Thursday, February 3, 2011

Absent Absentee Ballots

Have we been hoodwinked? The DeKalb County Board of Elections mailed absentee ballots for the pension board elections. One problem, the ballots were not included in the envelopes!

We have numerous complaints from retirees and current employees who did not receive an absentee ballot, including yours truly. This was in conjunction with employees being turned away at the polls because they didn't have a "certificate", even employees with valid state and county I.D. and in full uniform.

The DeKalb Board of Elections held the election. We can only imagine the outrage if any other election required a "certificate" before you are allowed to vote.

Why not require at tax?


Anonymous said...

I'd like to call for the Election Board to release the total numbers of Votes for each Candidate. Then I'd like it broken down by voters by department. That, my friends would be very interesting.

Anonymous said...

They just wanted their own cronnies elected. Scam, scam, scam....another reason to watch these stupid asses. Or are WE the stupid asses? I did not receive any pension vote info at all.

Anonymous said...

Are you kiddig? The don't have to tell you shit and they won't . If you don't like it, leave..Its the Dekalb answer to any challange.

Anonymous said...

What's that I smell? Is it a lawsuit??

Anyone who was denied their right to vote because of this stupid "Willy Wonka Golden Ticket" system could sue the pension board and easily win. There needs to be another election, a legitimate election, immediately. Who ever dropped the ball needs to admit they dropped the ball. Of course, they won't, and our pension will probably end up paying to fight the inevitable and justifiable lawsuit against this fraud of an election.

On another note, people shouldn't have to drive half way across the county to vote. We should all be able to vote right where we report to work. It's no surprise Thomas Brown won. His employees could walk to a voting location. How many of us in PD can say the same thing?

Anonymous said...

Lawsuit... the county's policy on lawsuits and "doing the right things "is that they have lawyers on staff and can out wait the litigant.

Right and wrong has no place in their lexicon.

(See Risk Management, the group who certified the election)

Screw the employee.

Anonymous said...

.Well one reason the retires did not receive a ballot is they were not voting at a representive. We were voting for active employees only. They get their chance in I believe 2 years.
As for the other reason can you say Jim Crowe? Look it up if not, this election was designed to elect the ones they wanted elected.

Anonymous said...

You guys should get your union to hire a lawyer and sue.

Anonymous said...

"Are you kiddig? The don't have to tell you shit and they won't . If you don't like it, leave..Its the Dekalb answer to any challange."

And this right here is the exact reason myself and many others are actively trying to leave.

Anonymous said...

The county may try to out litigate you but they haven't had a great success rate in recent legal challenges. Plus they really need a way to gain access to an account with additional funds for them to squander. Come on Sheriff Brown and do the right thing. Vote and make decisions as an employee and not as the establishment. This will at least show us a little.

Anonymous said...

Like everything else the county has done in past, it appears the voting screwups were nothing out of the ordinary. Various stupid reasons for various complaints.

Why does the actions of the county surprise anyone? What is so special about an election of pension board members? Cronies, crooks, idiots, or whatever you want to call them, it is still screwups.

Nothing is going to change or has changed over the years, and why would anything new start now?

Afterall, this is how things are done in Dekalb County Georgia.

I say no more for now !!!