Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Commissioners Renew Contract With Racist Morris Williams

The proven racist, Morris Williams will remain as chief of staff for the DeKalb County Commission according to the AJC. His salary will be $137,000. per year.

At a critical time when the budget is being discussed, when the commissioners need on our support, they continue to make bonehead moves, thinking we have forgotten.

With the re-signing of Morris Williams, they have laid it all on the table. The commissioners supported racist tactics then, and they support them now.


Anonymous said...

I remember the racist comments between him and Joe Stone. This is the one that was recorded on the answering machine of a county employee. They were talking about not promoting any white fire lieutenants because Vernon wanted to go recruit firemen from other cities to meet his agenda.

They still keep these people employed.

Anonymous said...

Does this really come as a surprise?

LoFlyer said...

Let's not forget the CEO's new chief of staff, Richard Stognar convicted of creating a "hostile work environment" under the direction of Vernon Jones. Just so everyone understands the situation. The two highest ranking unelected county officials have been convicted recently in federal court court of employee racism. Everyone of us saw the "hostile work environment" for white employees under Vernon Jones.
What is unbelievable is that the county has not only made no attempt to right the wrongs under the Jones administration. They have rehired three employees that actively participated in the crime.
Richard Stagnar, William Morris and Burke Brennon.
To date DeKalb government has made no effort to reign in the institutional racism of the Jones administration. This is unfracken-believable in this day and age of heightened responsibility and sensitivity to minority races, DeKalb rulers fail to comprehend that the minority race in DeKalb County, White Caucasians is actively and institutional discriminated by DeKalb Government. Lets not forget the Hispanics either. They get no breaks either and are underrepresented in the DeKalb employee demographics.
The only race overrepresented in DeKalb government are black African Americans. Walk through the jail and tell me how many white employees you observe. Zero. Do the same at the CEO's and BOC's offices. Tour the courts and tell me how many black judges have a white on their staff and also observe that every white judge has blacks on their staffs, From observing our elected officials it would appear that racism is no longer an issue with white officials. The same cannot be said of DeKalb black elected officials.
Federal court convicted the three top DeKalb officials of creating a hostile work environment for white employees last year. Normally when something like this occurs all employees are required to attend a racial sensitivity class, sometimes the top people in the scandal are fired. DeKalb government rehires them instead and there are no classes for racial discrimination against white or Hispanic employees.
Something stinks here, and as DeKalb continues its current course of racial discrimination against whites and Hispanic employees, something will eventually break the scandal.
To DeKalb government officials, you were given a federal warning last year that your employment policies are racist. You have done nothing to curtail your criminal activity. One of these days someone is going to sue and win big-time against the county.
The county is in poor shape financially. A 100 million dollar class action racism law suit is the last thing DeKalb needs. Get smart and end the employment racism against whites and Hispanics.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean we can sue the county again? I could sure use the money.

Anonymous said...

The thing is... if a white employee made the same type of comments about blacks he would have been fired on the spot. I hate this county. Looking for a better place to work.

Anonymous said...

Dekalb County Ga..institutional stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Remember when the brass had a problem prosecuting an officer who tried to knife the father of her baby/another officer...... then the county spent a bunch of money to have us attend "relationship classes"?....Suddenly their problem was OUR problem......hell, I know how and when to pursue a case against Domestic Violence.....the laws are pretty clear on what I am REQUIRED to do!

Like Loflyer said.....I have yet to see a similar response ato racial discrimination against white
and Hispanic employees.

Anonymous said...

Ok I know what the other two clowns did but not clear on what Mr. Burke Brennon? Just asking.

Burke Brennan said...

@ LoFlyer: What did I do?

LoFlyer said...

Burke, you were Vern's spokesperson, I attempted to engage you in discussion of Vernon's trip to the Athens Olympic years ago when Vernon could not be found for days after the suicide of the county attorney.

To this day no one has come up with a convincing story of Vern's activities during the time-frame.

I respect you as a professional but I do not trust you.

If you or DeKalb rulers would care to engage DeKalb employees in valid and responsible dialog then ask DeKalb IT to build a county blog with no spy-ware or mal-ware. Quiet frankly most employees lost trust with DeKalb rulers when Vernon Jones was elected. You worked for him.

Whenever you care to release the story of what Vernon was really doing at the Athens Olympics when DeKalb's chief attorney untimely committed suicide, and Vernon could not be found for days, you might gain some credibility.

Best regards, Ken Choate

Anonymous said...

I have attempted to post comments about your racism for months but the "blog master" won't post them. Why don't use your real name when you write your extremely too long posts. You are retired and don't have to worry about retaliation now. You attack the black leadership but forget the county has a white leader now that you don't attack like u attack blacks. I know I'm not the only officer who realize you are a racist.
This probably won't be posted but what's new about this blog. You are retired now go enjoy your life and stop acting as though you care now. You only care about insulting the black leadership. Sorry for the long post but it needed to be said.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:52,

I am so glad the blogmaster did let your comment through. He/she was probably doing you a favor. Your stupidity shines in your comment. I can only imagine the comments that were filtered.

LoFlyer said...

Anon 10:52. I do use my real name when I feel like it and I am not a racist. My email is I welcome your feedback.

If I was a racist I would of been canned years ago in the "hostile work environment" of the Vernon Jones admin.

in case you didn't notice, Vernon Jones, Richard Stognar and other ranking county officials were convicted in federal court of "creating a hostile work environment" for white employees.

The county has done zero to correct the situation.

Calling me racist will not alter the facts that DeKalb government is racially biased against white employees.

As I have said before, walk through the jail or the CEO's office and count how many white employees you observe.

I'll make it easy for you. Walk through Recorders court and tell me how many white employees you find. 200 employees and maybe two whites.

This is better than what it was five years ago.

If the pointing out the racial demographics of DeKalb government employees make me a racist in your eyes, then so be it.

FYI, I sent in a FOIA four months ago to factually ascertain the racial demographics of the county employees. I got a big laugh as the FOIA was bounced around to about every department that could not provide the information.

Why has DeKalb government refused to publish employee demographic information for the last 15 years?

20 years ago it was a serious issue. Now that I bring up the same subject you consider me racist.

Your logic doesn't work and the old white racism charge is defunct.

Yes I am retired, but I love DeKalb county. Is that a crime?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:52

You probably don't even know the definition for "racist" or "racism." It is not simply defined as something/someone you don't agree with. But, then again, that is the context "racist" is used in this day and age.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it always funny when white people accuse racism, the argument is reveresed on them and they are branded racists simply for bringing it up?
The concept of racism or discrimination is withholding opportunities from people of a different race, ethnicity, background, religion, etc. Why is it that whenever a racial debate comes up it is frought with downgraded logic and ridiculous double standards?
Yes Vernon Jones and staff were found guilty in court of creating a hostile working environment against white employees. There's no argument in that fact. Why is a white person branded as "racist" for acknowledging the fact?
The African American community can not go on forever pointing fingers and accusing of racism whenever they see fit while hiding from the fact that they can be just as guilty of it as anyone else. Last time I checked, the definition of racism did not say that racists could not come from any background. Only when people realize that there is blame to go around will we make any progress.
American history is often brought up in this debate and many African Americans will argue that historically more white politicians have been engaged in corruption and discrimintation, but reverting back to such practices ultimately damages everyone in the end.
Everyone open your eyes.

Burke Brennan said...

LoFlyer - I'll give you credit where it is due: You do sign your name and take credit for your words. I respect that.

It’s true I was hired in June of 2003 during the Vernon Jones administration. I am amused that it somehow impugns my entire career.

Yes, the former CEO did go to Athens for the 2004 Olympics, but I have no idea what his day to day activities were. I did not go, and neither did anyone else in his office. I do know that no tax dollars were used for that trip, however.

I saw that FOIA request. As you are aware, we are compelled to produce records at the requestor's expense if they exist. The thing about your request we don't have those reports, and governments are not compelled to compile or create things that don't exist.

I normally enjoy reading this blog, and your posts specifically, even the ones that call me out. They are usually much more good natured than this.

Its not going to do any good to refute every single false allegation I read here, but I will say this on the record: I am extremely disappointed in the attacks on Richard Stogner and Morris Williams. Richard is working for this county for zero pay. Morris was found to have had no culpability in the lawsuit you reference. The false attacks on their good character are a disservice to them and DeKalb County.

I'll go back to lurking now. Let the flaming continue...

Anonymous said...

I must say this blog should win an award for something and the blog master should be assigned right beside Shawn Hannity on Fox. Why either of the two gets any attention I dont know, but Burke when you responded although it was very intelligent and honorable, thats what the rhetoric filled blogger wants. Lets get to work on the real issues and let these few disgruntled nobodies shoot themselves in the mouth. Believe me I have been here 15 years and they will shoot themselves, because they definitely are not working and seeking the easy way out. They accuse O'Bama of being a socialist, they should look in the mirror and stop seeking welfare. Let them leave as they stated and go back to their holes in the rural towns they chose outside of DeKalb and collect.

LoFlyer said...

Burke, I appreciate your response. (especially after Sheila Edwards unprofessional activities)

However you did work for Vernon Jones and I watched you cover for him at every public mistake he made. Same with Richard Stognar.

William Morris I will give a break, I watched him at the Dunwoody tornado scene and just like everyone else he was doing his best to make things right.

If you really want to help DeKalb Government then create an open blog to allow DeKalb citizens and employees to have their say. Most of 'em are more intelligent than you or I, and know exactly what they are talking about.

DeKalb government has a big problem with employee relations. You can help fix the problem. You have my email address and my real name.

I welcome any discussion on the subject. Anytime, anyplace and anywhere.

I want to make DeKalb government a better place for its citizen's and employees.

I feel we can find common ground. But it will require a real commitment to telling the truth in every exchange. Please feel free to Email me.

So far you are batting zero. My reputation on this blog is based upon telling the truth. I am not always right but I give it my best shot. And I admit when I am dead wrong,

Your job is to spin news to make your bosses look successful.

In reality they appear as total idiots to DeKalb employees. Whenever DeKalb rulers care to engage DeKalb employees in meaningful discussion, we are ready.

Best regards, Ken Choate

Anonymous said...

We want Loflier on the pension board as soon as possible !!!! Get ready to run Loflier. You aint got a choice. Do it for us brother.:-)

Anonymous said...

Yea, what we need is smart people black or white or whatever who have smarts and gut's to stand up for whats right. I'd like to see the retiree pension rep resign rignt now so we can elect Choat.

Anonymous said...

Funny considering none of your Majors or Chief for that matter live in Dekalb. Perhaps this should be a new prerequisite for promotion or appointment, live what you preach.

Anonymous said...

To Burke: you stated that Stogner took the position without any pay. You make that sound like such a noble act. Is that suppose to excuse him for the discriminatory acts in which he was a participant and found guilty by a jury of his peers or would you prefer the citizens of DeKalb simply go along our merry way living in la la land believing that because he works under King Ellis that history will not repeat itself? If you personally believe that then you probably believe Jones was the best thing that ever happened to DeKalb Co. Please, if you are going to take up for Stogner offer up something better than he is working without any pay ... guess he turned down a take home car and free gas as well.

Anonymous said...

The only people that got screwed on affirmative action stuff from the 80's and forward were the grunt nobody white guys that never discriminated against anyone. The PD big wigs and their fair haired boot lickers just keep on truckin. So don't scoff when the same grunt nobody white guys bitch about reverse discrimination. We got screwed both times by both groups. That's just my damn humble opinion. The good ole boys and their tag alongs always rule, no matter what paint job they have.