Monday, October 4, 2010

Two Running For District Attorney Seat

Only two lawyers will vie for the DeKalb district attorney position vacated by Gwen Keyes Fleming on Sept. 4.

When qualifying ended on Sept. 10, DeKalb Solicitor-General Robert James and Decatur attorney Constance Pinson Heard had qualified for the Nov. 2 Special Election.

James, who was completing his first four-year term as solicitor-general and was running unopposed for re-election in November, resigned the office on Sept. 7 to run for district attorney.

Heard, a 63-year-old family and criminal law attorney, did not return telephone calls by press time Thursday. A 1968 Spelman graduate who has been in practice since 1997, she is not well-known among DeKalb lawyers and many people said this week that they know little about her.

The victor in the special election will complete the three-and-a-half years left on Keyes Fleming’s term before running for re-election for a full four-year term.

Keyes Fleming, who was DeKalb DA for five and a half years, left to become the Region 4 administrator for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. She was picked by President Barack Obama for the position.

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Anonymous said...

Good riddance to Gwen. James seems well qualified - and he'll probably win. Let's just hope he has the balls to take a stand against criminals.

Anonymous said...

Look who pick Gwen and now we know why she is history. Then we are bless she is gone, thanks to the President. This could mean votes for him.

Anonymous said...

What did this DA do for DeKalb County.
This was a token vote because she was the majority for the county.

Remember Clayton County woke up and realize who was in office.
They voted someone in that could do the job.

Anonymous said...

DeKalb and Crime go hand in hand , this is our destiny.

Anonymous said...

Whatever ever happen to Law and Order?

Anonymous said...

James seems lazy and very self-interested, but considering the opposition I guess he is the only choice. Damn DeKalb voters... this place is going to go down the tubes!