Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What Would 1.5 Million Dollars Buy You?

At a time when we are facing massive cuts to our benefits (Item 19). the county is spending nearly 1.5 million dollars annually on cellphones, with internet access.

That's nearly $250 for each county employee a year.

Exactly who has these phones? Do you have a phone? Does the officer sitting next to you have a county cellphone? Who is benefiting from this massive phone bill? Does the cellphone provider bid on this each year?

Room for corruption? Nah, this is DeKalb County, there's no corruption in DeKalb County, right Commissioner Rader?

Why not just give each and every employee, (except Commissioner Sutton, cause shes not an employee remember, she's a commissioner) a $250 bonus each year?


Anonymous said...

What about keeping a record of every call and/or data transmission. After all, the county keeps a record of much gas they use for their vehicles, so the same came be applied for cellphone usage.

The problem here is that at least 50% of the calls are for private use, and NO BODY WANTS TO DEVULGE WHO WAS TALKING TO WHO ON ANY GIVEN DAY FOR ANY GIVEN REASON. So, unless the powers to be get off their fat asses and do something to correct this spending, ain't nothin gona be done and life in this county will be the same.

I would think that Commissioner Sutton has her own cellphone, and is probably being paid by some other means other than her own.

Anonymous said...

Damn...would someone please explain why I've been burning my personal cellular minutes to 21 CID or 21 my supervisor .... hell, over half my calls are NOWCfrom officers I supervise..... had I know the county was/is paying for cell phones, I would have put in my request.

Is there a form like the internet access form?

Anonymous said...

I am not sure about the details, but I understand all the tough books in the police units are running via Cellular Internet. Code enforcement has an app that runs on Cellular Internet also. I do not know if they are included in the 1.5 million budget, but it is a strong possibility.
There are some damn good reasons for giving some folks handling critical functions a Blackberry, my cell or Blackberry was saving the county bigtime for over a decade before I hung it up.
Two examples, troubleshooting and fixing a network issue in three hours rather than six for the Camp Circle complex during the work-day saving thousands of hours of lost productivity to the employees at Camp circle.
Coordinating an emergency repair to some downed telephones poles at Animal Control. Repair was made in 24 hours due to the ability to communicate on the spot and on the move.
Personally I did not want a cell much less a Blackberry, the working employees are abused by the county after hours with the bloody things,
it was like a fracken' ball and chain, but a powerful tool when the chips were down and the crap was in the fan.
A lot of people love the intelligent phones, and they do have their uses, especially for a politician and their staffs. They have instant communication and look important using them. Personally I think they are kinda geeky and you look like a dork talking to yourself with a bluetooth handset.
Probably 20-30 percent of the county Blackberries could be dispensed with if the requirement for use was made strictly upon business need. Unfortunately ego's get involved and many Blackberries and cells are dispensed upon political expediency of not pissing off a Director or a political type.
Best of luck, guys, KenC

Anonymous said...

I fail to understand the need to vent frustration with the BOC towards Commissioner Rader who is one of seven commissioners.

Commissioner Rader is actively trying to address long-term problems while others are inclined to curry favor with their constituents.

Disclaimer: I have met with Commissioner Rader many times and found him to be an informed public servant with good intentions.

Anonymous said...

Good intentions pave the road to hell.