Saturday, March 26, 2011

Coward Jamie Hood, Admitted Cop Killer, Surrenders


Anonymous said...

Let that dirtbag rot in hell...

Anonymous said...

I was astonished at how this arrest was handled. This sorry thug demanded to be on live TV and the cops actually gave in to his demands. What precedent does this set? And then when he came out ON HIS TERMS they treated the cop killer like he was a victim or a celebrity even! This sorry murderer actually had an attitude with the cops when he came out. Did I actually see two FBI agents brushing this guy off with their bare hands?

I have huge respect for the local cops who tirelessly searched for this dog for 3 days but the FBI and the GBI seemed to be in charge of the arrest and they should be embarrassed!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr Tough Guy Jamie Hood cries and slings snot afraid he might get hurt after he kills one cop sitting in his car and severely wounds another. He wont come out peacefully unless he is surrounded by girls and on live tv. Well he got his 5 minutes of tv and now is far from the prying cameras. I hope he is being treated like he deserves in the Hall County jail where they took him.

Anonymous said...

THIS IS F*88ING REDICULOUS!!! My husband is employed for DKPD and I can just tell you right now that I have no mercy for that dude. And all the officers\everyone that searched for him are dissapointed whether they say it or not. No one wants to see something like this happen to such a coward. I am proud to be an American and support our country, but there is a lot of twisted big wigs out there and I can't stand how they treated this idiot.

Anonymous said...

The whole coverage by the media sickened me. Before the surrender They kept cycling through Facebook pictures of Hood instead of his multiple mugshots. I hated That they kept talking about how afraid of the police he was and how he wanted a peaceful resolution.....the officer didn't Have a peaceful resolution when he first made contact with Hood......what a coward

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:32

I am not going to take up for the media as some of what you are saying is correct. But most of the blame for how this was handled goes to the FBI and GBI. The media would not have been in position to show this coward surrender on live TV except for the fact that the law enforcement in charge of the situation allowed / asked them to do it. Why?

The people in the apartment with Hood were obviously not really hostages. I’ve talked to civilians who said it was obvious to them. But the FBI and the GBI couldn’t figure it out. No big surprise there.

Was it the media who allowed this cop killer to come out chewing gum with an attitude?

Was it the media who were brushing the cop killer’s stomach like HE was the victim?

Was it the media who allowed the cop killer to treat them like PUNKS when they took him out of the police car and took his handcuffs off because he was yelling at them?

As was stated in an earlier post on this subject the FBI and the GBI should be embarrassed at how they handled this. But I doubt they even know enough about police work to understand that they should be embarrassed.

I am not saying that Hood should have been shot. If he surrendered and did not pose a threat to law enforcement he should have been cuffed and IMMEDIATELY taken to jail. That is the legal and professional thing to do even if we don’t like it. But did they have to kiss his ASS on live TV?

Anonymous said...

This job is for the professional. And the Compasionate. Just like the officer who died - this callins is for men and women whose ministry is the enforcement of the law through compassion and justness.

How horrible for the God fearing man who was killed - but how much worse for the man who killed him!

These officers - they treated the man who killed one of our brothers with respect and dignity. They brushed his wounds off and spoke to him with respect while he returned verbal fire on live television.

if you dont think people notice this - i assure you; they do.

there are many who do not like the thin blue line that is walked and do not understand it - but between ourselves, if we beat this man, if we treated him like junk and told him he was useless - we would not be true professional police officers.
because TRUE police officers - are akin to monks - and the REAL ministers and apostles that have passed thousands of years ago.

This is the cross that is beared. And we must and WILL return humility and respect for ALL men - regardless of what they have done.

There is a healthy balance between command presence, respect, humility and control.

one must realize that judgement is for the courts and their creator. My job is to bring it to those whose appointed power is to make that decision - no more. and i will do that job as righteously as possible.

If you condone murder or assauilt on this "cop killer" - my friends -please do some soul searching. and realize your position in life and in government.
Criminals kill people and the lawless hate the law - thats just the way it is; but the way of the just is righteousness
10-0 brothers!

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:52

I went to church yesterday so I didn’t really need a sermon from you. Police officers are like Monks? Really? Just when I think I have heard it all I hear something just a little more insane. Wow! If you are really a cop I hope you are in ICP or something so no one has to count on you for anything important.

By the way, is your gun loaded?

Anonymous said...

anon 11:17

It is a calculated and righteous mind with a heart submitted to it that Kills with profession.

it is a unbalanced human with no knowledge of the self that ends up with: PTSD, flashbacks, regret and all the other malfunctions we see in todays "warriors

this thread isn't about my ability to use lethal force.

it is about honoring the man who lost his life in service.

the best way to do that is by continuing in the tradition of true law enforcement.

abuse and torment of a subject is not professional. and even more importantly - it is not honorable.

infact it dishonors this officers death. And it dishonors all who even simply stand by and condone this method of thinking.

and yes, I do see this calling as a profession that should be dominated by individuals who are comparable to monks and the likes.

research the mindset and life of monks.

very similar to the mindsets and training that we equip our men and women with in academy today.

don't let tools such as: radios, toughbook laptops, and vehicles detract from what this profession and calling truly is.

It would be a shame if you were injured/god forbid - paralized or blind tomorrow for a cause you do not fully understand

keep it simple.

That is all!