Wednesday, January 5, 2011

DeKalb Officers Speak Support Joseph Hardy For Pension Representative

Not only is Joe one of us, he has the qualifications. And here they are:

Georgia State (Finance Degree) (originally attended Georgia Tech but transferred to GA State because of a superior business program)
Work History (Financial):
1).Registered Representative (Stockbroker) with Paradigm Capital Management (Series 3 certified – commodity options and futures)

2).Registered Representative (Stockbroker) with Interstate Johnson Lane (bought out by Wachovia Securities) (Series 7 and 63 certified – Stocks, Bonds, options, etc.)- Managed personal investment accounts.- Assisted in setting up retirement accounts for individuals and businesses.

3). Registered Rep (Stockbroker) with E-trade Securities - Completed investment trades for customers (retirement accounts and trading accounts)
Work History (Public Safety):
Law Enforcement Since 09/10/2001(Patrol, S.R.T, I.C.P., CID)
Father of 3 and married to their stay at home mother.
A word from Joe:
It is my understanding that questions have been raised as to how the pension funds are invested. I have an extensive background in understanding various types of investment models. I have participated in the setting up and implementation of retirement accounts and trading accounts, and I understand the differences between the two. I would like to have a hand in the preservation of our current pension and the implementation of plans to invest those funds more wisely, so those who have given the blood, sweat, and tears can count on their retirement for a happy life after public service.


Anonymous said...

I also believe he was Officer of the year for South Precinct before being transferred to CID.

Anonymous said...

I have worked with and supervised Joe in the past. He is very modest, has impeccable morals, and he never made a single mistake in his report writing and decision making! He is an unbelievably exceptional officer!

Anonymous said...

Whats SRT?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a winning idea. Someone who actually is qualified and cares.

Anonymous said...

Finally a person with some scruples ! I'd like to get Hardy to see if we actually need all of the financial experts that we have now and if they are earning their fee's per the return we get. I just do not see why we have to have so many of them. I am happy to finally see one who seems qualified apply to represent us on the pension board. I don't know Hardy but I hope he will stand up to the pension board and the BOC. I hope we find someone who will represent to the retirees also and actually attend the meetings , especiously when stupidity like the money given to the county for the last early retirement comes up. Thanks for applying Hardy. Go get 'em.

Anonymous said...

Hardy looks real good on the latest post about the pension election. He should have elabortated on his application that was posted here too. He has my vote.I don't know Hardy. All I care about is if he can do the job and is willing to represent the employees against those who are out to do the pension no good.I hope all of the county employees see the value of having a rep that knows what he is talking about and is is willing to keep us advised. Somehow, get this important issue out to all county employees.
SAWB (smart ass white boy)

Anonymous said...

To Anon January 6, 2011 6:53 PM:

Hardy didn't go into a lot of detail about himself in his letter that was posted along with all of the other candidates' letters, but Anon January 6, 2011 5:39 AM hit the nail right on the head about Hardy. He's modest. Everyone who knows him will tell you the same thing. He's brilliant, an outstanding officer, has a great work ethic, and he's humble. Unlike most of the new hires here who think they are God's gift to the world and are more than willing to let you know how great they are, Hardy is the real deal and doesn't need to boast or brag. He's probably embarrassed by all the positive comments about him on here. Oh well, tough shit! You deserve it, Joe! And we need you!

Don't let his humble application scare you.

Anonymous said...

I've had the pleasure of working with Joe since he started working at Dekalb. He's smart, loyal, educated, and a great family man! Like the other comments said....very humble. He would be the last one to tell you that he also served on a S.W.A.T. team at another department and currently works in the Fraud Unit at our department. I know a lot about Joe and his personal life and I believe he would be an excellent choice to represent our interests on the pension board!

Anonymous said...

Citi Bank says "Institutional Investors Bullish on 2011".

Let's hope OUR pension people are of the same mindset instead of making multi million dollar loans or whatever it was to the county.

Our pension fund is for the well being of the employees that earned and contribute to the pension and not for welfare to the BOC.

Our pension board needs to know that we are aware and watching what they are doing and we will have people on the board who will represent the employees.

Swabbin' Jake Dagger said...

Any word if the poles are open today?

Anonymous said...

If the stock market has been doing so well since March of 2009, why is our pension in the dumps? Are we getting the right advice? Are they aggressive enough? And why do we have so many different advisors? Maybe the pension board need to have people on the board who are in tune with investing and steer the pension fund in the right direction.....on second thought strike the " maybe" and hell yea that's what needs to be done !

frank kojak smith said...

frank kojak smith knows and supports him...