Monday, April 18, 2011

And Speaking of Discrimination....

DeKalb settles racial bias suit with ex-parks employees.

Here is our favorite excerpts from the AJC article. "In April 2010, a jury decided that Jones, his executive assistant, Richard Stogner, "created and maintained a hostile work environment." It also found DeKalb to be responsible for racial discrimination. The jury also said Jones, Stogner and the county were liable for damages."

"Stogner is now DeKalb's chief operating officer and executive assistant to county CEO Burrell Ellis."

Seriously, we don't make this stuff up.


Anonymous said...

And you all think the promotional exams are fair?

Susan from Pine Lake said...

Unfortunately such activity remains strong. Let's just say the parties involved learned from their mistakes. Rest assured there is no paper/email trail this time around. Look at how many DeKalb departments have a "token" of a particular race. Yep, looks diverse to me.

Anonymous said...

This is the Dekalb Soap Opera Channel. Two of the regular soap operas have been canncelled after long runnings, and now the DCSO (Dekalb County Soap Opera) will take one of their places.

Kidding aside, no one or group could make up any of this bullshit day in and day out.

Regarding Richard Stogner and Vernon Jones, now there are two true "pieces of work". These two together or separate are far worse than the earthquake which recently hit Japan. These two are dangerous. They will destroy what little is left at this county and do not mind dragging it down.

Now that Stogner has coupled with another old time buddy (Burell Ellis) who has taken up where Vernon Jones has left off, these two will definitely make sure that the county will ultimately go broke, and their pockets will be lined with gold.

Good Ol Dekalb has always employed a bunch of crooks in the last 25 years, and now, getting larger everyday.

So dream Dekalb, pretty soon, the bond rating with match that of the Feds.

Anonymous said...

Hell the citizens apparently could care less, I dont see anyone of them protesting Stogners employment here.
So as an employee myself im just gunna keep taking it right up my white ass.

Anonymous said...

You can thank that little old thing called AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, wow it worked out so well for the world.
If your ass is not qualified no matter what damn color you are, then you dont get the damn job!
This crap that all men are created equal is horse shit, I cant do alot of things that others can do better.
But on the reverse side of that, theres alot that others cant do, that I can.

Anonymous said...

That's why the County had to wait on O'brien to put something on his resume....since it was understood that Wiz would be the Public Safety Director and Annette Lane and Holmes would be assistant chiefs.....can you say "token"...
I.m just!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Affirmative Action crap put my career on hold for almost 10 years with all the lawsuits etc...Socially, I tell people I gave at work. I paid for some one elses actions, since I had no authority to hire, fire or promote.I will never forget that it was ok to discriminate against me.

Anonymous said...

I watched this whole thing happen in Parks & Rec. at the time it was happening. What Vernon, Stogner, etc. did to these people was despicable and horrible.

They used race and the complex emotions tied up with it to get otherwise good people to shut there mouths about what was being done when otherwise they would not have. I know since I was one of them who just sat and watched. They would use any means necessary to run off decent people (both black and white) and replace them with thieves and yes men/women (of any race).

On occasions too many to recall they would threaten and intimidate people, always in private and never written. I would often see one of the plaintiffs come back from meetings nearly in tears and emotionally exhausted from the constant attack methods of Vernon, et. al.

Are they racist? Probably not, since that type of thinking really narrows their ability to achieve their main objective (big $$$). Are they mean, greedy and evil people who will use race to get $$ and power? Most certainly YES. And this is exactly what the court found.

If you really want to know, find the court cases online and read them. Especially find the appellate decisions and read what the judges thought about DeKalb. Many described it as one of the worst cases of its type they had ever seen. No joke.

Anonymous said...

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION has run its coarse!!!!! The world should be done with it!!! It benefits not a soul! And I don't need it!!! The promotional exams are a waste just like the crap in the toilet I just placed!!!

Net/Burglary surpression= Joke
Sgts. exam= Joke
LIE U TENANTS exam= Joke
Captain demotions and promotions= Joke
Uniform= Joke
The whole department + me (cause I still work here) so the = JOKE ......Is on me too.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon 9:20, just wow. Please stop talking now. Once I got to the 3rd paragraph I stopped taking you seriously. Hyperbole much?

Also, Anon 2:41, either fight to make it better or leave. All this complaining is getting old and embarassing. You guys are beginning to look like a bunch of whiners. I've been here too long to leave so at least I try to make it bearable for those I work with.

Anonymous said...

As promised, I am releasing the EEO-4 summary. The numbers match my observations when I was an employee.
First, a link to the 2009 DeKalb County census estimate by the federal census bureau.

here is the link to the EEO-4 summary

I have no desire to burn DeKalb County political leadership but it is more than a little obvious that the Affirmative action program in DeKalb government has exceeded its mandate for equal opportunity for all races for employment in DeKalb government.
I will give y'all an update of my meeting with Director Ransom tonight.
Wish me luck, mates!

Anonymous said...

Auburn Test Procedures: We guarantee that your department will have the correct race make up for affirmative promotions. We help avoid lawsuits.
We have a proven record.

flyonapile said...

Hey, can anyone go get me a biscuit?