Monday, January 31, 2011

Corruption of Dekalb County Continues

DeKalb judge Barbara Mobley quits amid probe of allegations that she and others improperly accessed the Georgia Crime Information Center, which includes criminal histories, arrests, fingerprints, driving records and other information.

Mobley was elected to State Court in 2005. State Bar of Georgia records show was admitted to practice law in 1985 and remains in good standing.

Last year, Mobley was under fire when a joint investigation between the AJC and Channel 2 Action News found that she had spent nearly $25,000 in taxpayers’ money traveling to conferences in Jamaica, Panama and the Virgin Islands over three years. The investigation found she spent 84 days in a three-year period -- 2007 to 2009 -- out of the office at training and conferences. This did not include sick and vacation time.

Mobley also was scrutinized in 2009 when she racked up more than $3,800 in cell phone charges in 2008. This included $220 in roaming fees for the 83 calls she made during the trip to the Virgin Islands.

Mobley can practice law if she wants but she plans to do international judicial consulting. Mobley made about $150,000 a year and will be able to receive a pension.

Just think, if she had been working for Burrell, she would also would have received a car allowance and separation pay.

As long as these public officials are allowed to get away with breaking the law and not prosecuted, this county is doomed.

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Anonymous said...

This is DeKalb at its finest. I feel it will only go further down as we
continue with the current politics.

Anonymous said...

Good ole public corruption at work.
Judge Mobley thought that being on the bench was not only a privledge that was only for those who stood for something, but also thought, that the power of being a judge, would exempt her from scrutinty.
Wrong !!! The best move she could have made was what she did....quit and leave fast.

Once again, the bench took an attack for some stupid reason from someone that was trusted. I honestly believe that anyone runs for public service should undergo a competency test first, and this would weed out those who don't need to be there.

Again, like everything else in this county, another crook joins the club.

Whats next ??

Anonymous said...

She gets a State pension, not a Dekalb Co pension ..rigt? Whats the scoop on this?

Anonymous said...

Just another example of an elected offical looting the county for all its worth. I have a sinking feling that when the criminal element is finally forced out of power in Dekalb (or when there is nothing left to steal) they will burn the whole place to the ground out of spite....."if we cant have it then neither can you"!

Just a thought from the "Shadow Thinker"

Anonymous said...

My guess is that someone who was over GCIC/NCIC at DeKalb has retired - and this person used to run interference for the higher-ups when they got caught doing "bad things." The lower ranks were either reprimanded or fired - upper ranks got a pass. The GBI is pretty good about auditing these sorts of entries - especially after NCIC got on them 10 or 15 years ago (NCIC threatened to disconnect GBI from the national database). Whatever was this judge thinking? Why on earth does she care about this stuff? The only reason I can think is she thought she could use the info politically. The public should be very wary of who they trust their very private info to....I don't think anyone thinks about this when they are voting. Anyway - obviously the powers-that-be don't think she should be trusted with an elected position.

Corrupt Myself said...

Were you idiots really surprised at this come on.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:32, i was thinking the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Good comments but I think Anon 9:29 is closest to the mark. About 15 years ago GCIC got serious about security and misuse and the word came down, abuse GCIC and you will be fired. From that point on if we had GCIC issues I let a GCIC operator run the tests and I only evaluated the results.
I was amazed at the Franks/Jones GCIC scandal for several reasons. First was the obvious corruption of Jones and Franks in their searches for dirt against reporters and political enemies. Second was the lack of follow up by Atlanta reporters.
If a politician of questionable reputation had just run a criminal history against me in clear violation GCIC regulations I would of kept hammering the bastards until I got justice. Instead it became a dead issue after about one week. Same with Vern's Executive hit team running counter-survey against the DA's office, Finding Vern secretly at the Athens Olympics after the untimely and questionable suicide of DeKalb's Chief Attorney and then the embarrassing rape charge against Vern.
Any one of these incidents should have alerted Atlanta reporters and citizens that CEO Jones had a serious problem with corruption and ethics. I lost my faith in Atlanta reporters and then DeKalb citizens when they reelected Vern.
If Jones and Franks had been properly investigated for GCIC misuse and had been fired or forced to resign as in Judge Mobley's case, a lot of damage to DeKalb government could of been avoided or minimized.
Whoever covered for Jones and Franks did no favors for DeKalb government or its citizens.
If Jones runs for CEO and is reelected by DeKalb citizens then I will give up on DeKalb County.

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that her law clerk sold her out to the Judicial Qualifying Commission. It is also my understanding that her departure was a result of her disloyal staff reporting her. If you believe someone is doing something unethical then you leave their employee and then report them. You don't look in their faces everyday and run tell on them.
It was wrong of Judge Mobley to use GCIC for personal reasons if the allegations are true. I've been lead to believe that it was the disclosure of personal correspondence from her to her law clerk that go her in trouble. Not just the GCIC mess.

Anonymous said...

I worked at DKPD for a crooked Lt. many years ago so I pimped him off to internal affairs and eventually He was forced to resign if not he was going to be prosecuted and it ranks right up there with one of the best actions I took as a police officer I helped rid our dept of a thief. To anon 331pm I saw my duty and did it as did her staff their loyalty should be to Dekalb Co not some judge or even a Lt.

Anonymous said...

@331 P.M. Im clear, in other words she's a piece of shit and a crook.....Using tax payers money for vac......makes me frecking sick................She belongs in jail.....

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:31 you need go get your headgear out of your tushy. "disloyal" staff? "sold her out?" good god man..the "staff" works for the people.. Judge MOBLEY worked at the behest of the PEOPLE.I think some Govt 101 is in order here..

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:31,

You're either Mobley or a family member. That is pretty obvious.

"Sold her out?"

If you're not doing anything wrong, there is nothing to be reported and nothing for you to worry about or to make you resign. You have a serious lack of common sense and no moral compass. Oh, and you're an idiot! If someone is doing wrong, your answer is to not report it, just quit working for them? Wow, no wonder this county is so screwed up and corrupt!

Anonymous said...

The commissioners really support Public Safety huh? Only Mr Jeff Rader shows up to the recruit graduation. He gave an excellent remark in support. Where is Lee May and the crew when we need support. Get ready people I feel furlough days and lay offs coming. Of course they won't face us for the next few months. Lee May is also the culprit who is tampering with our pension. He has never had a real job so he would not be eligible for any benefits. Kudos to Mr. Rader.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't someone look into Lee May and Eddie Long of the longfellows.? Isn't he Lee Mays primary supporter and contributor. If you can get 30,000 members to drink the kool aid. Lee may will win everytime. Some lets remove this trash from the house next election. Lee we want forget you come time to vote. We are circling the wagons now on you buddy. You are about to become unemployed. Oh, I forgot you can work at New Birth,