Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Vote Today!

Today is election day for pension board positions. Don't take the election lightly.

We support Joe Hardy of the police department. Joe is more than qualified.

Click here for Joe's qualifications.

Click here for times and locations.


Anonymous said...

Go Joe ! I hope the word on Joe get's to all county employees. He will be good for the pension and that is good for ALL employees.

Anonymous said...

Come on Joe
Its time to show

Go make it better for all of us
For we have have nothing left to fuss

Make the pension straight and narrow
This will be straight as an arrow

Teach the others how to work
And this become with no more quirks

So come on Joe, get approved
We all will be proud you made that move

Anonymous said...

I hope everyone voted, (after careful consideration of the candidates) I sent my ballot in a couple of weeks ago.

Best of luck, mates!

Anonymous said...

Low flier...what do you mean "sent it in". I didnt get anuthing in the mail about this at all?

Anonymous said...

LoFlyer don't know what the hell she is doing LOL there was no early voting Damn!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Pensions, it seems ATL is in some deep water with their Pension liabilities. Thought you might find this story interesting:

Atlanta Faces Plateful of Pension Reform Choices