" golf tournament honoring the memory of slain Detective Dennis Stepnowski has been canceled because of low turn out.

This is another example of the effects of the furlough days. This golf tournament has been funded mainly by police officers. Because of our reduction in pay, we have to make hard financial choices.

Truly a very sad day.


Anonymous said...

It is sad, but unfortunately the state of our economy. It's hard for people to spend anything extra with the furlough days and 10% reduction for the past holidays. The golf tournament is being rescheduled for spring so hopefully time will give people the opportunity to participate. Look for a date in the spring.

Anonymous said...

It's hard. I was looking forward on attending it this year. Have been practicing my approach all season.

17 days next year. How many other evants will be suspended.

What kills me is I heard our super Major over there at East Precenct forces Day watch to write long copies! Those poor guys have to answer calls while writing long copies! Major: "ugh, so what your we're short man power and there's only 9 of you guys manning the watch.

I guess he's tiered of attending compstat meetings and no longer shine brighter then his counter partners. So if your wondering why East stats citation stats are always higher. Its because "if you don't write three, come see me" is the model. GREAT JOB CAPTAIN MAJOR STATHIS! We'll wait until one of those officers gets hurt because his closes territory partner was on a traffic stop.

I wonder if those guys even know that Captain Major can not force you to generate founds for the county and that short copy warnings also count as a stat!

Anonymous said...

SAD!!!!!! Thanks again CEO and BOC for making everyone have to put aside important parts of life to fatten your pockets.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Step. Our frustration has caused us to stray off the big picture. Seems like every topic these days does the same thing.
I had a chance to serve beside that man and a great man he was. I don't know anyone who would of funded the tournament themselves.
We need to continue to band together and continue to make our point. bi*ching on a blog will not be enough! I spoke to my buddy over at East and they are being pressed to make officers write long copies. Supervisors do what they are told. Line officers need to stick together PERIOD!

Anonymous said...

To the blog master, delete all these officer comments on here complaining about their job and SHOW SOME RESPECT TO A FALLEN OFFICER.

RIP in peace STEP you are not forgotten.

A true Dekalb County Officer and Dedicated Officer

DeKalb Officers said...

Any comment off topic has been moved to "Open Comments, October 18, 2010.

Anonymous said...

I assure you Dennis would have supported the efforts of this blog. He had enough foresight to prevent then CEO Jones from attending his funeral.

Anonymous said...

I spoke with Kelly and as well as low turn out this year it also seems she could not get help from guys in the department to help put it on.. She said it is a lot for her to do alone and not get a response.. So she called it off.. Sad to think we didn't stand up to help.. Hopefully if she reschedules the turn out will be better.. Out of the 15 teams registered she said only 3 were from DeKalb.. She remainder were other agencies, friends and family.. Last year there were 25 teams... I don't blame her for calling it off...