Saturday, January 29, 2011

November 2010 Pension Board Meeting Minutes

Click here for pension board minutes


Anonymous said...

I thinkI would have my retirement papers signed and finalized before the "special feb meeting."

Anonymous said...

Hello Robbie,
thanks for the update but please include who attended the meeting. That is important because you missed six months of PB meetings when the pension incentive went down. I am constantly asked by this blog to run as the retiree representative.
I am unqualified for the position but if you do not show up for the meetings I cannot justify not running against you.
Personally I think being a member of the pension board is like winning the "boobie prize". No pay, lots of responsibilities, lots of bitching from employees and retirees, long boring meetings about financial matters that I totally detest.
When the minutes show up on the Risk management web page we will know who was and wasn't at the PB meeting.
I beg of you to attend the PB meetings. You are far more qualified than I, I have gone through the PB minutes and it is obvious that you contribute a lot when you attend. I don't want to be forced into running against you by my co-workers. If you don't attend the meetings I cannot justify not running against you.

Best regards, Ken Choate

Tito Whatshisface said...

Website huh, sounds like a good idea if it is up to date and accurate.

Anonymous said...

As one who has been critical of the pension board (and still ticked off about the millions given / loaned? to the BOC for the early retirement), I see progress in this pension board report. I like what I read. I like that I see some apparent oversight on the money managers. I hope it continues. I hope that we are able to elect Officer Hardy to the board as a representative and can elect others who are investment knowledgeable and will not just go with the flow. I can tell that the DeKalb Officers blog has had a positive effect in bringing positive change to our pension situation, which is so important to or future. Our pension is not a gift to us, we have contributed to it for our future. Employees for the most part have taken lower salaries for our reward of a decent pension at the end of our working time and we should continue to have oversight to be sure that the pension is running efficiently without giving welfare of sorts to the BOC or any other entity of the county, disguised as investments. This pension is for the well being of employees and nothing else. I hope that we will continue to be vigilant in the oversight of what is one of the most positive things about working for DeKalb County Georgia. The news is calling the uprising in Egypt, "the Face Book revolution". This blog is not Face Book but I really believe that the blog has, to a great degree and has the continued potential, to bring positive change to our situation. This Blog is really the first place that employees have been able to voice their views. Thanks DeKalb Officers.

Anonymous said...

Loflier, As far as Iam concerned, Robertson being a no show at the pension board meetings for SIX MONTHS is unforgivable, especiously during the $43 million dollar give away of money that would have been better invested in the stock market, as opposed to being used for early retirement incintives on the part of the BOC. Yea, we will give you $43 million dollars from the pension so you can dump all the extra burden of pension pay outs on the pension. That was a win win for who? Hell it was a double win for the BOC and a slap to the pension plus they screwed the early out up by slacking manpower in many departmnts of the county and then having to hire people back....and they are still getting the pension pay out...BS !! Robertson could show up at every forthcoming meeting and I would still not vote for him as the retiree representative. I and others still urge you to run. Thanks

Anonymous said...

The best way to protect a pension is not having anyone who is in high office with the county government have any connection with the pension whatsoever.

Therefore, that individual could not express a desire to have any dealings like loans, special dividends, or "take outs" from the pension. Only elected reps from the county employees should have complete control over that pension along with those employees who are invested in the pension.

The pension shall be invested only with high quality investments WHO ARE NOT FRIENDS or RELATIVES of anyone in high office of the county government.

The BOC shall not make any provisions to borrow or make any jesture of taking monies out of the pension for any reason whatsoever. The companies whom the pension is invested in shall be of ultra high quality with a very good history of very good investments.

The above is not too much to ask of anyone who oversees the pension.

Let the truth be told !!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:21 Very good thoughts !