Thursday, December 30, 2010

Retried Police Sergeant Charlie Kessler Dies

Retired police sergeant Charlie Kessler passed away today.

More details will be posted as they become available.

Go in peace brother.


Marsha Fuller said...

RIP Brother Kessler.
Your Sister from DeKalb Police Alumni...

Anonymous said...

First of all he was a lieutenant when he retired…But I will always remember him as Sarg. He was/is DKPD, a great COP and an even better man. Saw him cuss out a captain once when the captain showed more concern over a unit than the officer that was in it and yes I was that officer. I will never forget that. To the family thanks for letting us have him for so long and my prays go with you. To Sarg I will see again one day. Thanks for everything.

Anonymous said...

Charlie Kessler was one of the originals on what made this department so great. He started in the 60's and retired in the 90's. I have heard some stories on these special guys who were policing in the 60's and 70's. They earn my respect.

Joyce Ledbetter said...

What a way to end this year, so many losses of the good guys. Prayers go out to Charlie Kessler's family. He and John were at DKPD at the same time. The stories of all those good guys will go on, and they will make us smile.

Deborah said...

May Charlie K, Charlie Nelson and Zade Harper all rest in peace. They will be greatly missed.
Widow of R. K. Hawkins DKPD
(EOW 2-7-1980)
Deborah Page