Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Kind of Court Rulings We Love!

Feds settle case of woman fired over Facebook site.


Anonymous said...

This provides small protection to the Blog-master and the Anon's bitching about the poor quality of DeKalb rulers and government.
In reality most of you are bound to silence by your pension. Yes the pay sux unless you work for a politician, but that 82 percent pension after 30 years and retirement is mighty sweet.
The only reason I can freely give out my identity is I am retired and don't live in DeKalb County. I am not entirely without exposure. The CEO and BOC could suggest to my county Sheriff that I am a threat to them and request I be investigated, they could suggest to the IRS that my tax returns should be audited. There are all sorts of nasty things DeKalb rulers could do to frack up my life.
That's why I play life low-profile, hence my nic, LoFlyer.
However I do have some defense, such as not cheating on my tax returns, being honest and ethical in my interactions with my neighbors, commerce and government. Generally being a good citizen and staying out of trouble. Common sense stuff.
Most DeKalb politicians could not withstand the same scrutiny. Fair warning.

Best of luck mates!

stevie said...

i concur loFlyer !

Anonymous said...

New Topic

No ticket quotas?? Just ask East Precinct officers, who are currently being told that 3 tickets just isnt enough, they need to do more. East Officers have to have their PO sheets printed out, and attach them to a productivity sheet. Then the sergeant has to review their po sheet and decide if they should get a passing grade or not for that night. Some officers have asked "What is passing". Oh and yes there will be consequences for those who fail not to meet East Precincts citation quota. Your part time jobs will be taken away. That should work, take my part time job away because you feel that I didnt write enough tickets?? I dare the supervisor to put his name on that DOC, yes that is considered discipline and has to have a paper trail, and is subject to open records act. So listen sergeants is it really worth you put your name on something like that, which you know will end up on FOX 5, and not only in a merit review board (again open to the public) and then in Federal Court?? Stay Tuned.......

Anonymous said...

To Anon New Topic: sit tight... help is on the way! Just hope some of our East officers will be willing to talk to the right person(s)..confidentially if you so desire. Good luck officers....& keep up the good work. We really appreciate all that you do.

Anonymous said...

GOOD GRIEF... How long are they going to let these idiots slave drive East Precinct? Good supervisors have already left because of it. They are going to bring this dept down again, do something about it while you have time.

Anonymous said...

Careful what you say. Even though this is the land of the free, in real life, ain't nothing is free anymore. The various governments agencies in this country would charge for the air you breathe if they could, or are probably working on that as we speak.

We used to be allowed to speak our peace, but that too, is pretty much a thing of the past, especially if one is working for a government agency.

So tread lightly, do your job, don't make waves, and hopefully, the man upstairs will let you live a normal, happy life with as few hassles and problems as possible.

Anonymous said...

Ok most of these comments once again have nothing to do with the topic so here. This was a “Private Company” Not a government employer it was also a settlement not a court ruling. You say that has nothing to do with it. Well ya it does. Don’t beat up the messenger. I am just putting this out there. Officers have lost their jobs because of “Social Network” post. The reason is because of a couple of cases Connick V. Myers & Pickering v. Board of Education. It basically says that there is a two part test when it comes to the first amendment and government employees.
1) Is that employee speaking as a citizen? (Not an officer) If the answer is no. Go no further. If the answer is yes then go to the second part.
2) Was the employee speaking of a matter of public interest and does the public interest outweigh the employers (Departments).


Just some things to consider. Be safe out here.

Anonymous said...

No other precincts are like that, all the supervisors expect is that you do your job. Provide Public Safety!! Providing Public Safety is not about writing as many tickets as possible to show work productivity, there is a such thing as patrolling. Something that East Officers are not allowed to do. They dont patrol the neighborhoods, or look for the criminal element. 97 percent of an east officers job is to write tickets 2 percent is to do official business checks, 1 percent is to listen to supervisors complain that the officers dont do anything. What do the supervisors do? where are their PO sheets? How are they evaluated??

Why are all the officers putting in transfers to leave East, to go to other precincts but noone is asking to transfer to East?? Yes the grass is greener!

Anonymous said...

Invitation to the Media -

DeKalb County Police Department
East Precinct
2484 Bruce Street
Lithonia, GA. 30058

Roll Calls are at 6A 2P 10P

For the Asst. Chiefs and higher, we know you read this, obviously if command staff was to visit roll call, it would not be open forum, however im sure several officers would be more than happy to speak freely one on one. Whats the worst that can happen? A transfer to East Precinct?

Anonymous said...

Hey "New Topic" - why you want to dis. the Sergeants? They're stuck between a rock and a hard spot just like us. If you want to lay blame look just a little higher up the food chain. One crazy lieutenant who’s mantra seems to be “right them up”, and a captain who would stab his mother in the back if he thought it would get better stats.! If you want to be part of the solution how about pointing fingers in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

It would be insane for any idiot supervisor in your chain to tell you that you can't work a part time job during your off duty hours. We have to get permission if the job is in uniform and wearing a badge. But if not then the department has absolutely no say in what you do as long as it's not a crime. I would love to see someone get a written DOC ordering him or her to stop ALL part time work because they were not "productive" enough. That's the kind of thing lawyers drool over!

Anonymous said...

Actually, you do need to get permission to work any additional job off duty, even ones that are not police related, like "Wal-Mart Greeter."

Anonymous said...

Man, I agree the sergeants are in between a rock and a hard place, however if they feel that an order is not ethical or moral, or border line illegal, they can stand up for whats right, instead they punish the officers... I get it, they are just doing what they are told. Lets all work hard so others can take the credit.