Sunday, October 24, 2010

DeKalb School Board Ends Furloughs

The school board has ended teacher furloughs with an 14.6 million grant from the feds. They also get a choice of a retirement fund contribution or a lump sum of money.

On the other hand, the county commissioners borrow 39 million dollars from the feds and the best they can do is update the sewer of Stonecrest and build new police precincts. The rumor of 17 furlough days for us in 2011 has not been denied by our wonderful public safety director Wiz Miller, nor any of the commissioners.

Maybe the new precincts will have dorms where we can house our families, because we are likely to become homeless.

Who loves you baby!


Anonymous said...

I've said it before and I'll keep saying it until things change. Our children and their education are indeed very very important. But IMO, nothing can happen that is good and productive without law enforcement. Without the foundation of good public safety, everything else falls apart. Seeing the discontent among you hurts my heart and soul a lot, and I would give anything for a magic wand to change your circumstances. As it is, all I can do is spread the word about how you're being crapped on, and how our county government - aka elected officials - are treating you. Any one of them who doesn't take a decisive move to improve your conditions DESERVES to be voted OUT. I commit to and promise you that I will do everything I can to help your cause - you really do have more support than you know.
Who loves ya baby??? ME
Be safe, and don't give up.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ellis and the rest of your BOC croanies,


Glad to hear that the teachers won't be furloughed! The police are the ones who deal with these thugs when they are skipping school yet I'm glad the teachers are getting paid.

65% of the students in Dekalb will NOT graduate,15% will pass because of cheating on required tests. But hey congratulations to the 20% who will pass on their own merit.

A Dekalb police officer

Anonymous said...

Must be nice..maybe SRO is hiring since I heard Sheriff Brown FINALLY stopped hiring away PD officers. Oh well, can't say I blame anyone for leaving at this point. I am very curious about Wiz Miller, I must admit..seems to me that he hasn't done one thing for PD or Fire since he took that spot. So, what is he doing then? He is always in the background at all the press conferences, but that's it. Makes you sure sucks that I have to break my back working part time jobs JUST to make ends meet because of furloughs..not to save any money..but to pay the light someone, anyone...the ship is sinking...

Anonymous said...

I wonder when this will stop? The county is trying to survive on the paychecks of its employees. They still continue to spend the money like they have a vast reserve.

I heard they gave 500 thousand to Sugar Creek Golf Course, from an interest bearing account.

I wonder why they don't have an interest bearing account for everything?

Then look who been in charge........Big Vernon and now Lil Vernon.

Anonymous said...

This county has wasted so much money the last eight years from zealous spending on anything that meets someone whims.

AllMyLife said...

$39 million dollars of Feds grant money would be great to use to take away the furlough days, purchase new police equipment, and new computers & software. So why is the CEO & BOC are holding on to it like it belongs to them?

Anonymous said...

First, the school police laid off sworn officers due to budget cuts.

Second, the stimulus funds the county received, different from what the school system received, could only be used for infrastructure, not salaries.

It could be worse. Columbus, OH and Oakland, CA both laid off nearly 25% of their departments.

Anonymous said...

So sick of people saying "it could be worse", "just be glad you have a gob" when the elitist look down their noses at us while stealing the treasures of the taxpayers.

Screw you Anon 1:46

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:30,

The point he was trying to make is the school stimulus is completely different from the bond money the county is using. People seem to have a hard time crasping that basic concept. Also the school stimulus hasn't solved any of the school's budgetary problems it only prolonged it for one more year.

As for the "it could be worse" statement. Yep I'm tired of hearing it to but it's also very true. The economy is a long way from recovery and believe it or not there are alot of places worse off then we are. The defecit is what, 15 trillion dollars or so, but everyone pretends it doesn't exist. The state of California is one missed payment away from being forclosed on!!

Naturally there are better places but just about every facet of local and state government is either raises taxes, cutting jobs, or reducing pay. Sad part is, is that EVERY politician is elected by the people. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Tell me this.... where is our voice?? Where is the unity?? Why don't we have a union which can help us against corrupt government?
I hate unions as much as the next guy, but those unions are attached to private industry, i.e. auto industry. We need a powerful, unified voice and structure for all law enforcement in the south. A union to protect us from out of control government control. A union that acts in the citizens best interest and the ones that serve those citizens best interest.

Tell me this....How do furloughs and the backlash of a ticket shutdown help the very ones we serve? The decisions need to be based on what is best for the people of DeKalb County, not based on politics and who "they" think needs the money the most.