Friday, October 22, 2010

How Many Furlough Days Would 4.4 Million Dollars Pay For?

Final tally for Vernon Jones' racial discrimination is 4.4. million of taxpayers dollars.

Just how many furloughs days would that pay for?

Naturally, our county attorney's acted in typical DeKalb County government style. The federal judge ruling described the attorney's actions as "employing a formidable arsenal of litigating tactics ... calculatingly and unnecessarily complicated the litigation of these claims." 

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Anonymous said...

If we all started feeling sick one day, they can call all the officers with TAKE HOME CARS to respond to work.

I love to have that perk. Hell I would take the 500 dollars a month car allowance like the staff of our great CEO-Ellis.

I really would like have the furlough days gone. But who are we, just tokens of a uncaring police and county administration.

Every day it keeps getting worse in this county.

Anonymous said...

The real question should be how can the county continue to employ Mr. Stogner? How does a person found guilty of racial discrimination keep his job in the first place then is rehired by this current administration?

Is this a joke?????

Anonymous said...

Because you white guys continue to sit back and take it.

Anonymous said...

F this place 5.9years is more than enough I'm out Ellis can sell this bull shit to another guy it's kiss my ass time

Anonymous said...

And this is a product of the new racism that our country has been fostering for the last thirty years or so. Sometimes I forget its' 2010 and not 1960. Whites are the ones on the shit end of the stick now while blacks are using positions of power to create a segregated environment of us vs them.
It's amazing that as far as we've come, humanity constantly finds a way to regress to almost primitive levels of thought.

Antwaun from Ellenwood said...

The residents of DeKalb should consider themselves very lucky. 4.4 mil is not that much in light of ALL the wrongdoings. Unfortunately, many of the errors from the Jones regime continue. This will not be the last lawsuit of its type. The lil Vernon lawsuits are just around the corner. Rest assured the new hire is providing quality commentary on how to remove or hide potential "evidence". Given the way things are being run, lil Vernon was actually pretty smart hiring Mr. Guilty.

B. Arnold from Lithonia said...

Riddle me this Batman. If the races had been reversed, that is Stogner guilty of discrimination against someone other than whitey, would he be ushered in to this new post without so much as a whisper of protest? Racial discrimination is what it is. The jury found him guilty. I cannot fathom why this is being tolerated. Commissioners Radar and Gannon should be ashamed. Rest assured their opponents will get my dollars next election.

Anonymous said...

I see many furlough days due to the millions the county waste every year.

Do you think Little Vernon follows what the BOC wants on the budget reform.

He thinks he God of DeKalb.


Its a one year membership for the jelly of the month club....

MW said...

"If we all started feeling sick one day, they can call all the officers with TAKE HOME CARS to respond to work."

This is why nothing will every happen because there are people around here that think just because you have a take home car that you are one of the good ole boys guess what detectives and special ops officers checks are short too because of the furloughs. instead of blaming everything on officrs that wanted to do something else besides uniform why don't we try to band together. If you don't want to do that then stop bitching because nothing will change

Anonymous said...

A couple of notes on the issue. I saw the story on Friday and less than 12 hours later the story has been deleted from the DeKalb news section. You can still link directly to the story, but for all intent and purposes the public can no longer view the story on the AJC website. This is decidedly strange. Why has the AJC buried this story? This is news that DeKalb citizens have a right to know about. Are the editors at the AJC in collusion with DeKalb government to bury this story of DeKalb's institutionalized racism against white employees in DeKalb government?

Second, what has DeKalb government done to correct the issue? If this had been a sexual harassment case, or a case of racial discrimination against blacks you can bet your ass that employees would be attending stupid but politically correct seminars on the subject. Policy changes would be made to hire more of the oppressed minorities involved.

Instead CEO Burrel Ellis rehires federally convicted Richard Stognar as the county's highest ranking employee.

admittedly Stognar is a an excellent administrator. Under Stognar DeKalb employee salaries deteriorated whilst the CEO and BOC received whopping 50 and 100 percent raises respectively.

Thanks a lot, Dick(head). You really know how to look after your mates and fellow employees, which is part of your fracken' job description.

The DeKalb CEO and BOC have somehow managed to totally insulate and isolate themselves from rank 'n file county employees. They give their employees nice raises and the CEO's staff receive a 500 dollar a month transportation allowance while my mates that are on-call half of a month cannot even get gas money when they are called in, much less receive extra pay for their virtual electronic slavery.

Let us move on to CEO Burrel Ellis's other new hire, Burke Brennon. Burke was Vernon Jone's spokes-person. Under the Jones administration, Burke proved himself as a outstanding liar, even better than Dick Stognar.

When Vernon Jones could not be found after the untimely suicide of the county attorney, Burke was covering Jone's ass. After several days we discovered Vernon Jones at the Athen Olympics. Burke nor Jones has provided any evidence that Vernon was doing anything except getting laid at civic expense.

Burke, Ellis, Stognar , the perfect triage of corruption within Dekalb government.

And this does not even cover the BOC's involvement.

DeKalb government rulers at every turn screw their citizens and employees for political gain.

DeKalb employees are virtual slaves to tyrants who's only goal is to secure more political power.

Truly sux, mates!

Anonymous said...

When you think thing's cannot get any worst, guess what it's starting again.

Well on the brighter side the DeKalb School Board get Federal Money to replace their furlough days. I forgot raises too.

Life is good but it also SUCKS.

The school system is the problem, that why this county has no money.

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of what is said here and I firmly believe the police department is being abused and I have complained to BOC and others about it, but I strongly resent the comment that the school system is the cause of the problems. The teachers and students have been short changed for a long time. I have volunteered in the schools for over five years and seen it first hand. Yes changes have to be made - both in public safety and in the schools.

Anonymous said...

There is too much corruption.

Does Jacobs JJG still sign Jeff Rader's paycheck? He's abstaining more and more as the number of their DeKalb contracts increase since he's been on the board. Jacobs JJG is a subcontractor to Parsons on the Snapfinger and Pole Bridge wastewater treatment plant design expansions. Is the design of the Snapfinger plant really finished or will Parsons and Jacobs JJG get a big fat change order?

Another subcontractor to Parsons is "their major LSBE sub", EGM (yea, Vernon's buddy Art Queen). EGM could not even spell engineering and EGM was not licensed to perform engineering in the state for two years while collecting paychecks. Even now, thier license has lasped. Parsons and EGM made all of the LSBE firms become a sub to EGM, third tier.

These subs include The Collaborative Firm, as in convict Michael Hightower. This firm is still not licensed in the state to perform engineering services, but this does not matter in DeKalb County.

Two Dept of Watershed Management Deputy Directors were fired last month for corruption. Silence is golden.

But yet, our water/sewer cost doubles, a business tax rate is proposed and property taxes are very likely to go up next year.

Our tax dollars down the drain.