Saturday, January 1, 2011


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!.....Just went 10-42 for the night. Not sure what 2011 has in store for us, but I know it includes a lot less in my pocket....

We can count on a static salary, a doubled pension deduction and an increase in the cost of of health care benefits that only covered us in carstrophic circumstances, I'm paying more for less and paying for almost everything out of pocket.

Wonder how many more good officers will be headed out the door.

Anonymous said...

Let's start off the New Years different than all of 2010, NEGATIVE. Let's speak increase and support our Chief who is trying to do his best...everybody know the amount of money we will lose this want change unless pro police commissioners not even that commissioners who are about doing what's right is voted into office. So, we might as well stop dwelling on da negative and just pray that the God above change things for the better..We are the cream of the crop, second to none and I believe things will change for the better sooner than later. Job well done my fellow Comrads...we will not give up that's not what we are made of...

Anonymous said...

Let's be safe out there!!!!

Ohio Standoff Leads to a Sheriff's Deputy's Death
Published January 01, 2011 | Associated Press

A sheriff's deputy investigating a report of gunfire at a trailer park was shot dead Saturday, and the shooting suspect was killed after a gun battle with police, authorities said. A police officer was wounded.
Deputy Suzanne Hopper, who was married last year and had two children, was shot as she tried to photograph a footprint in the Enon Beach mobile-home park, Clark County Sheriff Gene Kelly said.
"Our deputy never had the opportunity to return fire or take cover," he said at a press conference.
Police officers were trying to retrieve Hopper's body when the shooting suspect fired on them from inside a trailer, and a German Township officer was wounded in a large exchange of gunfire, Kelly said. There were "many, many, many" shots fired by the suspect and police, he said.
Enon Beach resident Angelina Inman said she looked out of her trailer at the park, which sits near a highway about 50 miles west of Columbus, to see the deputy lying on the ground. She watched as another officer tried to reach her body.
"He was itching to get her," Inman said. "He kept radioing in, can he please get her, and he was told no because it wasn't secure. You could see that male sheriff crying -- he wanted to get her, he wanted to get her bad."
Kelly, who has been sheriff for 24 years, said he had hired Hopper and had known her since the police academy.
"This," he said, "is the worst day of my entire law enforcement career."
Enon Beach sits near Interstate 70 and acts as a seasonal campground with some summer-only residents and others who live there year-round. A portion of the highway was closed twice for a total of about an hour because the trailer park is so close to the roadway, Ohio State Highway Patrol Lt. Gary Lewis said.
A girl who lives in the trailer park said she knew the shooting suspect and he had a temper.
"He was a quiet person, but if you made him mad -- he wasn't very pleasant," 15-year-old Chelsea Bagley said.
Her mother's boyfriend, John Burkhardt, said he heard the shots fired in the neighborhood. Police then arrived, Burkhardt said, and for several minutes authorities asked the suspect over a loud speaker to come out and surrender.
"They give him 25 chances to walk out of there," Burkhardt said. "They were begging him to come out, but he wouldn't come out."
Shortly after, Burkhardt said, authorities opened fire on the man's trailer.
"All hell broke loose," he said.
Authorities were still investigating Saturday night and weren't ready to say whether police gunfire killed the suspect, whose identity wasn't released, Kelly said. It's possible the suspect killed himself, he said.
Hopper, 40, was known for her dedication to the job and adherence to keeping herself safe, Kelly said. The 12-year veteran and former officer of the year was wearing a protective vest Saturday but it didn't shield her from the gunfire that killed her, he said.
Hopper once went six straight years without calling in sick and often put on charity events for the Special Olympics and other causes, Kelly said.
"Her personnel file is filled with accolades and commendations and always service before self," he said.

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Anonymous said...

Lets all hope that 2011 will be a better year for all from a salary and benefits standpoint. Lets also hope that the major bickering with the BOC will come to end and quit miligning the officers of public safety. Now, lets get together and resolve that major dispute of pay and benies.

I am not sure when elections come up for the BOC, but taxpayers in this county are tired of the bullcrap that the BOC is constantly handing out to those that pay their salaries. What we all need is a new group who can discipher the difference from right and wrong, save and spend, and quit spending funds on things that will flop or dry up before getting off the ground. We as taxpayers, do not need commissioneers who write bad checks, double dip on two governments at the same time, make sure that our friends get high dollar contracts, or go on extended business trips for pleasure at county expense. We also do not need a CEO, whose agenda is more important to himself than the people who also pay his salary.

The most important item that we strongly need is not to lose any more officers killed in the line of duty. Our officers are the most important part of PUBLIC SAFETY and nothing else.....HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL !!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes a New Year... Let the fun begin... Remember the amount of your mid Dec check,then look at your mid Jan 2011 check. You'll see how much less you are bringing home....Hey Radar,,, You are an ass,,, less take home pay is whats important. Even though you think we are too stupid to understand that we did not get a pay decrease......When your net pay is less then you were getting the week before, that is a pay decrease........ I wish I could say what I really want to say to you, call you what I really want to call you or do what I really want to do too you ,,, But if I do the BLOG POSTMASTER might not post this message as he has refused to post others that i wrote..... What Im real sorry about is for the several officers that have already given up thier lives in the few days that have pass in 2011......God be with those officers......"M outta here ASAP"

Anonymous said...

Happy new years, mates!
I could talk about the doom and gloom of DeKalb government but y'all know the facts better than I.

I have one question, after six months departed from county government, why have I not received a termination interview?

If I was to be interviewed I would call them as I see 'em. My director is an incompetent dick that could not even run my tiny little section. My assistant director is administratively competent but doesn't know the technology.

In my last years with DeKalb government I found the less my bosses knew of my activity, the better chance I had in accomplishing my job.

No good deed goes unpunished in DeKalb government.

All of us have seen it, no
one will admit it.

Why are DeKalb rulers so scared of the retirees opinions

Anonymous said...

Radar is an idiot. He's trying to convince us that our increased contribution to our pension is not a pay reduction, since it's money we'll get back eventually. Sorry, not true!! Your pension is based on your salary the last few years you worked her. Your pension is still going to be exactly the same when you retire. The only difference is, it is going to cost you twice as much until you retire to collect it. You pay out is still the same. Your cost to get the pay out has doubled. By my math, that's a pay reduction. Radar, your math sucks and you've obviously a product of the DeKalb County School system! Screw you!

Anonymous said...

The pension increase is a fact of life, most of the increase is because of the new state law mandating local government pensions be fully funded. From my calculation the increase is only about 7 percent for the retirement incentive, the other 93 percent is because of the new law.
The DeKalb employee pension contribution has been ridiculously low for two decades, along with the counties 2/3 contribution.
The timing of the new law is poor for both the employee and the employer in the midst of recession.
Unfortunately both have been neglecting properly funding employee pensions for over a decade. The Georgia legislature took note and the new law mandates proper funding of the pension system. DeKalb was not the only local government underfunding its pension system. Almost every local government in the state was playing the same game as DeKalb with its pension fund.
Employment with DeKalb government does offer some rewards to the employees such as the old pension system and fairly stable employment.
On the negative side our pay is 10 percent lower than surrounding governments. The DeKalb government rulers relationship with employees is atrocious. They don't understand our jobs, what we do or what the market value of our salaries is worth. Directors and managers make fairly good money. Political staff makes top dollar. Professional, technical and supervisors are screwed from the word go, from the Price/Waterhouse salary study in '97 till today, the county has actively sought to reduce the pay of the professional employee. The neglected GSU study reported that while DeKalb government employment was 10 percent higher than comparable governments, overall employee costs were the same.
The obvious conclusion of the study is that DeKalb government is 10 percent overstaffed and underpaid 10 percent. I don't know about you, I am a very self-centered individual, but I would rather receive 10 percent more pay and cut out the extraneous 10 percent of excess employees.
Layoffs are coming, From my experience with DeKalb government it will not be the excess or extraneous employees. The county rulers understand that eliminating important positions will adversely effect county services and can then justify raising taxes to the citizens. That's how the game is played in DeKalb government.
Kinda sux, mates!

Anonymous said...

Rader for A.H.O.T.Y. for 2011. You guys are smarter than he gives you credit for. I'm sure you can figure out what the letters stand for.

Anonymous said...

I guess the new year will bring in the push for tickets to increase revenue for the General Fund. I hope this county does not depend on tickets to generate money to survive. I remember that was what Vernon Jones needed every year to have more spending money.