Friday, April 1, 2011

Charges Dropped Against Former Officer Torrey Thompson

A huge victory for Torrey and for the rights of all police officers!


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CONGRATULATIONS TORREY!!!!! I think it's a travesty that this case was pursued to begin with, and continue to be very encouraged that Robert James is going to be an outstanding DA!!
Best of luck in rebuilding your life Torrey!

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Fantastic. Congratulations Tory.

Anonymous said...

OUTSTANDING!!! PHUQUE GWEN KEYS!!! It's just amazing that Garrity v. New Jersey means nothing to her.

Anonymous said...

congratulations!!! finally someone stood up for our officers!!! thank you judge!!! thank you to our officers for your service, past, present and future.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Great to hear that for you Torrey. Good for the rest of us too.

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OUTSTANDING! Its about time this mess is behind you.
Semper Fi

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Good Job CID!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What happened to his POST certification, I bet they revoked him anyways.

Anonymous said...

If murder charges against a member of another gang were dropped due to key evidence being dis-allowed due to a legal standard not being met - such as his miranda rights not being served - you guys would be screaming and yelling that this was an injustice.

In this situation you applaud essentially the same thing.

Guess Mr. Thompson is a member of the right gang...

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:02, you are exactly right. I'm an officer with DKPD and I'm glad to see Torrey isn't going to be prosecuted becaue the perp was a shit bag. However, what Torrey did isn't what they trained us. How can you be in fear of your life when the danger is running away from you. 14 shots!!! Really.......I hope this is a lesson to the rest of you young officers.

DeKalb whipping boy is a bitch! said...

To Anon 10:02,
You must work for Special Investigation. I am glad he got off and he was offered the same rights as these Perps.

Now go back to the hole you were crapped out of.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:02 and 10:47

You sirs are asshats. You are the type to roll up on a violent domestic with the parties inside fighting and raises hell, only to say; "radio, I'll be standing by for another unit".

Do us a favor. Quit now.

You're girlfriends told me they're not impressed.

Now go bump your goobers together.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:02, you're an idiot.

And Anon 10:47, why don't you ask Step how dangerous a perp running away from you can be? If you think someone isn't dangerous because they're running away from you, I don't want you backing me on any calls. This dead perp didn't end up having a gun. That doesn't mean Thompson didn't reasonably believe he had a weapon. You weren't there and neither was I. Given this perp's checked, violent past and Torrey's spotless record, I'm going to give the benefit of doubt to Torrey.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:32,

I've reached a point in my career when I know the difference between right and wrong. Torrey was wrong. Believe me, I'm glad he's not getting prosecuted because there's nothing I like more than seeing dead perps.

I've also learned that if its a violent domestic, which means we are most likely dealing with two shitbags of society, do you really think I care what they do to one another. When the sun rises the following day, both parties will be at the jail visiting one another wanting the case to be dismissed. Why risk my butt or even yours for someone that doesn't care about themself.

Anonymous said...

Torrey was a Marine.
what we have here is 2 diffrent types of training designed for use in two very diffrent types of situations colliding with each other in a split second during a tactical situation.
I'm glad he got off.
FNGs...remember for future reference what could of almost happend to Thompson

Anonymous said...

Hey blogmaster! Can't you keep the Tebo hires off here?

These guys are embarrassing cowards and perps behind the badge.

Gold Badge said...


I'm happy for you and hope you and your family are able to put your lives back together. You lived and are living our worst nightmare.... being second guessed by armchair quarterbacks who weren't there and don't know.

If I'm not mistaken, the grand jury that indicted Torrey was put in place to "re-investigate" all the officer involved shootings after we had 12 or more in one year. Dekalb was looking for a scapegoat to hang out for political gain. Unfortunately, Torrey took the fall.

Until I know ALL the facts, I'm not gonna have the answer. I know I'm glad that man once walked that thin blue line with those of us here at that time (not still in middle school), got the win.

Anon 10:02 and 10:47, I doubt either of you have all the facts. Until such time, keep you pie holes shut and go back to not backing officers at your precinct.

Yeah....I agree with Anon April 2, 2011 12:18 AM... the Tebo hires are still new to profession and know everything.

Tonight's prayer: I'll gives thanks for Torrey's win and pray that Anon 10:02 and 10:47 are never transferred to my team.

Anonymous said...

Will the county now back him on the civil suit that is pending or will the county look the other way?
With all the crap that has been going on for the past several years, its a wonder what will happen. Rest assured, it there was a civil suit against the CEO or any other high ranking flunkie, the county would provide the BEST legal representation money can buy.

Good luck Torrey !!!

Anonymous said...

Until you are faced with a similar situation you never understand. This county's leaders will scapegoat public safety employees in a heartbeat if the heat is on. No one should ever armchair quarterback such a situation. We all know how fast these events transpire in the real world. I will take a dead dirt bag over a dead officer any day. Move on with your life Torrey and I for one wish you all of the best. There is nothing worse than going to work and performing your job and ending up ruining your life. We have seen it over and over. Watch your backs brothers and sisters!

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me that the DA would've continued the witch hunt had the appellate judge ruled against Torey. Let's not be so quick to applaud this DA. His comments suggest that he would have continued if he could have.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:41,

Before sitting around basking in the non-existent rays of your own intelligence you should think about what you're saying. You use the tragic "Step" shooting as an example of how dangerous a perp running away from you is? A perp who's running away from you is doing just that...running AWAY. I think you should be more concerned with how dangerous it is to CHASE a person running from you, especially if you don't know if that person is armed. Why are either of the officers you spoke of idiots? Why wouldn't you want the other officers to show up on your call? What are you hiding that you're so worried about them seeing? I mean other than the poorly thought out reasoning that you used in your response, is there something else? To further expose your close-minded ignorance, you use the person's "checkered past" as a "barometer of truth" and determine that Torrey was right?? Kind of painting with a broad brush isn't it? Torrey may have been right, but using your logic, officers could just go out and start shooting recidevist criminals and as long and as you kill em, you shouldn't be questioned. Wow...nice. As stated before, you weren't there, I wasn't there. I'm happy for Torrey that the court ruled in his favor; doesn't make him right. You have to ask yourself what he told IA that would cause the case to be forwarded to a grand jury and indicted. All of the other shootings weren't indicted so the idea that the citizens of the county are just out to get you is kind of out the window, huh? apparently something didn't jive. Why are you afraid to believe that a cop could be wrong? I mean, Don Frank was wrong...Willie Durrett is wrong...what about the officer who just pled to a sex crime? I think I get your logic now...KILL the unarmed perps...just don't ever FCK 'em...cause that would be WRONG!!! spoken like a true douchebag.

Anonymous said...

First of all what's most important...that this case has finally been laid to rest in criminal court and that Officer Thompson has been cleared.
Now on to a couple of other things that I'm seeing in the posts...
First off, a running perp can be the most dangerous perp. When someone hits the ground on you and begins fumbling in their pockets, what are they doing? Are they just tossing potential evidence, or are they reaching for a weapon to use against you. I'll point to the Stepenowski case as has already been cited...that perp was running. He ducked out of sight and waited for Stepenowski to chase around a corner. Did Step know the guy had a weapon before he was getting shot? I don't know. I wasn't there and all the keyboard commandoing in the world won't change what he shouldwouldacouldabutdidn't do. The same thing goes for this case. If you review the case facts, this guy was running, pulled a black object out of his pocket, another officer yelled to Thompson that he had a weapon, then the perp turned and faced Thompson with the black object in hand. Thompson shot the perp while he was facing him, not while he was running away. If a subject flees, but then stops and faces you while you're chasing and does not put their hands up or surrender, it means they are going to confront you as a better means of escape. Remember folks, we only get one chance at this. Given these circumstances, why was this case prosecuted this far instead of being cleared by IA? Well for those who don't remember, in 2006, police shootings in Dekalb were at their all time high. The department was under scrutiny by everyone and their brother. This case was a political sacrificial pig. The DA and solicitors at the time had to make it look like they were protecting innocent perps from the big mean police. There were inconsistencies in the investigatory procedure such as CID interviewing Thompson before IA arrived at the scene. These circumstances gave the DA's office what they needed to build a case against Thompson so that they could make a publiciity move and show that they would hold officers "accountable" in these shootings. Kinda like how we saturate an area and write a million tickets after a major crime...this is the "perfect storm" the attorney mentioned. Look at the case and piece it all's all there.
Now have I betrayed my "rookie Bolton era hire" status to some of the "veterans" here? I was hired right after all this stuff went down, but the truth is I hear a lot of talking down about the "Bolton era hires" from "veterans" who do little more than sit behind buildings snoozing and waiting for calls. Yes there were a number of bad apples that came through, but when you push several hundred people through the hiring process within a short span of time, that's what can happen. At the same time though, this is not unique to people hired from late 2006 onwards. There have always been cases of officer misconduct in this agency. I was by no means a Bolton supporter, but hold the individuals accountable for their actions. The people who did stupid illegal things from this era were not the first and will not be the last. Some of the stories I've heard about what people did here in the late 90s and early 2000s make the screwups from the 80th onward look like mischevious kids. Corruption and misconduct have always been present in public safety. They have to be dealt with on a case by case basis.
Enjoy these points and think about them or don't...what does my opinion matter...I'm just another Bolton hire that actually comes in and does my job.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 10:07

I can tell from your post exactly what kind of officer you are. You see danger in chasing people so you don't do it. You cower someplace until the call has been handled and then drive up wanting to know what happened so you can criticize what others did. You don't see chasing perps as part of your job. And yes, these perps are running "away", but you don't think they can pose any danger to anyone when they are running "away". What if they run into another officer? What if they run into a civilian who they believe to be another officer? And just when is the call over for you, when they are running "away." To me, the call isn't over until they surrender or I can't find them. And NO, I wouldn't want you or those like you backing me on my calls for just this are "hesitant to engage" or SCARED!!! Real officers don't mind you staying the hell out of the way when the real work needs to be done, just don't sit around in your lace drawers and judge them.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:45

Wow. You got ALL that just from reading a post? You truly are gifted, my friend. Perhaps you can tell me what danger the perp posed to anyone (officers or civilians) when he was armed with a cell phone and climbing over a fence. I mean, how many people are killed or maimed each year making long distance phone calls or non-vehicular texting accidents! I'm sure the numbers are staggering! I noticed that your post contained a lot of "what-ifs" but they all were in favor of the officer. Sounds a little biased to me. As for the lace underwear, I love them. They feel good against my skin and they make me feel pretty. Don't judge me.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:07, you're a dumbass! "A perp running away is just running away?" You think perps can't be doing more than one thing at once? They can't run and chew gum? They can't run and grab the gun in their pocket? I'm not saying every perp is doing more than just running away, but you're pretty ignorant if you think they can't be doing something like that. So is it it dangerous to chase a perp? You betcha! But that's our job, you coward! Running into a house on fire in dangerous too! Maybe we should just layoff all the firefighters and just let building burn to the ground!

Anonymous said...

Does training still do the active scenarios during hell week or have we dumbed the department down so we can get warm bodys to fill the vacancies?

Chasing or not chasing after a suspect doesn't make you a coward. Again, it's all about the circumstances surrounding the investigation. If I stand correct, this was a case regarding a hit & run involving a "jay car." Do you thing Torrey would like a redo on this one?

Also, the perp was shot in the back as he was climbing a fence holding a cell phone. Now thats a threat to the community!!!

Why didn't Knock chase the guy or fire his weapon? HMMMMMM!!!!!

Do you really think the DA is out to prosecute officers? If you think this, then you really need your head examined. Just because you have that piece of tin on your chest doesn't mean you're an exception to the law. Does Tenn. vs. Gardner ring any bells. Don't they teach you this in the academy?

I believe the point that is getting expressed from some of the posts is this needs to be a learning experience. This isn't about being brave or weak. It's using common sense and protect yourself.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:41

Show me one place in anything I wrote(or anyone else wrote for that matter) that said you shouldn't CHASE someone. I think the point was that you shouldn't SHOOT everyone you chase. I'm a coward because I don't shoot fleeing, unarmed felons in the back? Are you kidding me? Would you be the same "Anonymous 11:41" that posted the original comment? Or is 11:41 just douchebag hour? While I found your response wordy and poorly thought out, I remain unconvinced. You're still a douchebag.

Anonymous said...

Why was Thompson chasing this guy in the first place?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I can tell all that from reading your post...I have a "sixth sense." Real police develope those. They keep us alive. And my "what ifs" do favor the officer...I usualy do root for the good guys, why don't you?? And I noticed you didn't have any answers for my what ifs.

If wearing lace drawers makes you feel "pretty", that could explain a lot. Either you are a girly boy like I figured or a female. And being a female is no excuse not doing your job. The 2 best partners I've ever had were ladies and neither of them thought like you apparently do.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ok, I will answer your What-ifs. If he ran into another officer who was assisting Thompson and Knock, MAYBE...just MAYBE he would'nt have been killed for being in possession of a cell phone and criminal attempt to climb a fence. If he ran into a civilian armed with a cell phone I'm quite certain he would be alive today as well. I think you're missing the point here. You're rationalizing a situation where the officer, like it or not, was WRONG. You and several other people here justify it based on the perps criminal history (a fact that we ALL know wasn't known at the time of the shooting). So far, all I've heard here is whining and crying. Boo-hoo, "the job is so dangerous", "Wah! I'm an underpaid, unappreciated super-hero", "Wah! I CHOSE a job and accepted the dangers associated with it, I should be above the law". Why aren't you staunchly fighting for the other officers who've been indicted (and convicted I might add)for doing things wrong? Did your "6th sense" tell you they were guilty? Why didn't Thompson's 6th sense tell him that Nokia doesn't make a firearm? Why just this one, crusader? I mean, I have a lot of unanswered questions too! Instead you apply a bunch of "what-ifs" after the fact. Well, my badge-heavy freind, "What-if" you accepted the fact that the officer was clearly wrong and he shot a person in the back? As I sit here in my lacey underwear and cower in my car trying to avoid foot pursuits, my sixth sense kicked in and told me you're a douchebag.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, girly boy or a woman? I guess that is your comeback to an officer that disagrees with you? Obviously the "girly boy" is a lot more experienced than you and your pathetic attempt to prove your point. The point of the matter is we all tend to automatically take an officer's side, because of the bond we all have. That is an honorable thing, but just realize that in some situations the officers being accused of wrong doing are in fact WRONG. Why is that so foreign to some of you? Let’s face that facts, departments now a days are hurting for people and don’t get the quality once desired so some dirt bags get through the cracks

Badge Heavy Douchebag said...

Whoa there girly boy...don't choke on your Perrier. Looks like I hit a nerve. Sorry bout that.

I wasn't really even talking about this case when I first commented. I was commenting on how you seemed to have all the answers and pronounced Torrey wrong. I was talking about chasing suspects and shooting incidents in general. I have investigated more shooting incidents in DKPD than you've probably even heard about. And I have been privy to more information about others than I can admit to knowing. And my point is this...You weren't there and it wasn't you making the decision he had to make in a split second. You say Torrey was wrong...well just who the hell are you to decide that? If you are in Major Felony or I.A. and have the most knowledge of what happened that night, then shame on you for divulging it on here. If you've never done those jobs, then you don't know how much you don't know. Hearing all about it through the crap house door don't make you an expert.

And I am badge heavy (Thanks for the new handle, I like it.) There's only a few in society that can wear a badge and do it with honor. If you ever do screw up and you're not able to avoid a hot call, you'll be glad to see me or my badge heavy brothers/sisters show up. We'll save your butt, dust you off and go back in service to do our job.


PS...I hear if you soak your socks in terpentine it'll keep the ants off your candy ass. I'm just sayin.

Anonymous said...

I have a question for all concerning the night of this incident. When Thompson went 10-7 on that call what do you believe to be his intent?

Anonymous said...

You have "investigated more shootings than I've heard about."

Egocentric - no point

"you seemed to have all the answers"

That's your perception, but I appreciate the compliment.

"You pronounced Torrey wrong"

Admittedly I SPELLED "Torrey" wrong. For future reference you don't "pronounce" things when typing, but I will correct this immediately.

"I am privy to more information about people than I can admit"

Egocentric - no point

"Torrey had to make a split-second decision"

Didn't you just condemn me for not knowing what I was talking about? How do YOU know?

"If you didn't do those jobs, well then you don't know how much you don't know"

Of COURSE I wouldn't know how much I didn't know if I didn't KNOW it. - no point.

"If you ever do screw up and don't avoid the hot call, you'll be glad to see me and my brothers/sisters and we'll pick you up, dust you off, and go back in service and do our job"

Ummm...If I ever screw up I'll be glad to see ANYONE, but I do think it's nice that you would show up and back me....regardless of my choice of undergarments.

I'll try the turpentine thing and let you know if it's true.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! I just popped some popcorn in hopes of reading more self righteous bullshit from the badge heavy douchbag. Sounds like you have investigated everything from the Lindbergh baby to DB Cooper. Wow, you are amazing! Remember one thing. Most of us have been privy to the same shit you have, if not more. I am sure that we have investigated as much as you have, if not more. You're not some fricken Knight from the Crusades dude. Give it a rest, it is not the world against the cops. Your self important bullshit is getting old.

Anonymous said...

Yay Torrey! My brother from another mother. Class of 74 baby. Screw the DA and everyone responsible for putting him through this. I'm happy to say that I'm no longer with DeKalb, but I check this site ever so often to remember why I left. I miss you guys and miss policing, but it is just such a horrible work environment now...the private field is soooo much better. If the opportunity presents itself, I recommend all of you great officers (non-Tebo type) to get out! You all deserve better than what that corrupt county and undeserving citizens give you.

PatsQB said...

I think the last few comments show the brokeness within ya'lls Dept. It's a shame officers turning on other officers like this. Nobody got to choose which Chief was in charge during their hiring. I was hired under Moody, what does that mean? As the Vets it's my opinion that it's up to you to instill the pride, work ethic, and what it means to be DKPD. Mark West, Mark Anglin, BJ Hendricks, AD Williams, AR Robinson, Bates all did the job right in my eyes. Some led more by example, some took the time to show the rookie the ropes. Instead of bashing the high badge numbers take one or two under your wing and train 'em up.

On the flipside if you've only been on since lunch and your badge number reads like the temperature of the sun start by knowing where you are in the pecking order. Show some respect for those that have been around the block. Find somebody you think you can learn from and show up on some of their calls, pick their brains, and know that 1-2 years on the job doesn't mean you know it all. It's at that point you should be sure of one thing, that you've got a lot more to learn. The only way y'all will get through this is TOGETHER.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised DKPD doesn't have a standing order prohibiting the release of information on this blog or other social networks as most departments have in place.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Tory. I enjoyed working with you. You are a true police. You are who I wanted by my side when I was on duty. I hope you get your life back!! Much love baby! I wasn't there and don't know the full story, but I do know we should all learn from this incident. This scenario should be used in training. I just hope, when/if I'm ever faced with this circumstance, I don't second guess myself....AMEN. GOD BE WITH US ALL.