Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Burrell Ellis Takes Us For Fools

Burrell is still out there stumping for tax increases while claiming he has made more cuts in the budget then any other in the metro area.

He has schmoozed up to an unknown AJC reporter hiding behind the AJC PolitiFact Georgia. The article goes into detail about the amount of money cut from various budgets throughout the metro area. What the reporter and the article fails to point out, is the massive amount of people employed by Dekalb County compared to others. It also fails to point out the total budget dollar amount of Dekalb.

A government budget is no different than a business or household budget. Except for the power to tax, it simply is money in versus money going out.

A statement that Burrell makes gets get under our skin and makes us want to scream. Ellis says "Realistically, we cannot solve our budget problems with a “cuts-only” approach." What the hell does he think we have been doing for the last 5 years?

We don't have the power to increase our income Mr. C.E.O., except by seeking a better paying jog. Who are you getting your financial advice from, Sharon Sutton?

Click here to read Burrell's letter to DeKalb employees.


Anonymous said...

With all the sickouts coming this summer because officers don't want to give the county their leave (rightfully so) I feel sorry for anyone calling 911 in that dump.

Anonymous said...

Anon #1.. I agree but who is going to answer AND dispatch these 911 calls? Operatos-good and GOD aweful- are giving the 5th floor the DUECES every week...and that's BEFORE they implement the 12 hour workday.... Overtime smovertime... who is really going to come in on their off day after working 24 hours in the last 48?

-operator one finger away from a full duece

Anonymous said...

Three more murders in Dekalb County today. Lets continue to cut the budget from Police because this is a safe County and we do not need additional Officers. Dekalb citizens you might want to arm yourself because with lack of Officers and equipment its about to be a war zone as summer nears.

Anonymous said...

I've actually been reading the "Truth-O-Meter" for quite some time and find their articles pretty much on point. The article does point out the "general" fund portion of the budget. This is the part of the budget that is paid for by taxes. Other portions of the DeKalb budget are paid through user fees, such as sanitation and E911. It always amazes me how so many people come on here screaming about eliminating the sanitation department when they actually make money every year.

Blogmaster, maybe you should do a little research into their articles or at the minimal put up your own statisical data to support your argument.

The obvious slant you posted during your rant without using any real data only weakens our valid arguments and makes us all look like fools.


Be EXTRA careful guys & gals, Dekalb thugs are obviously shooting first these days. Blood is on the hands of those that kept us pathetically staffed and in this critical undermanned status for years.

DaiQuan from Decatur said...

Lil Vernon. Just how much longer do we have to put up with him? I mean, the guy really has no clue whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Sanitation Department is the DeKalb Welfare program in action.

How do you know they make money?

I guess you believe what the county submits as true and accurate.

You have to love the believers.

Anonymous said...

Do you REALLY think Dekalb residents would pay for their own private garbage collection. Yards would be overflowing with garbage more than it is now in this "entitlement" county.

Anonymous said...

Half a deuce.....So the "E" in E911 really stands for empty huh..

Anonymous said...

Keith Barker and Kathryn McClady, IS, came from Atlanta along with Jabari Samama and others hiddenin various departments. We are headi g for another Atlanta meltdown. do we have any qualified citizens in DeKalb to work for Burr Ellis? Is he still paying off Shirley?

Anonymous said...

Burell Ellis and his cronies are just the biggest idots in the county government and nothing else can match this.

Anonymous said...

Your link to the letter is not working. I was unable to access the letter!

Anonymous said...

A fixed fee shows up on the end of the County tax bill for sanitation. We used to pay for that by a separate check. This way, it shows up on the tax bill and taxpayers deduct it from their Federal taxes as part of their Real Estate taxes.

When Burrell compares tax rates of DKC and other counties, it is not clear whether this is added in as the overall taxpayer tax load. Separate line items also appear on the tax bill for the Vernon Jones $300 million infra structure-parks and $110 million Green Space bond issues.

Anonymous said...

Anon. #2 YUP! Ops are leaving left n right...and rightfully so, and you're right again - this is prior to the 12 hour shifts being implemented. (May is it?) I hope they are hiring as fast as the ops are leaving or citizens be prepared to hear the infamous "...YOU HAVE REACHED DEKALB COUNTY 911, PLEASE CONTINUE TO HOLD..." or whatever it is....you all get the point :) Anon #9 yeah E stand for empty LOL

Anonymous said...

why instead of badmouthing 911, why don't you try to help them. Go work up there, and you will have a different view of what goes on up there. You as...les do not have a freaking clue. Jerks....

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of thieves running this county....the only difference between them and the common thief is that the thieves running the county are better dressed. -Anon 1118

Anonymous said...

I read this blog frequently because it's the best avenue we have to vent besides the DeKalb County school watch blog.

As a Leadership DeKalb alumni, I rode with a police officer who gave me the opportunity to witness what a lot of you experience each and every day. Words cannot express the gratitude and appreciation I have for the job you do to protect us.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to participate in the Principal Shadow Day with the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce. I witnessed a school principal providing excellent leadership and teachers in the trenches educating our children in a manner in which we can be proud.

I am an 18 year DeKalb County resident, homeowner, parent of school age children and a DeKalb County business owner. Needless to say, I pay each and every tax or fee in this county. I am feeling the pain.

I am deeply disappointed in what is happening in our community. I am involved and active but it is a challenge to deal with our leadership. We do our best to hire DeKalb residents, partner with the schools and be invlolved in the community.

Our young black males are out here robbing, stealing and shooting anything and everything that they can. To call it a crisis is an understatement. No one can fix it but our own community.

In order for us to begin to fix this mess, we have to own it. This means that the whole community has to wake up and be involved.

I just read where CEO Burrell Ellis is recovering from surgery. I pray for his recovery and wish him well. But, he has completely failed to lead this county. The conflicts, lack of communication and/or collaboration between the CEO and Board of Commissioners is disgusting. They ask for monetary support and campaign donations, but they do not want to meet with us to listen and be accountable.

The corruption, fraud and ignorance must stop. The best way to generate revenue and increase business in this county is to "Buy DeKalb." Not with political connections and corruption, but with legitmate, qualified and experienced businesses in this county. We are here, but we are ignored unless we cave in to the bullsh**.

With this upcoming $1.3 Billion sewer program, just as we open our sewer bill and experience shock at the increase, we will no longer sit back and watch all of our tax dollars leave this county. We will expose and report any lack of due diligence and fraud on the county's part. No longer will we be afraid of being blackballed because in this economy we have nothing to lose. If these architects, engineers and contractors have the political connections, but are not duly licensed in the state of Georgia to perform these services, we will report it to the state board. If Commissioner Jeff Rader is still employed by Jacobs, and they think they are going to get any of these contracts, it's not going to fly.

Anonymous said...

I think its funny that a business has to earn all the money it needs for its budget yet a county government just has to tax, basically free money for its budget and they cant even manage that. Dekalbs government is just like any democrat government....a total failure.
I know officers leaving for Gwinnett, Lawrenceville, Sandy Springs, Cherokee County all for lower pay. Thats says a lot about the state the dekalb PD is in.

Anonymous said...

Fellow brother and sister officers,

The county has the money to pay for an efficient, highest paid, and best equipped police department. That is what we were in the 1970s,80s, and partially in early 2000s.
The problem is the politicians are taking care of their friends and making sure they are doing the things to get re-elected by their supporters.
It is not the county's responsibility to fund senior centers, DKTV and their actors, pay a Communications Director $114,000 a year that was making $70,000, pay Mekka Parish's salary of over 80,000. The list goes on and on and on. These are waisted positions and services not needed. The political friends are being taken care of.
This is the same path taken by Atlanta and Fulton County Governments and look where they are now.
Good luck fellow officers. Your job is to stay alive and get home to your families after every shift. We really only have each other. Be safe!

Anonymous said...

anon 7:49...shut up. No one is badmouthing 911...we're badmouthing the entire county! #idiot