Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Commissioner Rader Trys To Explain Away How We Just Got Screwed

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Anonymous said...

Has he lost his mind? What kind of explanation was that he gave for screwing us again.

Explain why no raises, no merit raises, just took away the 10 percent promotional raise, furlough days and increase insurance, double pension payments.

I would love to hear why for the last 4 years employees have been on a going to rock bottom.

Then look at all the perks that the BOC and CEO spent with tax payer dollars.


Anonymous said...

Bite my tongue.... bite my tongue...don't say it.... don't say it.....

Let me just say that in my precinct and on my watch, the max allowed off at one time is one officer and one sergeant.

RADER,.... We're NOT the public employees of the State of Wisconsin that are parasites of the state. We contribute to our pension (way more than the three percent Wisconsin employees are striking over and bitching about).... the employees are not the problem with the BUDGET.

Look closer at the projects that constantly generate those Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies that we get emails about daily!

"F" you..... POS!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Seems pretty clear to me guys. USE IT OR LOSE IT... Let the sickouts commence. To live a balanced life working in that dump equates to at least 2 sick days per week.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that there is a lot more to this video clip that might provide some context to Commissioner Raders position.

Now let's go over the employees position.

(A) The real issue is the cost to the county when the employees cash-out their accrued leave upon termination as seen in the 2009 retirement incentive.

(B) Rader and the commissioners acknowledge that much of the accrued annual and sick leave is due to under-staffing and the comp-time accrued in the absence of over-time pay.

(C) DeKalb employee salaries are 10-20 percent below comparable local governments.

(D) Bloated management and employee base, we have 20 percent of the employees under-worked and overpaid while the other 80 percent are over-worked, underpaid and burning out.

(E) Refusal of the BOC to maintain correct pension funding and employee salaries in favor of expanding non-core government services per the last three big bond initiatives over the last decade.

(F) DeKalb BOC and CEO has refused to consolidate, reorganize and shed non-core DeKalb government functions for over two years whilst all surrounding local governments did so.

(G) The DeKalb BOC and CEO fully expect to vastly devalue the pension, leave and health benefits of the employees to finance DeKalb government in the absence of effective leadership from the Dekalb CEO and BOC over the last two years.

(H) DeKalb CEO and BOC are not held accountable for their actions by the citizens or employees.

Truly sux, mates!

The Dark passenger said...

This is the crap we are talking about. In one hand they want you to take time off. But because departments are short staffed you can’t take time off. Then you have no choice but to accumulate time. No we are to have our hours taking away for such BS. The police department and the job in nature is very stressful. They know we have the highest alcoholism rate, domestic violence, and suicide rate. But yet we can’t get any time off from the stressful place that we work in.
I guess since I am venting Mr. Rader we need new urinal at East Precinct a clean water fountain that want give us cancer or some other dam disease. Some better computers that work, the one in the sergeants office sounds like a dam airplane about to take off it all the time. Everyone wants more, but can’t give us the smallest of things to make our job a little simpler. We have wonderful personnel that works and put forth a good effort in servicing the citizens of DeKalb County. These officer need just a little more effort from the people in charge to make things a little better.

Anonymous said...

I think I'll go ahead and take me a sick day today, anyone else???

Anonymous said...

Rader, does this mean that if I request a vacation day, it is approved without hesitation?

Have you lost your mind?

I have had more leave requests denied than approved.

Use it or lose it??? I wanna use it, so tell my sergeant to approve everything I request and everything will be just fine.

Anonymous said...

Rader, like the rest of of the commissioners, is an idiot and that is simply put !!!

Anonymous said...

You are wiggling and squirming again Mr. Radar!!! Just say it, you are screwing us again because you and your cohorts failed to do your job and make those decisions that you are grossly over paid for. You are a failure as well as the rest of the Wonderland crew. The county is a mess and your name is one that is all over it.......Raise taxes, cut un necessary employees, clean up the fat and waste. Real change is needed here, get off your critical employees backs! That's your cops and fireman, if you have not noticed !!!!, check the news we are rarely far from the leading story. ! You have almost 7000 employees most of which are un necessary and can be privatized. Grow up the Cheese has moved Mr. Radar.... Run forest run!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cough...cough... looks like I'll need to start burning sick time... feeling kinda "blue".

Anonymous said...

The folks in Wisconsin, and those in Ohio, are not complaining about their pensions. In fact, if you track down the news stories you'll see that the biggest union, the teachers, was perfectly willing to work with the state on health benefits and their pension contributions. Firefighters too. The biggest, scariest thing they are in danger of losing is collective bargaining rights, which directly affects things like classroom size, mandated purchase of safety equipment (vests, turnout gear, ect.) and some employee control over working conditions (schedules, manning, overtime, chain of command.) Please stop sneering at hard working folks who have dedicated their lives to public service. Yeah, maybe they have a better deal in Wisconsin then we do here in DeKalb County but I know folks who have worked hard for their unions their entire careers and believe me, they deserve what they've worked for, as those of us in DeKalb deserve far better than we're getting from the BOC. No one who puts his life on the line, not only to protect life and property but to educate kids (getting scarier in the schools) deserves to be called a parasite.

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is they are stealing from us. They promise us vacation days, then when we can't get them approved, we lose them. That is theft. We're being denied what was promised to us. Anyone know a lawyer that would help us with a lawsuit against the county for stealing our vacation days that were denied to us?

Every time you have a vacation request denied, forward it to Mr. Rader and ask him why the county is stealing our vacation days!

Anonymous said...

Wow he's such an idiot. He couldn’t give a rat’s ass about any of the employees and them using time to relax or spend time with their families. He just cares about taking the time away so the county will not have to pay what the employee has rightfully earned as the agreement when they were hired. Yes I said rightfully earned. When you tell a future employee that they will get XYZ and then later, they BOC take away Y&Z after years of dedication, its just right discussing

Anonymous said...

WAS, IS, and ALWAYS will be a P.O.S. Rader has demonstrated that he doesn't care about any of us. Remind the citizens when they tell us how much they support us they need to remember who does not when they vote. Just stay busy with your shady land deals Mr. Rader and keep quiet about how much you disrespect your public servants.

Anonymous said...

What we need here is another study to determine why any county employee would want to take vacation time.

After completing this study, they can then do a study to determine whether or not they save any money by adopting the theory that if it's brown, flush it down and if it's yellow, let it mellow. With a sub-study to determine if 2-ply is really better than 4-ply and with this, if infusing the ply with aloe versus vitamin E, really makes a difference.

I'm kind of surprised that they haven't installed coin operated toilet paper vending, to generate funds. You get four squares for free and then they gouge you 50cents for 10 extra squares. Imagine the money they could generate.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Yeah. I get it, the economy sucks right now. But i love how the people who make these decisions are all on salary and get paid regardless of if the go to work or not. And i def heard him say "We want the employees to use it". Thats all fine a dandy except this county is so fucked up and short staffed that if we used the time we are given, no one would be at work. Lets all start using our "Time" and see how that works out. I don;t want to hear "well one officer already has that day off so you have to work" anymore. Anyone know what departments are hiring right now? I have had enough.